This is a strategy game that will get you hooked. You must build your kingdom and defend it from the invading armies of other players.

The how to make jelly in valheim is a game that was made by the team at Queens Jam. It’s a game about making jelly, and it has been played over 3 million times on the internet.

Queens Jam is a mid-tier food item that may be prepared as soon as a Cauldron is available.

This meal item gives you a modest boost in health and stamina, as well as some health regeneration.

To acquire the ingredients for Queens Jam, you’ll have to use your foraging abilities in the Meadows and Black Forest biomes.

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Effects of Queens Jam

Queens Jam may not be Valheim’s best source of food buffs, but it does the job effectively and may be combined with other foods to boost health and stamina.

  • 30 Well-being
  • Stamina 40
  • 2 Ticks of Health Regeneration
  • 1200 second duration (20 Minutes)

Ingredients in Queen’s Jam

When exploring, both of the ingredients for Queens Jam may be foraged simply and in large quantities.

  • x8 raspberries
  • x8 blueberries

Raspberries grow among trees in the Meadows, while blueberries grow in the Black Forest.

Check out our Valheim Raspberries Farming Guide if you want to learn more about growing raspberries.

Berries will gradually grow again and may be farmed on a regular basis.

Blueberry foraging is simple, and our Valheim Blueberries Farming Guide can teach you more about it.

What Is The Best Way To Cook Queens Jam?

The Queens Jam recipe is made in a Cauldron and uses all of the ingredients to make 4x Queens Jamp per craft.

You’ll need a Cauldron first, which is made using 10 Tin. This implies you’ll need the ability to mine Tin ore, which you’ll be able to accomplish after beating Valheim’s first monster.


Many players question whether Queens Jam is worth it, and the answer is that it depends largely on how far you’ve progressed in the game.

Queens Jam is a good early-to-mid-game food boost source in Valheim, since it provides more health, stamina, and health regeneration than other meals.

It’s simple to gather the ingredients for Queens Jam, and you can save superior food for when you need stamina and health when scouting or farming for resources.

Queens Jam is a game that was created by the developers of Candy Crush Saga. It is one of the most popular games on Facebook and has over 100 million players. Reference: queens jam wikipedia.

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