Dandelion is a flower that can be found in the game Valheim. This article will teach you how to farm this plant so that you can get your hands on some dandelion seeds.

The valheim dandelion use is a simple farming technique that can be used to farm Dandelions in Valheim.

Even the most mundane-looking things in Valheim have a function, and the Dandelion is no exception, as it becomes crucial later in the game.

Dandelions, you see, are required for the creation of health-restoring goods, which will be covered later in this tutorial.

The most essential thing is that you know how and where to get Dandelions for later usage, since farming them without expertise would be a disadvantage.

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How Do You Grow Dandelion?VALDLF044-2

Grasping Dandelions

Dandelions aren’t difficult to grow, but they’re also not easy since they come in tiny quantities and aren’t found in all biomes.

Dandelions are usually found in the Meadows in open areas that are farther away from treed areas.

While jogging through the Meadows, you’ll discover yellow flowers called dandelions, which you may interact with.

When you engage with one, it picks up the Dandelion and dumps it on the ground, where it will be picked up and added to your inventory if you are close.

Greydwarf Brutes are being slaughtered.

When Greydwarf Brutes are slain, dandelions drop, and depending on their level, you may receive even more.

Finding a Greydwarf nest and killing them while they spawn with more Greydwarfs is one method to harvest Dandelions from Greydwarfs Brutes.

It will let you to harvest a reasonable quantity of Dandelions, Wood, Resin, Greydwarf Eyes, and other materials for later use.

Uses of Dandelion

The Dandelion has little applications at the moment, and it is now mainly utilized to make various therapeutic meads.

The Dandelion recipe ingredients are listed below.


  • Medium Healing Mead Base
  • Minor Healing Mead Base

You may put the Mead Base for medium or minor healing meads inside a Fermentor, which will produce the appropriate mead in two in-game days.

While healing meads are used, they will have a cooldown, but it will be finished in a short period of time, which is useful when battling powerful foes or bosses.

Also check out Valheim’s other farming tutorials.

Rebirth of the Dandelion

Dandelions respawn in around 240 minutes after being plucked, and they always respawn in the same location, thus marking it on your map is a good idea.

Although there are no Dandelion Seeds in Valheim, it is conceivable that they may be introduced for growing reasons in the future. 


Dandelions may be kept in stacks of 50 and subsequently used to make healing meads by placing them in chests.

Zooming out your camera to get a good view of the surrounding is a great method to identify Dandelions and make Dandelions farming quicker.

Dandelions are easy to locate when you first start the game, but players tend to overlook them at first, so collect as many as you can while you have inventory space.

Valheim is a farming simulator, and this article will teach you how to farm dandelions. Reference: valheim farming.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I plant dandelions in Valheim?

Yes, you can plant dandelions in Valheim.

How do you plant dandelion seeds in Valheim?

You can plant dandelion seeds in Valheim by using the watering can.

Can you farm dandelions?

I am not sure what you mean by farm dandelions.

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