In Valheim, you will find yourself in a fairytale world with its own rules and customs. You can tame the Lox by playing games with them. But what is the best way to win?

Valheim is a new map that was released with the latest update for Battle Royale. It has a very unique layout and it can be pretty tough to learn how to play on it. However, there are some tricks you can use to make this map easier to navigate and tame Lox in Valheim Read more in detail here: lox valheim.

If you’ve ever visited the Plains biome, you’ve probably seen these hefty animals known as Lox roaming about, eating and resting.

Do not underestimate these creatures; they are very powerful and may do significant harm if you get on their nerves.

However, such a strong monster might make an excellent domesticated companion, and you can tame these ferocious animals.

What Can Lox Be Used For?

Lox or Lox do not do much at the moment, preferring to wander about and graze on the grass from time to time.

When opponents assault, however, they will unleash a torrent of havoc until all enemies within their detection range are killed.

This makes them ideal for protecting your base, and if you’re with your domesticated Lox, other Lox will not attack you.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to order your Lox to follow you; instead, you’ll have to rely on fences to guide them back to your stronghold.

It’s preferable to tame a Lox near your base to make it easier to keep it there, and enticing them is the most effective way to do so.

Here’s where you can find all of our Valheim guides:

In Valheim, how can you tame lox?VALLOT054-2

When you approach Lox, they are very frightening, and you should avoid letting them close in on you at all times.

Because you won’t be able to command the Lox, it’s better to lure it to a trap near your base and tame it there.

To attract its attention, shoot it with an arrow or approach it close enough, and it will begin following after you at a sluggish speed.

Once it’s been lured into a trap, throw its taming food into the trap once it’s been captured (you may do this beforehand to make it easier to lose its attention) and wait for it to eat.

If you don’t conceal to lose aggro, it won’t eat, and if it does, you’ll get an acclimating state, which will start the taming process.

It will have a progression percent that will progressively increase to 100% after feeding, and the Lox will be tamed after this is done.

What Is a Lox Trap and How Do I Make One?VALLOT054-3

For the most part, you’ll want to utilize Stone Walls to tame a Lox since it can do a lot of damage and quickly destroy wood buildings.

You can still tame a Lox using wood, but you’ll have to construct a lot of walls around it, thus Stone Walls is a better option.

Make a form for the Lox to fit in (square or rectangle preferable) and leave a hole, but keep your Workbench and Stonecutter close to block it afterwards.

Attract the Lox into the trap, then rapidly construct a Stone Wall or other Stone construction to prevent it from escaping.

You can leave tiny holes for you to pass through as long as the Lox can’t get inside, allowing you to quickly escape the trap when it goes in.

Lox Food

Lox is a fussy eater, and the only things you can feed it are Cloudberries or Flax, both of which can be found in the Plains biome.

The amount of taming progress seems to be the same for both meals, however Cloudberries are more simpler to utilize since they can be found nearly everywhere in the Plains biome.

Lox’s current diet consists only of:

Also read Valheim’s other taming tutorials.

Location of Lox Spawn

Most of the time, you’ll encounter Lox in groups of three, and they’ll respawn in the same spot where you originally discovered them.

Lox don’t move far, and you can simply record their position so you can return later to tame more or harvest them for resources.

When looking for Lox on the Plains, be aware that you may be attacked by foes such as Deathsquitos and Fulings.

Lox Drops

Aside from Lox Meat, the Lox drops a few more materials that come in useful later on when you wish to create stuff.

Lox drops the following items:


Level 1 Level 2

Level 3

Lox Meat

4–5 (100 percent ) 8 – 10 (100 percent ) 16 – 20 (100 percent )
LoxPelt 2 (100%) 4 (100%)

8 (100%)

The Lox Trophy is an award given to a person who

1 (10%) 1 (10%)

1 (10%)

Lox Level

Although few people have encountered higher-level Lox as of yet, it is known that their damage and health increase as their level rises.

According to the following, Lox’s health and damage numbers will be enhanced depending on their level:

Lox Stats

Level 1 Level 2

Level 3

Health of the Lox

1000 2000 3000
Damage from Lox 132 (Slash) 194 (Slash)

260 words (Slash)

Damage from Lox

121 (Blunt) 181 (Blunt)

244 (Blunt)

Lox will attempt to attack you in one of two ways: pounding the ground to inflict damage in a specific area or biting you in the face.

You can parry these strikes if you have a strong shield and, even better, if your Blocking Skill has been built up.

Parrying a Lox for a brief period exposes it to a few melee strikes, making it easier to kill or gain time.

Breeding of Lox

Lox cannot be bred and can only be tamed as of the current patch (0.147.3), however it is conceivable that they may enable you to breed Lox in the future.

Breeding Lox will enable you to substantially increase the amount of resources you harvest, particularly Lox Meat, for greater food bonuses.

Many things do not need Lox Pelt, although this may change as the game progresses and new goods are introduced.


Lox are gentle animals that become violent when threatened, which is something you should keep in mind when engaging one.

One of the greatest aspects of having a Lox around is that it can swiftly dispatch numerous foes and does not perish as often as Wolves.

Taming lox may be difficult yet rewarding, but most of its resources are yet to be developed, and there are likely to be additional applications in the future.

It is possible to push a Lox onto a boat, but because to its enormous size and the movement of your boat, it is very likely that it will fall off.

Lox is a game character that can be tamed in Valheim. The lox valheim weakness is the key to taming Lox.

Frequently Asked Questions

What things can you tame in Valheim?

You can tame almost anything in Valheim. There are many different taming options, such as taming a wolf, taming a bear, taming an eagle, taming a falcon, and so on.

How do you breed lox in Valheim?

You need to breed lox in Valheim by first getting a pair of lox and then breeding them.

What are lox weak to Valheim?

Lox are weak to Valheim, a type of magic.

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