In this guide, we’ll show you how to farm Wolf Fang in Valheim. This is a rare material required for crafting the best armor and weapons available in-game.

The wolf fang valheim is a new game in the series of Valheim. In this game, you have to farm wolf fangs.

Wolf Fangs are more than simply evidence that you’re an apex predator among Valheim’s animals; they also allow you to create additional goods.

Some things in Valheim need Wolf Fangs to make and improve, so make sure you have enough on hand for later.

It is self-evident that you will need to hunt down Wolf Fangs, but with the large number of Wolf Fangs needed, it would be tiresome to keep looking for new spawns.

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How Do You Grow Wolf Fang?

Wolves may be found in the Mountain biomes, and they are more likely to emerge towards the biome’s core.

There may be more Wolves in larger Mountains biomes, but you need also be aware of the Drakes who soar about and attack you, as well as the Fenrings (werewolf monsters) that lurk at night.

Wolves on the Hunt


If you want Wolf Fangs, you’ll have to kill Wolves eventually, but this isn’t a simple job for novices or those who aren’t prepared.

You should be able to enter the Mountains biome in order to fight Wolves, so make sure you use a Wolf Fur Cape or a Lox Cape to be warm.

If you don’t have the resources to craft any of the capes, Frost Resistance Mead will suffice to keep you alive in the Mountains biome.

Check out our Valheim Potions Guide for additional information about Frost Resistance Mead.

When wolves encircle you, it’s important to carry a shield with you so you can deflect their blows and kill them quickly.

With a bow, you can take on Wolves, but one or two will ultimately find you instead of you finding them, making things much more hazardous.

Livestock of the Wolf


You may seem harsh, but you must do whatever it takes to live, which may involve slaughtering Wolves.

You can get Wolves to breed in an area by just placing Sausages or Raw Meat for them to consume, and they will breed automatically when they are in range of each other.

Once a Wolf Pup has been born, you should wait for it to completely mature into a Wolf before breeding it until you have a large number of fully grown Wolves.

Kill as many as you need to obtain the Wolf Fangs, but leave some behind so that they may breed for additional supplies or to accompany you on excursions.

Taming and raising higher-level Wolves will increase the number of drops you get from your Wolf livestock.

Check out our Valheim Wolf Taming Guide for more information on taming Wolves.

Also check out Valheim’s other farming tutorials.

Wolf Fang’s Techniques

Wolf Fangs, coupled with Silver, are typically needed since they are used to create the leggings for the Wolf Armor Set, but they may also be used to make a different type of spear.

The Wolf Fang recipes are as follows:



Wolf Fangs are required to manufacture and improve the Wolf Armor Legs, which are required to complete the Wolf Armor Set.

With minimal resource needs, the Wolf Fang Spear is one of the greatest piercing damage weapons and the strongest spear currently available.


Although venturing into the Mountain biomes and returning with a slew of Wolf Fangs isn’t always simple, there are always alternative options.

You may tame a Wolf and guide it out of the Mountain biomes to breed elsewhere, or you can just keep them in an outpost.

If you leave your Wolves in the Mountains biome for breeding, they may become easy prey for Drakes, so be cautious where you leave them while visiting other bases or outposts.

Bringing Wolves out of the Mountains biome and into your main base is the best method to maintain a consistent number of Wolves for both farming and defense.

In how to make wolf armor valheim I will teach you how to farm wolf fangs in Valheim.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get wolf fangs in Valheim?

In Valheim, you can find a wolf fang in the treasure chest.

Where can I farm wolves in Valheim?

You can find wolves in the forest near Valheim.

How do you get Wolf Fang in Fortnite?

Wolf Fang is a Legendary Weapon in Fortnite. It can be found inside chests, bought from the shop, or earned by completing challenges.

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