In the game, Bloodborne, the player is tasked with collecting and harvesting blood from enemies to use as currency. This guide will teach you how to farm bloodbags in Valheim.

The valheim leech farm is a farming method for bloodbags in Valheim. This guide will teach you how to do this, and the best way to avoid being killed by other players.

Bloodbags are a vital commodity for survival in Valheim, and they play a crucial part in the mid to endgame.

These are items dropped by Leeches in the Swamp biome that may be utilized to create a few things that can help your character survive difficult circumstances.

Bloodbags are difficult to come by in the early stages of your Valheim adventure, but as you figure out how to harvest them effectively, they become much simpler to come by.

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How Do You Grow Bloodbags?VALBBF056-2

If you’re wondering where you may obtain a Bloodbag or many Bloodbags, they’re loot dropped by a Leech, although killing them might be tough due to their poisoning ability.

A Leech’s bite, apart from the first strike, may cause 20 pierce damage and 60 poison for a level 1 version.

You may try to kill it with melee weapons, but it’s better to use a bow to prevent being poisoned, which lasts for a long time and ultimately kills you.

Leeches may be readily dispatched with a bow and even the most basic of arrows, and this can be accomplished quickly if they see you, since they prefer to congregate along the beach or in the water near land.

Because Leeches have a wide aggro range, luring a big number of them and having them all pile up close is a Bloodbag farm method.

When a group of Leeches is piled together, you may create a barrier to keep them from fleeing and kill them one by one.

Uses of a Bloodbag

Bloodbags share characteristics with Leeches, which explains why they can live in the marsh and outlast the majority of Valheim’s animals.

A few Bloodbag recipe items are now accessible for crafting, which will be helpful later in the game.

The following Bloodbag use options are available:



  • Frost Resistance Mead Base
  • Medium Healing Mead Base


To make their particular meads, Mead Base goods must be put in the Fermenter, which may take up to 2 days to process.

When you have no warm clothes, Frost Resistance mead will let you to go out into the Mountains biome to tame wolves, gather silver, and more (capes).

When you’re up against strong opponents, bosses, or need to recover quickly after being poisoned or about to die in game, Medium Healing Mead is a useful item to have.

Also check out Valheim’s other farming tutorials.


Frost Resistance Mead is required to enter the Mountains biome, although alternative way is to harvest Lox Pelt from Lox in the Plains, which may be difficult.

Leeches will follow you everywhere you go, although they will mostly remain in the water, which you may utilize to your advantage while farming Bloodbags.

It’s important to avoid coming into touch with Leeches and to keep an eye out for them before entering the Swamp habitat.

Aside from Leeches, you may encounter Draugr, Skeletons, and Surtlings, all of whom may add to your problems.

The easiest method to kill Leeches is to use a bow and shoot arrows at them until they die, but keep an eye out for close ones since they may sneak up on you while looting the Bloodbags.

Valheim is a new game that was released on the Steam platform. It is a first person shooter with bloodbags as the main resource. To farm bloodbags, players must find and kill as many as they can. Reference: valheim bronze farming.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you farm Bloodbags?

To farm Bloodbags, you have to go into the Bloodbag section of your inventory and select one. You can then use it in a game by pressing Y on the controller.

How do you farm Leeches in Valheim?

You need to be in Valheim and then go into the water.

Where can I find Leeches in Valheim?

Leeches are not found in Valheim.

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