The Emissary is the second series in Nightwave, an episodic game that follows the story of a young woman named Liana who has been tasked with saving her world from destruction.

The nightwave series 3 is a game that was released in 2016. It is an action-adventure game with RPG elements.

Nightwave: The Emissary has returned after the Nightwave interlude, giving us a fresh narrative and mythology.

All credits have been wiped, and all progress has come to a stop, similar to the last intermission, while a new section starts.

Nora broadcasts about Arlo, who has been discovered as a survivor who is capable of healing others and has miraculously survived despite being alone and surrounded by infestation at the time.

As you continue, you’ll discover more about Arlo and his tale, as well as the legend surrounding this new kid who was believed dead but had somehow lived.

Ranking of Nightwaves


All prior Nightwave credits have been deleted, and Emissary Credits are now the only kind of credit that can be acquired.

These are the new credit points for the current Nightwave act, which you will collect as you advance through the game.

There will be offers that you may buy with your Emissary Credits that are extremely lucrative later on, much like the past Nightwave performances.

The Nightwave awards have also altered, becoming more infected in nature. These new and unusual goodies are certainly something to keep an eye out for.

Nightwave Bonuses

The following are the Nightwave Emissary prizes.


Standing Item



10,000 150 Emissary Credits It’s used to buy Nightwave’s wares.


20,000 EmissarySigil

Warframes have a cosmetic item.

3 30,000 2x Robotic Slot Machines

Increases the number of slots available for your robotic friends by two.


40,000 Nora Stencil is a character in the film Nora Stencil Inside the orbiter, create a design for your room.


50,000 Sugatra Keratose

A cosmetic item for your melee weapon’s hilt.

6 60,000 x50 Emissary Credits

It’s used to buy Nightwave’s wares.


70,000 Modification: Efficient Beams Convectrix has a rare mod.
8 80,000 x3 Forma Bundle

When adding polarities to equipment, this is what it’s called a polarizer.


90,000 Emblem of the Emissary This is a cosmetic emblem that may be worn.
10 100,000 Statue of Arlo

This is a decorative statue that may be put in the orbiter.


110,000 Reactor Orokin Warframes’ mod capacity is doubled.
12 120,000 150 Emissary Credits

It’s used to buy Nightwave’s wares.


130,000 x20,000 Kuva Riven stats are rolled using this resource.
14 140,000 Slot in Warframe

Allows for the installation of a second Warframe.


150,000 Bundle of Devotee Noggles Arlo’s supporters are depicted in decorative sculptures.
16 160,000 x50 Emissary Credits

It’s used to buy Nightwave’s wares.


170,000 Adaptor for Exilus Allows modifications to be installed in the Exilus slot of a Warframe.
18 180,000 K-Drive Art That Is “Ancient”

For K-Drive, there is a cosmetic item.


190,000 Ephemera of Spores Warframes cosmetic item for visual effects
20 200,000 Harpoon Exposed is a mod that allows you to expose Harpoon.

Harpak’s Rare Mod


210,000 x50 Emissary Credit It’s used to buy Nightwave’s wares.
22 220,000 Nikana Maligna Skin with Two Hands

The Tatsu may use infested skin.


230,000 Modification: Meticulous Aim Vulkar’s Rare Mod
24 240,000 x50 Emissary Credit

It’s used to buy Nightwave’s wares.


250,000 x3 Forma Bundle When adding polarities to equipment, this is what it’s called a polarizer.
26 260,000 Forma Umbra

Umbra polarity is added using this method.


270,000 Grace of the Arcane Warframes may use arcane to enhance their abilities.
28 280,000 Shoulder Guard for Protosomids

Warframes cosmetic item


290,000 Bundle of Chitoid Sentinels Sentinels’ cosmetics collection
30 300,000 Collection by the Emissary Operator

Operators get a special cosmetic kit.

What Is The Best Way To Get A Standing Nightwave Emissary?


You are charged with completing daily and weekly tasks given by Nora, much like in earlier Nigthwave acts.

These may range from basic actions on the orbiter to difficult missions difficulties.


You will get a notice after a job has been finished, indicating the work you have done as well as the amount of standing you have earned.

Offerings for Purchase


You will be able to buy offerings with the current Nightwave credits, which in this act are the Emissary Credits, much as in prior acts.

There are many rewards available, so keep an eye out for them and save up as much as you can before the act ends.

Any prior points from earlier acts will be lost, therefore you’ll have to gain Emissary Creds from this Nightwave performance.



For others, this came as a surprise, and the prizes not only seem to be fascinating, but they also appear to satisfy the need for infected backstory that certain gamers have been seeking.

There are a lot of prizes to be gained, and this time they are doubled from the previous act.

It’s important to take everything you can while you still have the chance, since many of the prizes will be helpful not just for aesthetics but also for improving your equipment.

Nightwave is a series of sci-fi novels that are written by Scott Sigler. The Emissary is the second book in the series. Reference: nightwave offering rotation.

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