Wishbone is a new game that has been gaining popularity in Valheim. Players are given the opportunity to build their own fantasy world, which they can then share with others. The only catch is that players must be willing to accept other players’ worlds into their own.

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The Wishbone is an item that allows you to search Valheim for hidden objects that are invisible to the blind eye.

One of the primary reasons you’ll need this item is so you can proceed to finding hidden Silver Veins and additional Iron Deposits.

This Wishbone guide will cover all you need to know about getting a Wishbone and what you can do with it.

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Where Can I Find Wishbone?

Because the Wishbone can only be obtained by beating Bonemass, it may be found pretty much wherever you fight him, although it can be difficult if you are unprepared.

Before you can confront Bonemass, you must first obtain entry to the Swamp biome in order to gather the necessary materials for summoning it as well as the necessary fighting gear.

Check out our Valheim Bonemass Boss Fight Guide for additional information on dealing with Bonemass.

What Is The Best Way To Use Wishbone?VALHGW076-2

If you’re wondering how the Wishbone works, it’s an item that has to be equipped and takes up an accessory slot.

When you equip the Wishbone, it will replace whatever items you have on, such as the Meginjord or Dverger Circlet.

You must first wear the Wishbone and wander about the region until green effects emerge around your character and a beeping sound is heard.

These signals suggest that you’re getting close to a concealed location, and they’ll start to flame quicker the closer you go.

Start digging with your pickaxe after you’re certain of the area, and you’ll ultimately discover Silver Veins in the mountains, Iron in the swamp biomes, or chests in other places.

Once you’ve engaged with a hidden object, such as opening a chest or mining buried metal, the Wishbone will cease alerting you about it.

Wishbone Collection

When you approach within 20 meters of a concealed item, the Wishbone will begin to warn you, and it will get more rapid as you go closer.

To prevent traveling in the incorrect way, pay careful attention when you see a sign and listen to the beeps to get a sense of how near you are.

When you leave the concealed item range, the warnings will begin again when you return to it.

Misconceptions about Wishbones

Some people believe that the Wishbone isn’t functioning while it’s equipped, however it only starts displaying signals when you’re close to a concealed object.

If you don’t have a Wishbone, you won’t be able to locate Silver readily since it’s usually buried in the earth, which you’ll have to dig out.

Before you start digging, make sure the Wishbone is active and flashing quickly. Otherwise, you may end up digging in the incorrect place.

What Will the Wishbone Reveal?

The Wishbone mostly identifies objects buried under surfaces or along mountain ridges, and you’ll need a pickaxe to get to them.

With a Wishbone fitted, you may find the following:

  • Scrap Piles in the Mud (Located in the Swamp biome)
  • Veins of Silver (Located in the Mountains biome)
  • Treasure Is Buried (Located in the Meadows biome)

It’s conceivable that there may be more hidden things that you can discover with a Wishbone in the future, so instead of throwing it away, put it aside whenever you don’t need it.


Don’t be concerned if certain mountain ranges turn out to be devoid of Silver Veins; it’s not always simple owing to the possibility of not discovering Silver.

It would be ideal if you concentrated your efforts on big Mountain biomes, since they are more likely to contain Silver and in greater quantities.

It is possible to harvest Silver without a Wishbone, but it will be difficult since you will have to dig in random locations, but you may receive a clue by spotting part of a vein poking out.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use a wishbone?

To make a wish, you use the end of the bone to make a small hole in your hand and then blow on it.

Why is my wishbone not working in Valheim?

The wishbone is a game mechanic that was never released in Valheim.

What is the wishbone for Valheim?

The wishbone is a bone located in the wrist. It serves as a hinge for the fingers and thumb.

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