Turnip stew is a dish that is made by boiling turnips in water, adding some salt and pepper, and simmering them for an hour or two.

Turnip Stew is a dish that has been around for hundreds of years. It is a hearty soup made with root vegetables such as turnips, carrots, and celery. The stew can be served hot or cold.

You may come across Turnip Seeds when exploring the Swamp habitat, and they may be used to create Turnip Stew.

Turnip Stew is a well-balanced meal that offers a good deal of health and stamina, as well as health regeneration.

If you farm and cook according to plan, you can easily grow a lot of Turnips and make enough Turnip Stew to last you a lifetime in Valheim.

Turnip Stew weighs 1.0 and stacks up to 10 per inventory slot, for a total weight of 10 per stack.

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Effects of Turnip Stew

Turnip Stew, when coupled with other meal items and its excellent health regeneration boost, offers a solid balance of health and stamina.

  • 50 Well-being
  • Stamina 50
  • 2 Ticks of Health Regeneration
  • 1600 second duration (26 Minutes)

Ingredients for Turnip Stew

Turnip Stew just needs Raw Meat and Turnips, so if you’re accustomed to animals dropping Raw Meat, you should be able to prepare enough.

Turnips Seeds may be discovered in the Swamp biome, and you can use them to start a Turnip farm by planting, growing, and repeating the process.

Check out our Valheim Turnip Farming Guide for more information on growing Turnips.

Killing Deer, Boars, and Wolves will provide Raw Meat in varying amounts depending on whatever species you kill.

Check out our Valheim Raw Meat Farming Guide for additional information on how to raise raw meat.

Turnip Stew Cooking Instructions

To make the Turnip Stew recipe, you’ll need to first get Turnips, since Raw Meat is already readily available.

Turnip Stew may be cooked in a Cauldron, which requires Tin to construct, therefore you’ll need a method to mine, such as obtaining Hard Antler from the First Boss (Eikthyr) to get started.


Turnip Stew is a great mid- to late-game meal item since it has a good mix of stamina and health, which is important while battling tougher opponents.

Combining Turnip Stew with other meal items will give you a strong health and stamina combo, and the extra regeneration will help you survive longer.

Keeping a farm full with Turnips will give you with a steady supply that may last for days in-game and may be endless if you save a handful for replanting.

Valheim is a cooking game. In the game, players are tasked with preparing meals for their family by using ingredients found in Valheim. One of the most popular dishes to cook is Turnip Stew. The steps to cook turnip stew are as follows: Reference: valheim cooked meat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is turnip stew good Valheim?

It is a delicious and nutritious dish.

What can I do with turnips in Valheim?

You can eat them, or you can use them as a weapon.

How do you make a Valheim stew?

I am not able to answer this question.

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