Valheim is a game world where players can hunt, fish, mine, and more. The game has been praised for its realism and player-driven economy.

Valheim is a new farming simulator that was released on the steam store. In this game, you must farm raw meat to survive. Read more in detail here: valheim raw meat.

Hunting allows you to get tasty Raw Meat in Valheim, mostly through hunting the animals that surrounds you.

Raw meat is a common component in many types of food in Valheim, and if you’re familiar with the food buff system, you’ll know that you’ll need a lot of it to live.

Fortunately, Raw Meat is simple to come by, and you can effectively farm it so that you may create the stronger Raw Meat recipe items as the game progresses.

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How Do You Grow Raw Meat?VALRMF051-2

Boar Hunting

Boar hunting is one of the simplest methods to get raw meat since these animals do not flee but rather assault you.

Boars are quite easy to kill for most players, however you may have some trouble killing them if you are just starting out.

A sneak assault with a bow may swiftly kill a boar, and shooting it from a distance will do extra damage.

If you try to confront a Boar at melee range, it will try to ram into you. You should be able to avoid it, but keep an eye out for several Boars in the same location.

The Meadows biome is home to many boars.

Deer Hunting

Deer may be aggravating for certain players, particularly if they are not hunted with a bow since they are quick.

If you fight a Deer at melee range, it will most likely flee until you gain the upper hand or use a knife, which allows you to strike while moving.

When hunting a deer, your best chance is to shoot it from distance with a bow, allowing you to kill it with a single arrow.

The Meadows and Black Forest biomes have a lot of deer.

Wolves on the Hunt

Wolves can supply you with meat if you kill them, but they’re not easy to come by, since you’ll have to go to the Mountains biome to locate them.

Most players may find it more difficult since Wolves are quick and inflict a lot of damage, turning you, the hunter, into prey.

Livestock Breeding

Taming animals to utilize as livestock, such as Wolves and Boars, is a simple method to cultivate Raw Meat since they can breed indefinitely.

As of right now, you can only breed Boars and Wolves, which you may accomplish by keeping them in a pen or safe location and dumping their preferred food.

If your Boars or Wolves have eaten, they will be pleased and mate when they are near one other to produce a baby variation.

This will enable you to have an endless supply of Meat, which is very useful against opponents of level 2 or 3. 

Uses for Raw Meat

There are a variety of Raw Mead recipe components to choose from, and apart from the standard Cooked Meat, the later food items offer substantial advantages to players.


  • Meat that has been cooked (Cooking Station)
  • Sausages are a kind of sausage (Cauldron)
  • Stew of Turnips (Turnip Stew)

Cooked Meat provides 40 health and 30 stamina, as well as 2 health regeneration each tick for 1200 seconds.

Sausages give 60 health and 40 stamina to your character, as well as 3 health regeneration each tick over 1600 seconds.

Over the course of 1600 seconds, Turnip Stew gives your character 50 health and stamina, as well as 2 health each tick.

Raw meat may also be used to tame and feed breeding wolves.

Wolf breeding and taming

Raw Meat is one of the meals that Wolves will consume while being tamed (the other being Sausages), and you’ll need a lot of it to tame and breed them.

After taming a Wolf, it will often show the hungry state, requiring you to throw Meat close for them to eat.

If a Wolf has been fed, it may mate with another fed Wolf and create a Wolf Cub, which will eventually develop into a fully fledged Wolf. 

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In Valheim, the Best Ways to Farm Raw Meat

Livestock Production

Farming animals is the most efficient method to produce a large amount of Raw Meat, and it’s much more efficient if you have level 2 or 3 Boars or Wolves.

Because Boars are easy to tame, they are the greatest option for Raw Meat farming, while Wolves are preferred for their fighting skills and numerous resources.

The larger your domesticated animals’ enclosure, the more they will be able to reproduce, giving you with an unlimited supply of Meat.

Routine for Hunting

You may keep to a hunting pattern that involves going to certain locations on your map or running around it whole.

You may begin at one location and work your way around, killing any surrounding animals for a large quantity of Meat when you return.

There will be Runestones in certain places that you may use to identify the frequent spawn sites.


Raw meat is more useful than most people realize, owing to the nourishment it provides to your character.

You may give your character a substantial health and stamina boost by eating the food items you can make later on, such as Sausages and Turnip Stew.

Because the swamp biome’s materials may be farmed, you’ll most likely be able to obtain recipes like Sausages and Turnip Stew after you’ve progressed there.

It’s recommended to just prepare as much Cooked Meat as you’ll need and store the remainder of your Raw Meat for another time.

The how to farm thistle valheim is a guide on how to farm raw meat in Valheim.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you farm meat in Valheim?

In Valheim, you can farm meat by killing monsters.

Can you make a boar farm in Valheim?

Yes, you can buy a boar farm in Valheim.

Can you farm in Valheim?

No, there is no farming in Valheim.

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