The game is a 2D, side-scrolling platformer where players explore the world and try to survive. Players can collect items that they need to complete quests or purchase upgrades for their character.

Guck is a rare, green-colored mushroom that can be found in the Valheim forest. It’s used to craft potions, which are needed for farming Guck in Valheim.

Guck is a sticky green slime-like material found in the Swamp biome that must be collected from trees using Guck Sacks.

If you want to make one of the late-game bows, the Draugr Fang, you’ll need to get your hands on some of this material.

This material is mostly found on Ancient Trees in the Swamp biome, and it must be assaulted at melee range to be collected.

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How Do You Grow Guck?VALGUF084-2

Guck Sacks may occasionally be found at the foot of an Ancient Tree, but they can be hazardous if you’re near water, since Leeches can bite you.

Always look about before starting to gather Guck from surrounding trees, since you don’t want to be caught off guard and forced into the water or surrounded by opponents.

Guck is distinguished by its enormous spherical form and the green light that emanates from inside.

To obtain Guck from trees, you’ll need to shatter the Guck Sacks that drop Guck using a melee weapon.


Guck will sometimes get caught on a higher branch of a tree, which cannot be chopped down to cause the Guck to fall.

To get to the Guck at the top of those trees, you’ll need to lay down a Workbench and begin constructing stairs or other buildings.

If there are opponents around, be cautious; they may try to attack you, damaging the building and forcing you to fall and suffer damage.

Long-range weapons will not be able to harm Guck Sacks, thus melee weapons will be required to shatter them.

Guck Uses

Guck can be used to make a few ornamental things, but it’s mostly utilized to make the Draugr Fang, one of the late-gate weapons.



  • Banner of the Green
  • Green-Burning Iron Torch in the Air

You’ll need a lot of Guck for the Draugr Fang, and you’ll want to save some for upgrading it to make it stronger.

Because it is currently the only weapon in Valheim that needs Guck to manufacture, the Draugr Fang is also known as the Guck Bow.

Also check out Valheim’s other farming tutorials.


While the Standing Green-Burning Iron Torch seems to be a more attractive light source, you should conserve your Guck for the Draugr Bow you’ll be making later.

There is presently no kind of Guck Bomb (we’ve previously seen an Ooze Bomb), and the Draugr Fang is the sole weapon that can be used to make it.

It’s conceivable that Guck may have additional applications in future releases, but for now, it’s better to get your Draugr Fang to max level before doing anything else with it.

Using ladders, steps, and other wooden construction components, you may construct a path leading up to the upper sections of trees, enabling you to gather more Guck from them.

Valheim is a game that requires the player to farm for Guck. The player can do this by using bows and arrows. They can also use other weapons, but bows are the most effective. Reference: valheim guck bow.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get Guck easy in Valheim?

Guck is a rare item that can be found in Valheim. Its not easy to get, but it does have a chance of appearing when youre exploring the world.

How do you get guck off trees in Valheim?

I dont know what you mean by guck, but in Valheim, there are a few ways to remove the guck from trees. One way is to use a leaf blower to blow it off. Another way is to use a chainsaw and cut down the tree.

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