The goal of this blog is to provide a step-by-step guide on how to farm chain in Valheim.

In Valheim, players must collect a chain in order to complete the level. However, when you’re playing the game and your chain is not found, it can be frustrating.

The Chain resource, which you may believe can be created at first but can’t, is one of Valheim’s mid to late-tier resources.

This item can only be obtained as treasure from chests or as a drop from foes found mostly in the Wamp biome.

Chain is used to make specific things that enable you to advance farther in the game and improve your weapons for increased resilience.

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How do you start a farm chain?VALCHF042-2

Wraiths are being hunted.

The most common way to get a Chain is to hunt Wraiths in Valheim, and these foes may be found in the Swamp biome.

Wraiths are typically observed drifting about aimlessly until they come find a victim to attack, which may be quite hazardous if you are caught off guard.

You may get a Wraith’s attention by shooting it with an arrow from afar, and it will begin to drift over to you.

Because the Wraith will engage in physical combat, it’s better to fire as many bullets as you can from afar then switch when it gets close.

Chests to Loot

You may sometimes discover a Chain by looting boxes in the Sunken Crypts, which are dungeons in the marsh Biome.

Chains, like other commodities like Iron, may be discovered in a variety of chests, and multiples of them can be acquired.

Although not all chests in the Sunken Crypts contain Chain, it is still a good idea to kill any Wraiths you come across when exploring the Swamp Biome.

Also check out Valheim’s other farming tutorials.

Hunting Techniques for Wraiths

When hunting Wraiths, it’s a good idea to carry a strong bow and either Spirit Arrows or Flame Arrows to shoot them from distance.

Due to the Wraith’s Spirit Damage, Spirit Arrows will inflict more damage, while Fire Arrows will deliver more Fire Damage and deal damage over time.

Spirit Harm, like Fire Damage, may cause undead foes or adversaries deemed to be wicked to suffer damage over time.

When hunting Wraiths, combining both of these damage kinds will enable you to utilize both immediate and cumulative damage.

Instead of waiting for a Wraith to approach you, it’s a smart idea to concentrate on delivering as much damage as you can from distance. 

Uses of a Chain

Few things now need Chain, although they are mainly useful in the endgame and may be expanded upon in future versions.

The following recipes are included in the Chain recipe list:


  • Shield of Black Metal
  • Tower Shield in Black Metal
  • Chest of Wolf Armor

Upgrades for Crafting



When you wish to improve your Forge, you’ll need Chain to make Bellows, which raise the Forge’s level by one star.

Because of the Forge upgrade, you will be able to improve your armor and weapons that are intended for later game levels even further.

Players who want to construct the Wolf Armor Chest and the Black Metal Shields will require Chain.

The Hanging Brazier is one of Valheim’s finest light sources, and obtaining a few Chains for constructing it will be essential later.

It’s best to prepare the appropriate food and utilize a decent bow and Spirit Arrows or Flame Arrows for a more successful Chaim farm session.

The farm design valheim is a game that allows players to farm for gold and other resources. This farming game has many levels and bosses, so it’s worth checking out if you’re in the market for something new.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you make chain in Valheim?

Unfortunately, there is no way to make a chain in Valheim.

How do I get wraiths in Valheim?

You can get wraiths in Valheim by defeating the boss of the level, the giant worm.

How do I fight Wraith Valheim?

Wraith Valheim is a boss that can be found in the games final level, The Dark Forest. You must defeat him to complete the game.

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