Farming raspberries is a fun way to make money in Valheim, but it can be difficult to find the right spot for planting. This guide will teach you how to farm raspberries and where to plant them.

Valheim is a game that takes place in the world of Minecraft. There are many different ways to farm fruit, but this guide will focus on planting raspberries.

When you first start playing Valheim, nothing beats a luscious pair of Raspberries to nibble on, and they are easy to come by.

Foraging is a crucial early-game and even late-game action since it supplies you with vital food items like raspberries.

Raspberries have more purposes than simply being a source of nutrition; you can eat them to receive a food boost that gives you 10 health and 20 stamina throughout the game’s early stages.

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What Is the Best Way to Grow Raspberries?VALRBF047-2

Raspberries are mainly found in the Meadows, where they can generally be found among trees in a variety of locations.

Simply approach the bushes that Raspberries grow on, which may be identified by the berry’s look on the plants.

When you interact with the shrub, the Raspberries will fall to the ground and be added to your inventory. 

Raspberry Resurrection

After 300 minutes have elapsed since the previous harvest, raspberries will respawn and be ready for picking again.

You may save the position of the Raspberry spawn on your map so that you can return to it later to collect more.

There are no Raspberry Seeds in Valheim, therefore certain prepared locations may seem to have raspberries planted in the ground as if they were farmable.

If you build too near to a Raspberry spawn point, it will not spawn.

Uses for Raspberry

The Cauldron may be used to cook various Raspberry recipe items as well as to create other goods.

Making meads that may assist with your health or stamina is one of Raspberry’s most significant applications.



  • Medium Healing Mead Base
  • Minor Healing Mead Base
  • Minor Stamina Mead Base
  • Tasty mead base


  • Striped White and Red Banner

Mead foundation materials must be put in a Fermenter to make meads, which take two days to complete before being collected.

Also check out Valheim’s other farming tutorials.


Queens Jam is a tasty early-game foodstuff that gives you a modest boost in health and stamina, allowing you to advance more quickly until other food becomes available.

When you’re battling more powerful opponents, exploring, or taking on monsters, the option to make healing or stamina mead using Raspberry comes in useful.

Raspberries are simple to identify from a distance, but you should attempt to avoid harming the Raspberry bush or bushes since this will decrease your Raspberry gathering potential.

The valheim raspberries spawn code is a video guide on how to farm Raspberries in Valheim.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you farm berries in Valheim?

Yes, you can farm berries in Valheim.

Can you grow raspberries in Valheim?

Yes, you can grow raspberries in Valheim.

How long does it take for berries to grow in Valheim?

This is a difficult question to answer as the time it takes for berries to grow in Valheim varies depending on the type of berry and how much sunlight they receive.

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