Farming the Flax plant is a process that requires patience and care. The first step of this process is to harvest the seeds from the plant, which can be done by either shaking or cutting off the flowers. Once harvested, you’ll need to clean them up and place them in water for 24 hours before they will germinate.

Flax is a plant that can be found in the game Valheim. It respawns every few minutes. Read more in detail here: does flax respawn valheim.

Flax is a late-game crop in Valheim that can only be found in the Plains biome and spawns in the same way as Barley.

Flax is a mid-to-late-game resource with many applications that may expand in the future. It now serves just one function.

To farm Flax, you must first acquire a few of them, which you may then grow when you need big quantities.

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Where Can I Find Flax?VALFLF057-2

Flax can be found in Fuling villages in the Plains biome and is often confused for Barley.

Barley and flax have somewhat distinct appearances and will not be grown in the same places in Fuling villages.

To get Flax, go up to the farmed areas where it is grown and pick it up to collect it from the location.

How Do You Grow Flax?VALFLF057-3

To farm Flax, you’ll need to get your hands on a few plants and transplant them to replicate them.

When you have a few Flax harvests, use a Cultivator to cultivate a piece of land and plant the Flax there.

If planted with adequate room to develop and produce two Flax for each crop you have planted, Flax should be completely grown in two to three days.

It’s preferable to keep farming Flax until you have enough for production and then preserve the rest for replanting.

There are no Flax seeds, so you’ll have to transplant the Flax you already have using your Cultivator in order to double it.

Flax will not grow if planted in other biomes, therefore you’ll need a base or outpost where you can safely plant and collect it.

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Flax Regeneration

When it comes to respawning, Flax and Barley are similar in that they both respawn in a few days as long as you stay away from Fuling towns.

Because Flax takes a long time to grow, it is feasible to harvest additional Flax from Fuling villages from time to time.

Flax Uses

Flax may be sown to double its yield, or it can be spun into Linen Thread, which is used to make Blackmetal goods, cushioned armor, and other things.



While Flax has few applications at the moment, it’s conceivable that Linen Thread may be able to create additional things or have more uses in the future.

Many late-game equipment need Linen Thread, and Flax will be required in large quantities if you want to manufacture and upgrade them.

Before you start creating using Linen Thread, make sure you have enough of Flax on hand and continue to harvest more so you don’t run out.

Flax may be readily harvested with the Atgeir’s special attack if you want to gather them all at once rather than plucking them up one by one.

Valheim is a farming game that takes place in Valheim, a fantasy world. The player has to plant barley seeds and harvest them for food. Reference: valheim barley grow time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make Flax farms in Valheim?

Flax farms are made by placing a Flax plant on top of an empty tile.

Where can I farm Flax Valheim?

Flax Valheim can be farmed in the following locations:

How do I get Flax in Valheim?

Flax is a rare item that can only be found in Valheim. There are many ways to get it, but the most common way is to complete the quest The Burden of Truth

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