The world of Valheim is a dangerous one, with monsters lurking around every corner. With the help of your trusty axe and shield, you must battle through the treacherous landscape to reach safety. If that weren’t enough, there are also those pesky trolls hiding in the shadows waiting for their chance to ambush you.

The how often do trolls respawn valheim is a question that many players have been asking. It is not clear if they will ever respawn, but there are some ways to farm them in the game.

Nothing beats getting resources after a kill, particularly when it’s a monster like a Troll, and Troll Hide is one of the most precious drops they offer.

Troll Hide can be used to make weapons and armor, although there aren’t many recipes right now, and that may change in the future.

To get Troll Hide, you must first prepare for one of the game’s most dangerous confrontations, particularly if you are new to the game.

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What is the best way to farm Troll Hide?VALBUG041-2

Troll Hide is obtained by killing Trolls, however this is a difficult job for novice players and those that are still in the lower levels.

These adversaries do a lot of damage and may kill players with only a few strikes or send them flying with a single hit, resulting in falling damage.

If you have the time to harvest Feathers and Resin to create Fire Arrows, it is preferable to take down trolls with a decent bow and some Fire Arrows.

Trolls may be stunned with a bow, particularly if you hit them with several headshots, although melee weapons can also be used if you can duck or parry.

You can avoid a Troll’s strikes if you time them correctly and parry their attacks with a strong shield and excellent timing.

When a Troll is slain, it typically drops 5x Troll Hide (which rises depending on the Troll’s rank), as well as other items like money and a Troll Trophy.

What is the best place to farm Troll Hide?

Troll Hide is mostly found in the Black Forest, where it may be obtained through interacting with trolls or discovering chests that may contain Troll Hide.

In addition to exploring the Black Forest, you may explore Troll Caves, which will bring you to a solitary Troll that you can sneak up on and kill.

Also check out Valheim’s other farming tutorials.

Troll Hide is a kind of hide used by trolls.

Troll Hide is the ideal material for stealth, and it’s used to make the Troll Leather Set (also known as the Troll Set), which gives you a 25% boost in stealth if you wear the whole set.

It’s also utilized to make one weapon for now, but it may be required in the future for more preparations.


  • Cape of the Troll
  • Leather Helmet of a Troll
  • Leather Troll Pants
  • Leather Troll Tunic



Hunting trolls may be difficult if you want to acquire the Troll Leather Set for its stealth and early game protection.

Because these opponents are sluggish, you may easily destroy them if you utilize ranged weapons and dodge their assaults.

If you get trapped by a tree or get wedged between rocks, you will die, so keep an eye out while kiting Trolls.

The Troll Leather Set may be quite helpful for taming later on, and it gives players who like covert gaming a huge edge.

Troll Leather Armor is also extremely light and simple to move about in, making it one of the finest sets to utilize even if tougher equipment are available.

The valheim troll not spawning is a problem that has been present for a while. There are many ways to fix the issue, but one of the most common fixes is to farm Troll Hide in Valheim.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make troll hide Valheim?


How do you get troll hide?

You can find troll hide in the game, but it is rare.

How do you beat the troll in the cave in Valheim?

You cant.

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