One of the most popular dishes in Valheim is lox meat pie. It has a savory, salty flavor that melts in your mouth and its texture is somewhere between a pastry and a meatloaf. The key to making this dish is to use sour cream instead of mayonnaise, which gives it an extra tangy flavor.

In the game Valheim, there is a recipe for Lox meat pie. If you want to make it, you will need to purchase some lox from the market and then go into your kitchen.

Because of its ideal mix of health and stamina, as well as health regeneration, the delectable and fancy-looking Lox Meat Pie is regarded one of Valheim’s finest foods.

Players will need to go farther in the game before they can begin preparing this delectable delicacy, but the wait and effort will be well worth it since it will greatly increase your character’s survivability.

Each Lox Meat Pie adds 1 weight to your inventory and may be piled up to 10 per item slot, resulting in a total inventory weight of 10.

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Effects of Lox Meat Pie

Lox Meat Pie has the ideal mix of health and stamina, as well as a substantial quantity of health regeneration, making it ideal for surviving fights, adventures, and crises.

  • 80 Vitality
  • Stamina 80
  • 4 Ticks = 4 Health Regeneration
  • 2400 second duration (40 Minutes)

Ingredients for Lox Meat Pie

The Plains biome has all of the components needed to make Lox Meat Pie, which may be processed or cooked to make the food item.

  • 4x Barley Flour
  • 2x cloudberries
  • 2x Cooked Lox Meat

Barley Flour necessitates the use of a Windmill, which you will use to process Barley. However, you must first get and cultivate Barley, which is also done on the Plains.

Barley may be obtained from Fuling villages and can be seen growing on cultivated land areas inside the settlements.

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Cloudberries are extremely common on the Plains, and you can find them nearly everywhere. They also grow again after being plucked.

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Cooked Lox Meat may be made by cooking Lox Meat in a Cooking Station, but you must first kill a Lox to get the meat.

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What Is The Best Way To Cook Lox Meat Pie?

Once you have Barley flour, Cloudberries, and Cooked Loxed flesh, you may make the Lox Meat Pie recipe in a Cauldron.

This food item yields 1 Lox Meat Pie each time it is crafted.


Lox Meat Pie is one of the finest late-game meal items you can prepare, and it should be saved for the most stressful circumstances.

You can easily harvest most of the materials to create Lox Meat Pie if you build a base or outpost in the Plains biome, making you very wealthy in food.

It’s a smart idea to store up on Lox Meat Pie for later in the game, since it pairs nicely with other late-game foods like Serpent Stew, Blood Pudding, and more.

Lox meat pie is a traditional Jewish dish that is made with cooked lox, eggs, cream cheese, and matzo meal. It’s very easy to make at home by following these simple steps. Reference: cooked lox meat.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get lox meat in Valheim?

You can purchase Lox meat from the Valheim Food Vendor in the Market District for 10,000 gold.

What is lox meat used for Valheim?

Lox meat is used for making a traditional Jewish dish called lox.

How do you cook lox Valheim?

Lox Valheim is a type of fish, and it is probably best to cook it in a frying pan with some olive oil.

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