The Sims 4 Alien Collections Guide is a comprehensive guide for the latest DLC pack. It includes information on how to get new aliens, what they do, and more.

The sims 4 collections is a guide that will help you to use the Alien Collections in your game.

The career of an astronaut is riddled with secrets, and with new experiences come more surprises. The Alien Collections that your Sim may acquire are one of these shocks.

You don’t have to worry if you don’t want to be an astronaut since you can still get Alien Collections.

As soon as you acquire a Rocket Ship, you will spend most of your time exploring space and gathering different things.

What Is the Best Way to Get Alien Collections?SIMS4ACS-2

When exploring with a Rocket Ship, you may find Alien Collections, commonly known as alien specimens or collectibles by other players.

This is especially common when Sim is pursuing an Astronaut profession, since they will be operating in space on a regular basis.

The majority of your exploration with a Rocket Ship enables you to participate in text tales that offer you a set of choices to make in order to decide your Sim’s destiny in space.

It’s largely random, but the better your Rocket Science ability, the better your chances of getting a nice collectable.

All your Sim has to do to acquire Alien Collections is either work as an Astronaut or one of its various branches, or just explore space after a Rocket Ship has been bought and constructed.

Alien Collections in Real Time

Blue Slug (LIVE) (Rare)


“A parasitic parasite that lives in the brains of bigger creatures and acts as a puppet master. Apparently extremophilic.”

This monster has the appearance of a bigger slug, with a blue body and turquoise decorations. It has three eyes and may be seen reaching towards the sky.

It’s worth 240 dollars.

Pink Whales in the Wild (Uncommon)


“Vaguely resembling our cetacean animals, this “space whale” navigates its surroundings by manipulating the fabric of time and space.”

While the creature is classified as a whale, it seems to have six legs, six eyes, and a pink body. It seems more like a critter than a sea monster to me.

It may be purchased for 168 dollars.

Red Coral in the Wild (Uncommon)


“Unlike its terrestrial equivalents, more than 90% of this coral-like structure is occupied with metabolic processes.”

This is an odd-looking coral piece with a red hue and a pink pattern running through it. It has four eyeballs protruding from each stem, which often blink in inquiry.

It’s possible to sell it for $172.

Porcupine in Space (Common)


This “porcupine” is timid and jittery, releasing its “quills” to frighten off would-be predators and then fleeing quickly.

This extraterrestrial is black in color and has a single eye staring forward at its front, resembling a sea urchin rather than a porcupine.

It is possible to sell it for $84.00.

Squid from Outer Space (Rare)


“A gelatinous, gentle creature with patterned pulses in its bioluminescent skin that communicates.”

This pink alien sits up and looks out into the world, like a basic squid in pink and hue with two eyes in front.

It’s possible to sell it for 280 dollars.

Collections of Dead Alien

Slug, Blue, Dead (Common)


“The specimen, which was extracted from the body of its previous host, continues to move even after all other indications of life have gone.

It’s possible to sell it for 64 dollars.

Pink Whales that have died (Common)


“The vital fluids of this creature include traces of phosphorous, which shine for a brief length of time when exposed to oxygen. What will be the next “fossil” fuel?

It’s possible to sell it for 64 dollars.

Red Coral That Is Dead (Common)


“Preliminary measurements indicate that this “skeleton” produces a continuous stream of short-wave signals, frequently including what seem to be numerical counts.

It’s possible to sell it for 64 dollars.

Porcupine from Outer Space (Common)


“Anatomical research shows that this species has both reptile and mammalian reproductive features–ideal for unpredictable meteorological patterns,” says the description.

It’s possible to sell it for 72 dollars.

Squid from Outer Space (Uncommon)


“With six appendages, partial transparency, and a highly reflective outer membrane, this species most likely developed on a water planet before being discovered.

It’s possible to sell it for $160.   

Getting All of the Alien Collectibles RewardSIMS4ACS-13

You will be awarded with a “Xenolife-Friend Wall-Mounted Reminder” if you have gathered all of the Alien Collectibles.

This item serves as a reminder that you’ve collected and done your best to preserve the many alien species you’ve met on your space travels.

You may hang it on the wall by dragging it from your Sim’s inventory and putting it in the desired location.


There’s always something new for your Sim to find, and Alien Samples are one of them when it comes to space.

Your Sim may now access five living and dead alien collections, and it is believed that if there are bigger alien creatures present, they can revive deceased ones.

Having an extraterrestrial species collection may be a great accomplishment and a beautiful exhibit at home for an astronaut.

It is possible to get several quantities of these collections, which will occur more often as your Rocket Science ability improves.

The sims 4 how to find aliens in disguise is a guide that shows you where to find the aliens in the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you complete the Alien Collection in Sims 4?

To complete the Alien Collection in Sims 4, you need to find all of the hidden aliens. The list is below.

What is the easiest collection to complete Sims 4?

The easiest collection to complete in Sims 4 is the New Best Friend collection.

What do alien craters look like in Sims 4?

They are like small hills with a crater in the middle.

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