With the release of Valheim, players are eager to learn more about how to farm ooze in this new game. This article will teach you everything you need to know about how to farm ooze in Valheim.

Valheim is a game that allows players to farm ooze. The valheim ooze use is a guide on how to do so.

Ooze is an unusual resource found in Valheim, and its characteristics, although revolting, prove to be very helpful in-game.

You’ll be able to start gathering Ooze after you reach the Swamp biome, and you’ll be able to create additional things after that.

When you wish to inflict poison damage to your opponents, this resource may be very helpful, but you’ll need to harvest a good quantity of it first.

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What Is the Best Way to Farm Ooze?

The Blob and the Oozer are two foes in Valheim that may drop Ooze if they are killed.

Blobs Must Die


Blobs are slimes that try to leap or move slowly towards you in order to attack you or spread poison in the area around them.

With your bow and arrow, you may quickly dispatch these foes from afar, or you can gently dispatch them with blunt weapons.

Keep in mind that the poison produced by slimes has a lengthy duration of approximately 20 seconds, during which time you will be constantly damaged.

Oozers are being slaughtered.


Blobs and Oozers have similar motions and attacks, and Oozers are regarded the elite forms of Blobs.

One of the things that makes Oozers so dangerous is that when they die, they produce two Blobs to take their place, which may attack you right away.

It is preferable to kill an Oozer from afar, but if you must fight it at close range, be prepared to dodge or get out of the path, since the Blobs will attempt to poison you.

Also check out Valheim’s other farming tutorials.

Bonemass in Combat

If you’ve beaten Bonemass before, you’ll know that it often summons Skeleton and Blob opponents to overwhelm you.

Fighting Bonemass may supply you with a lot of Ooze since there will be a lot of Blobs in the region that you can harvest from time to time.

When utilizing this technique to harvest Ooze, keep in mind that Bonemass may be difficult for players who haven’t yet advanced to higher levels.

Damage from Poison

Because of the poison that Blobs and Oozers may inflict on you, most players will die quickly.

Poison Resistance Mead reduces the amount of poison damage you receive, making it a good option when you know you’ll be confronted with it. 

Ooze Uses

There are currently just two things you can make using Ooze, both of which are linked to poison, since their parent species utilize this element.




Poison has a high damage output, making it ideal for decreasing your opponents’ healing powers in Valheim.

This is particularly useful while battling some bosses, such as Moder, who seems to be more vulnerable to Poison Arrows than Fire Arrows.

You may inflict more damage per second by combining poison and fire strikes, such as Fire Arrows and Poison Arrows.

When looking for Blobs and Oozers, be aware that Skeleton and Draugr opponents will be hiding nearby, ready to disrupt or kill you as you farm.

The valheim farm obsidian is a guide that will teach you how to farm ooze in Valheim.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get ooze in Valheim?

The ooze in Valheim is a result of the game being poorly translated.

What is the ooze for in Valheim?

The ooze is a boss in the game.

How do I get more Resin in Valheim?

You can get more resin in Valheim by purchasing it with credits.

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