The game has been out for a few years now, but it is still one of the most popular games on the market. There are many ways to make money in this game, but farming cloudberries is one of the best methods.

The valheim farm roof is a farming location in the game Valheim. It can be found on the roof of one of the buildings, and it is where players can grow cloudberries.

In Valheim, you’ll come across several types of berries, which vary depending on which biome you’re in, but are more frequent from mid to late game.

Cloudberries are an unusual kind of berry that may be used for a variety of purposes, including cooking and taming.

To cultivate Cloudberries, you must first locate their proper position so that you may utilize them later when you need them.

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What Is the Best Way to Grow Cloudberries?VALCBF043-2

Cloudberries are simpler to locate than other berries in other biomes in Valheime since the Plains biome has a lot of them.

Cloudberries are exclusively found in the Plains biome and aren’t difficult to locate.

Pick off the plants that stick out amid the green fields to cause them to drop, enabling them to be gathered.

When searching for Cloudberries, keep an eye out for Deathsquitos, since they may be seen flying about at any moment and can do a lot of damage when you least expect it.

After 300 hundred minutes, the cloudberries will grow again, and you may note their position on your map so you can revisit them every now and then.

Taming of LoxVALCBF043-3

Cloudberries are used to tame Lox in Valheim, and they make the procedure simple since they can be grown in huge numbers.

Lox is very simple to tame since they don’t notice you straight away and may be given Cloudberries by just throwing them near the beast.

While most people would suggest setting up a big trap for them, you may instead use stealth, a modest barrier, or a dug hole.

Check out our Lox Taming Guide to learn more about Lox and how to tame them.

Also check out Valheim’s other farming tutorials.

Uses of Cloudberries

Cloudberries are used in cooking, making wine and mead, and taming Lox, one of the game’s bigger animals.

The following are the current Cloudberries recipes in Valheim:


Wine made from barley

  • Barley Wine with Fire Resistance


Cloudberry Planting

You’ll have to pluck Cloudberries off their bushes every now and again since there are no Cloudberries seeds in Valheim.

Some may believe that you will be able to locate their seeds later, but this is a myth; the only way to get them is to remove them off their plants.

However, depending on future upgrades, it’s conceivable that berries of all kinds may be accessible for growing.


Cloudberries are useful for taming Lox later in the game since they offer a sufficient amount of meat or excellent defenses for your base.

Lox Meat Pie is an excellent food item since it gives you 80 health and 80 stamina, making it one of the greatest late-game meals to consume.

Barley with a high fire resistance When fighting opponents who can inflict fire damage, such as Surtlings or Fulings with torches, wine may come in useful.

When harvesting Cloudberries, be aware that surrounding Lox, Fulings, and Deathsquitos may come up behind you and attack.

Valheim is a world in the game The Elder Scrolls Online. There are many different ways to farm Cloudberries. The most common way is by planting and harvesting, but there are also other options such as killing wildlife and gathering from plants. Reference: valheim cloudberries recipe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find cloudberries in Valheim?

Cloudberries are not found in Valheim.

Can you farm in Valheim?

You can only farm in Valheim if you are a member of the Kingdom of Valheim.

Can you cultivate berries in Valheim?

The answer to this question is no.

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