The game is set in a fantasy world, where players must plant seeds to grow crops and collect resources. Players can also use these resources to build houses, craft items, or even create new plants.

Valheim is a game that allows players to build their own virtual world. In order to grow trees, the player must plant seeds in the ground. Read more in detail here: valheim how to plant trees.

Cultivation is important in nearly any survival game, and there are certain advantages to farming in Valheim.

Most crops may be utilized to make food and other consumables that you’ll need to live in Valheim’s harsh environment.

Only a few seeds, such as vegetables, plants, and tree seeds, are presently available for planting.

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When Are You Allowed to Begin Farming?

Once you have gotten beyond the first monster in Valheim, Eikthyr, farming or planting seeds is very simple.

Defeating Eikthyr rewards you with Hard Antler, which can be used to craft a pickaxe that allows you to harvest Copper and Tin.

Copper and Tin are needed to produce Bronze, which is required to construct a Cultivator, an agricultural implement in Valheim.

To begin melting down the metals that will be needed to create a Cultivator using a Forge, you’ll need a Smelter.

Check out our Valheim Smelting Guide for more information on smelting.

How to Make a CultivatorVALHPS092-2

Perhaps you already have a variety of seeds on hand and are unsure of what to do with them.

The first thing you’ll need to do is make a Bronze Cultivator (made from Copper and Tin in Forge).

A Cultivator is a Valheim tool that enables you to do many tasks involving the earth, seeds, crops, and even trees.

You may “cultivate” areas on the ground with your Cultivator, enabling you to sow seeds there.

Seeds for Crop Planting

It’s simple to plant seeds; all you have to do is choose the seed you want to sow and put it on cultivated ground.

Seeds should be spaced out a little from one another, otherwise they will take longer to develop owing to a lack of room.

Planting a seed depletes your seed supply, however certain vegetables or crops may be replanted to increase their quantity or produce seeds.

The following is a list of crops you may produce in Valheim using the following seeds:

  • Carrot is a kind of vegetable (plant with Carrot Seed for 1 Carrot)
  • Carrot Seeds (Plant with Carrot for 3 Carrot Seeds)
  • Turnip is a root vegetable (Plant with Turnip Seed for 1 Turnip)
  • Turnip Seeds (Plant with Turnip for 3 Turnip Seeds)
  • Barley is a cereal grain (Plant with Barley to double its amount)
  • Flaxseed (Plant with Flax to double its amount)

Seed Development

Seeds require time to develop into plants, and this may take many in-game days, necessitating the use of other resources or just sleeping through the day.

You can usually skip the day by napping as it gets close to midnight, which is a convenient method to speed up the game.

Some crops need enough space between them to develop, otherwise the status will indicate that the plant is unable to grow owing to a shortage of space.

Even if there isn’t enough room for a plant to develop, it will ultimately do so when the plants around it mature.

It simply takes longer for plants to develop when they’re planted close together, and that’s OK as long as you’re busy doing something else.

Also see How to Farm Trees in Valheim for more information.

Crop HarvestingVALHPS092-3

You can harvest crops after they are completely grown by interacting with them and picking them up and dropping them to the ground.

If you are within range of harvested crops that have been dropped on the ground, they will be added to your inventory.

Instead of constantly pressing the same button to harvest crops, you may just hold it while aiming at them and walking by to pick them up quickly.

Tree PlantingVALHPS092-4

The Cultivator may also be used to plant trees, although there is no requirement to do it on cultivated land; you can just plant them as long as you have the seeds.

In Valheim, there are many different trees, however not all of them drop seeds for replanting. You may sow the following seeds to produce trees:

  • Seeds of Beech (Beech Tree)
  • Cone of Fir (Fir Tree)
  • Cones of Pine (Pine Tree)

Check read our guide on How to Cultivate Trees in Valheim to learn more about how to grow a tree.


Being able to produce your own food gives you a significant edge in Valheim since you won’t have to depend on others as much.

Carrots and turnips are great mid-to-late-game meal components that can be readily farmed to provide you with a large quantity of Carrot Soup or Turnip Stew.

This will enable you to save money for more costly items later in the game.

More growable crops are anticipated to appear in Valheim shortly, which may happen in future releases.

Valheim is a game that is set in the world of Norse mythology. In order to make your farm flourish, you will need to plant seeds and harvest crops. Reference: how to make a cultivator in valheim.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you plant things in Valheim?

Yes, you can plant things.

How do I start a farm in Valheim?

You need to have a farm in order to start a farm.

How do you plant trees in Valheim?

You need to use a tree seed that you can find in the wild or buy from a store. Then, you need to plant it and wait for it to grow.

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