Valheim is a game in which players attempt to farm serpent meat. Players must kill serpents and cook their remains before they can use them for food. The game has been criticized by some players who say it’s not challenging enough, but the developers say that it is meant to be an easy mode for new players.

The how to cook serpent meat valheim is a cooking recipe that includes the ingredients of serpent meat.

The sea is wide, and there are many Sea Serpents prowling around in the hazardous depths, a monster prized for its rare flesh.

Those looking for Serpent Flesh will have to confront Sea Serpents in order to kill and acquire their meat.

Serpent Meat may be used to make some of Valheim’s finest food products, thus having a large supply can be quite beneficial in the long term.

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What Is the Best Way to Grow Serpent Meat?VALSMF054-2

Sea Serpent flesh can only be obtained by killing a Sea Serpent, which may be very hazardous since you’ll have to hunt them down in the Ocean biome.

Since of their fury, you must be prepared, and utilizing a raft is not recommended because it may quickly be destroyed.

You should use a Karve or Longship instead of a Sea Serpent since they can outpace them and survive longer in a fight at sea.

To avoid harming your own boat, use a bow and arrow to kill Sea Serpents from distance.

Frost Arrows may be very useful in slowing down the Sea Serpent and allowing you to fire more rounds until you kill it.

The Abyssal Harpoon may be used to keep the Sea Serpent in check so it doesn’t escape, and it can even be used to pull it towards the beaches for an easier kill.

Check out our Valheim Sea Serpent Hunting Guide for additional information on hunting Sea Serpents.

Location of the Sea Serpent

Sea Serpents are mostly found in the Ocean biome, although they may also be found around big bodies of water in biomes close to it.

While traveling on your boat, you will notice that your location may shift into various biomes, with the Ocean biome being the most likely to meet a Sea Serpent.

There are particular Sea Serpent spawning sites, however since they like to float about, it may be difficult to identify them.

You may make a note of where you come upon a Sea Serpent to obtain an idea of where to farm them from time to time.

You won’t usually be the one to discover the Sea Serpents; they prefer to find you, and you’ll notice them by the sound they make when they start pursuing you.

Also check out Valheim’s other farming tutorials.

Uses of Serpent Meat

In Valheim, there are presently two Serpent Meat recipe food items available, both of which may significantly improve health and stamina.


  • Serpent Meat, Cooked (Cooking Station)
  • Stew of Serpent Meat (Cauldron)

Cooked Serpent Meat is made by placing it in a Cooking Station and cooking it for 61 seconds.

When using the Cauldron, prepare Serpent Stew using 1x Cooked Serpent Meat, 2x Honey, and 1x Mushroom.

Cooked Serpent Meat is best saved for Serpent Stew since it is lighter and gives a greater meal boost of 80 health and stamina, as well as 4 health regeneration for 2400 seconds.

Cooked Serpent flesh is heavier, providing 70 health and 40 stamina, as well as a 3 health per tick health regeneration over 2000 seconds.


Hunting Sea Serpents may be time-consuming, particularly when it comes to solo farming, but it is doable if you make the necessary preparations.

Make sure you have a full set of armor and a decent bow, and eat enough food to maintain a health level of 100 or above.

The Longship is the finest option since it is presently the quickest and sturdiest boat in Valheim. A Karve performs well but may still be wrecked if you are careless.

Serpent Stew, along with other end-game foods, allows you to increase your health to over 200, making it easier to battle bosses and more powerful opponents.

Valheim is a location in the game of Dragonian Wars. It is home to many serpentine creatures, including the Serpent Queen and her minions. Reference: valheim tame serpent.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get serpent meat?

The serpent meat is obtained by using the slimy resource.

What is the easiest way to find sea serpents in Valheim?

Sea serpents are creatures that live in the ocean. They can be found in Valheim, which is a location in the game. If youre looking for sea serpents, your best bet would be to search for them by using the Search function on your map.

How do you get serpent to spawn in Valheim?

I dont know how to get serpent to spawn in Valheim.

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