This guide will help you build your Chroma Build for Warframe. It is a beginner friendly guide that will take you through the process of creating your own build.

The profit taker build 2021 is a guide that provides information on how to play Warframe.

Chroma is a one-of-a-kind Warframe whose skills are based on his color, which affects the impact of the talents he performs, as indicated by his name.

He is a strong Warframe that can hold his own, and depending on his build, he may be extremely durable and do a lot of damage while also supporting teammates and doing a lot of crowd control.

What is the best way to get Chroma?



The blueprints for Chroma’s components may be obtained by completing the following junctions:

  • Chroma Neuroptics: Uranus Junction
  • Chroma Chassis at Neptune Junction
  • Chroma Systems at Pluto Junction

In addition, Chroma may be bought for 375 platinum in the orbiter’s market.

If Chroma or his components have been sold or unintentionally removed, Cephalon Simaris is another method to get him without paying platinum.

Cephalon Simaris sells Chroma’s blueprint and components for 100,000 standing and 50,000 standing, respectively.

Prime Chroma


Chroma Prime is the most powerful version of Chroma, with more armor and energy.

Chroma Prime-containing relics include:

  • Blueprint: Meso P1m Neo K2 Vaulted Meso Z3, Axi D1 are among the options.
  • Neuroptics: Lith C3 has been vaulted. Lith C4 is a material that is available.
  • Vaulted Chassis: None Meso K2, Meso T3, and Axi R2 are all available.
  • Systems: Axi C3, Axi C4 have been vaulted. Neo C1 is now available.

Also, take a look at some of the most popular Warframe builds.



(Abilities of Chroma)

Chroma may spew elemental breath on his opponents, enhance protection and impart unique characteristics to himself and his teammates, absorb damage and transform into armor, and unleash his pelt to attack enemies as a sentry.

His capacity to be passive Elemental Alignment affects his powers by affecting his main emission color, which may be chosen by selecting a color to decide which element will apply to his talents.

1) Scream of the Spectral


Chroma breathes elemental breath, which does damage in front of him and has a chance to cause status effects based on his elemental alignment.

This ability may inflict a lot of damage to opponents, and with the possibility of status effects, it can deal even more damage over time and weaken adversaries for Chroma and his team to take advantage of.

There are four distinct Spectral Screams, each of which is determined by Chroma’s elemental alignment:

Spectral Scream of Heat


(Chroma uses Spectral Scream, and his elemental alignment determines how hot he is.)

When the heat element is selected, Spectral Scream does heat damage and may trigger the heat status effect, which burns opponents over time while initially making them fear.

Enemies that are trapped in a fire will panic for a short period of time, leaving them susceptible to being killed quickly.


(Chroma employs Spectral Scream to summon a poison based on his elemental alignment.)

When the toxin element is selected, Spectral Scream will inflict toxin damage to opponents, poisoning them and causing them to suffer ticks of damage over time.

The poison status effect may compound for many occurrences, doing greater harm the more times they are afflicted with it.


(Chroma uses Spectral Scream, and his elemental alignment selects cold.)

When the cold element is selected, Spectral Scream does cold damage and may freeze and delay opponents for a brief period of time.

Frozen opponents will slow down, making them easier to kill, which may be a useful crowd control effect for the whole team.


(Chroma uses Spectral Scream, and his elemental alignment selects electricity.)

When the electricity element is chosen, Spectral Scream does electricity damage and has a chance to trigger the electricity status effect, which sends a chain of electricity out.

Foes impacted may be rendered immobile for a period of time, and the effect may affect several enemies at once, making this a useful skill for momentarily disrupting an enemy’s ability to fight back.


Afterburn is an augment mod that allows Spectral Scream to fire a projectile after the ability expires, doing damage according on how long the ability was active.

2) Ward of the Elemental


Chroma may energize and infuse a region with protective energy depending on his elemental affinity.

The protective qualities of the ability will be determined by Chroma’s elemental alignment.

This ability is useful for boosting your and your allies’ stats, as well as creating crowd control or delivering extra damage against opponents.


(Heat Elemental Ward affects chroma)

A flame aura shields you and your friends, increasing your health by a percentage and dealing heat damage to opponents within 5 meters, perhaps causing them to be afflicted by the heat status probability.


(Elemental Ward poison affects chroma)

With the toxic Elemental Ward aura, you and your allies will benefit from improved reload speed and holster rate, as well as the potential to infect opponents and deal a percentage of their maximum health as toxin damage with a 100% status probability.


(Cold Elemental Ward affects chroma)

When Chroma and his friends are afflicted by Elemental Ward with the cold alignment, the cold element protects them, granting them a percentage boost in armor and allowing them to deflect damage from their enemies.

Enemies that are slowed, frozen, or shatter as a result of the reflected damage have a chance to be frozen.


(Electricity Elemental Ward affects chroma)

Chroma and his friends are affected by the electrical Elemental Ward, which increases their basic shields and sends out electric charges against surrounding opponents.

Enemies who are struck with electrical charges are immobilized, leaving them susceptible for a short period of time.


Everlasting Ward is an augment mod that enables friends to retain the advantages of Elemental Ward even if they relocate away from the ability’s location.

3) Armor of Vex


Chroma transforms damage to armor and damage depending on the amount of damage he takes to his shields and health.

The buff from his most recent ability casting may be duplicated by recasting within the time of the most recent buff, which will extend the benefits.

Allies in close proximity to Chroma will benefit from the additional damage and armor boost, making this a fantastic solo and team ability.

This ability is very useful since it increases both survival and offensive capabilities, making it ideal for boss battles, high-level missions, and pretty much any task where heavy damage is required.


(While under the influence of Vex Armor, Chroma kills opponents.)


Vexing Retaliation is an augment mod that produces a burst of damage with a 9m radius, with shields causing a pierce proc and health causing a blast proc.

4) Effigy


Chroma transforms his pelt into a sentry with its own health and starts attacking opponents from its hovering position.

By possessing a particular elemental alignment, the sentry may send out a shockwave that pushes opponents back, a scream that stuns adversaries, and breath out whatever element is chosen.


(Enemies are attacked by the Heat Sentry)

A sentry infused with the heat element will breathe flames at opponents, potentially burning them.


(Enemies are attacked by the Toxin Sentry)

A sentry with the toxin property will pew toxin-like substances at opponents, inflicting toxin damage and perhaps infecting them with the toxin status effect, which causes damage over time depending on their maximum health.


(An enemy is attacked by a Cold Sentry.)

A sentry enchanted with ice will breathe frost breath on opponents, inflicting damage and reducing their mobility and attack speed for a short time.


(Enemies are attacked by the Electricity Sentry.)

A sentry with electricity characteristics will assault opponents with electrical missiles that have the potential to shock and stun enemies for a short duration.


When the ability is held, Guided Effigy forces effigy to travel to your specified area, inflicting a significant amount of damage and stunning opponents.

Builds that Have Been Suggested

Build that is well-balanced


Our well-balanced design primarily serves to enable Chroma to use all of his abilities without incurring excessive energy expenditures.

The majority of his abilities will be useable and will do fair damage while having a good range.

Spectral Scream will use less energy while doing more damage and having a slightly longer range.

Elemental Ward has a wider radius and lasts longer, and its effects have been greatly enhanced.

Vex Armor lasts longer than normal, has a wider radius of effect, and provides much more armor and damage.

Due to a lower energy per second cost, Effigy can stay active for longer and inflict more damage while having more health than usual.

This build is ideal for both novice and experienced players, since it has a solid balance that allows it to be used in a variety of tasks.


(Chroma demonstrates a variety of skills)



The Strength Build focuses on providing Chroma the ability to do a lot of damage and have a lot of benefits from his ability.

All of his talents’ energy requirements will be reduced somewhat, but there will be a little disadvantage in terms of duration.

His skills will inflict greater damage as a result of his strong ability strength, and Vex Armor will provide a significant boost to his armor and damage.

With this build, Chroma can do a lot of damage with both his abilities and weapon strikes, making him a very effective damage dealer in missions and boss battles.


(Chroma is engaged in combat with Vex Armor activated.)

Build a Bruiser


The Bruiser build allows Chroma to maintain a high level of durability by providing him with more health and armor.

This build is good at doing damage and avoiding death in missions, but it is mostly for people who enjoy melee combat.

He can cast his skills more often because of the lower energy cost owing to the greater efficiency, and they stay longer because of the increased duration.

Vex Armor fits in well with this build, as do his other abilities if he needs to utilize them for crowd control or extra damage.


(Chroma is now engaged in a battle with Effigy.)



Due to his enormous strength, Chroma is renowned for being able to “one shoot” many foes and bosses.

He can do a lot of damage on his own, and he can also offer his friends the same ability to inflict damage and be protected.

Chroma can not only inflict a lot of damage, but he can also take a blow since he has both offensive and defensive skills.

Depending on how he is changed and because of his passive, his abilities allow him to deliver crowd control, damage, or even both.

The ability to alter his powers with a simple color change enables the user to change how his talents function, which will be extremely useful for those who can utilize it.

Due to the modifications made and the skill applied to make Chroma one of the deadliest and tenacious Warframes in the game, Chroma is great for new players who need a Warframe that can deal damage while remaining sturdy, but it also becomes very versatile in the use of veterans due to the modifications made and the skill applied to make Chroma one of the deadliest and tenacious Warframes in the game.

The chroma prime build is a guide that will teach you how to play Warframe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Chroma a good Warframe 2021?

Chroma is a Warframe that can be acquired by completing the quest The Second Dream in the Quest Hub on Jupiter.

How do you use chroma in Warframe 2021?

Chroma is a Warframe that can be equipped with different colors and effects. For example, you could equip it to give your character the ability to fly.

Is Chroma still good Warframe?

Yes, Chroma is still a good Warframe.

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