The game of Valheim is a multiplayer online game that has been in development for over 10 years. This game is set in the medieval era, where players take on the roles of knights and battle it out to see who will be king. The main objective of the game is to collect wolf pelts, which are used to craft armor and weapons.

The valheim how long to tame wolf is a question that many players have asked. Valheim has an easy way to farm wolf pelts in the game.

If you’ve visited the Mountains biome, you’ve probably seen Wolves and observed how relaxed they are as you freeze your tushy off.

To withstand the winter in the Mountains biomes, you’ll need to discover a method to resist the cold, which Wolves (and Lox) can help with thanks to their Wolf Pelt.

Wolf Pelt is utilized for more than just creating a Cape made with wolf fur to keep warm in the winter; it’s also used to make additional armor components for the Wolf Armor Set.

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How Do You Grow Wolf Pelt?

To acquire Wolf Pelt, you’ll need to locate Wolves and hunt or tame them at first, but taming them is an excellent way to get your own Wolf Pelt farm started.


Wolves on the Hunt

Traveling near the snow to attract Wolves is one of the early methods to get Wolf Pelt, although occasionally they are more inside the Mountains biome, causing you to freeze.

You must either use Frost Resistance Mead or a Lox Cape to visit the Mountains biome safely, since these are the only methods to become immune to the freezing impact.

After killing or taming Wolves via one of the ways, you may gather Wolf Pelt and use it to create a Wolf Fur Cape and other goods.

The Wolf Fur Cape should be your first goal since it will enable you to farm additional Wolves or tame them for later use.

Livestock of the Wolf


You can breed Wolves instead of continually going to the Mountains biome to spend minutes and hours looking for them and waiting for them to respawn.

Breeding Wolves is an excellent method to ensure an endless supply of the resources that a Wolf drops for you and your friends.

To breed Wolves, just tame them and feed them until they are all hungry, at which point they will continue to give birth to pups for your Wolf Pelt making requirements later on.

To kill Wolf Pups for their resources, you must wait for them to completely mature, and taming higher level Wolves offers you more.

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Uses for Wolf Pelt

In Valheim, there are many Wolf Pelt recipes, the majority of which are used to complete the Wolf Armor Set as well as offer ornamental comfort items.


  • Helmet of Drake
  • Chest of Wolf Armor
  • Legs of a Wolf
  • Wolf Fur Cape


The Drake Helmet is clearly from the Drake, yet it needs resources from a Wolf to make and is considered the Wolf Armor Set’s helmet component.

Only the Wolf Fur Cape gives protection from the cold, whereas the rest of the Wolf Armor offers excellent damage resistance.

When resting, the Dragon Bed gives an extra 2 comfort, while the Wolf Rug provides 1, for a total of 3 comfort.


You have to agree that the Wolf Armor Set looks fantastic and is likely one of the finest late-game armor sets available.

Second only to the Padded Armor Set in terms of protection, Wolf Pelt Armor is also very costly when completely upgraded with Wolf Pelt and other resources.

It’s a pity you’ll have to kill some Wolves to obtain the pelt, but it’ll all be worth it in the end, and you’ll be able to breed as many as you want as long as you leave at least two alive.

Valheim is a medieval fantasy game that allows players to tame wolves and farm wolf pelts. Taming wolves in the game requires players to feed them food, but there are other ways to get pelts without having to hunt down wolves. Reference: valheim tame wolf.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get wolf pelt in Valheim?

Well, Im not sure what you mean by wolf pelt. If youre asking about the game Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, then its a game involving Nazis and the protagonist has to fight them.

Where can I farm Wolves in Valheim?

There are no wolves in Valheim.

Where can I find Wolves in Valheim?

In the game, Wolves in Valheim is a level that can be found in the Forest of Hope.

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