Valheim Bonemass is a high-level dungeon where you can find many powerful items. This guide will provide the location, how to summon it, and how to defeat it.

The how to summon bonemass valheim is a guide that will show you how to defeat the boss in the Valheim Bonemass dungeon.

The Bonemass monster (simply known as Bonemass) is Valheim’s third boss and looks as a massive humanoid blob with many bones inside it.

After fighting Bonemass, you’ll be able to explore the Mountains biome for additional Iron and learn how to harvest Silver Ore from Silver Veins.

After gathering the summoning materials required to summon Bonemass, put them in a huge skull filled with goo labeled “Boiling Death.”

We’ll teach you all you need to know about the Bonemass summon criteria, how to beat it, and some helpful hints in our Bonemass guide.

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Location of the Bonemass AltarVALBBF077-2

Going inside the Sunken Crypts and mining your way around the region will reveal the location of the Bonemass offering shrine.

Because you must locate the Vegsivir Bonemass stone, it may take some time because not all of the Sunken Crypts will disclose the location.

Interact with Bonemass’ Vegsivir after you’ve located it, and the Bonemass offering location will appear on your map.

What is the best way to summon Bonemass?VALBBF077-3

You must deliver 10x Withered Bone to the Boiling Death offering building in the Swamp biome in order to summon Bonemass.

If you’ve located Bonemass’ Vegsivir, you’ll be able to quickly locate it and begin summoning it as long as you have the Withered Bones.

The region will acquire a gloomy hue after you call Bonemass, and you will be assaulted by Bonemass and the creatures it summons.

Getting Rid of BonemassVALBBF077-4

Bonemass is a massive creature that may inflict a lot of poison damage if you approach too near, so maintain your distance and parry or block any strikes if he gets too close.

Bonemass will sometimes regurgitate and spew poison in the area surrounding him, causing you to get poisoned and suffer damage over time.

If you go too close to Bonemass, it will try to hit you with a huge swing. You must avoid or block this attack or you will receive a lot of damage.

Bonemass will sometimes reach into its armpit and hurl a blob at you or near you, spawning Blobs and Skeletons.

If you don’t use Poison Resistance Mead while battling Bonemass, you’ll perish quickly from the poison damage it or the other Blobs may inflict.

Check out our Valheim Potions Guide for instructions on how to make Poison Resistance Mead.

Weakness of the Bonemass

Because Bonemass is vulnerable to blunt damage, the Iron Mace is your best bet at this time in Valheim.

If you go into the Mountains biome, you may come across Drakes, who drop Freeze Glands, which can be used to create Frost Arrows.

Frost Arrows are the only arrows in Valheim capable of doing significant damage to Bonemass, since all others are weak and useless.

While parrying his blows while hitting him with your blunt weapon is preferable, remaining at melee range necessitates caution.

Advice on BonemassageVALBBF077-5

Due to the large number of opponents you will encounter, you should also carry an Iron Sledgehammer or a Stagbreaker to quickly deliver damage in a specific area and wipe them out.

You may construct buildings climbing up or locate a fallen Ancient Tree to keep away from Bonemass and the other monsters by staying on one of the area’s indestructible Ancient Trees.

You may easily shoot Frost Arrows at Bonemass from high ground until it is defeated, making it a simple battle.

To make a number of Frost Arrows, you’ll need to harvest a lot of Freeze Glands, but it’ll be worth it afterwards.

Check out our Valheim Freeze Gland Farming Guide for more information on Freeze Gland farming.

What Is the Best Way to Get Withered Bone?VALBBF077-6

To summon Bonemass, you’ll need 10x Withered Bones, which can be obtained mainly in the Sunken Crypts by mining Muddy Scrap Piles.

Withered Bone may be found in the Swamp biomes’ Muddy Scrap Piles, although it’ll be difficult to locate without a Wishbone.

When you have 10x Withered Bones, you may summon Bonemass by bringing them to the Boiling Death summoning altar.

Drops of Bonemass

When you beat Bonemass, it will drop a Wishbone for each player, which is helpful if you have a big party.

When you kill Bonemass, it drops the Bonemass Trophy, which you may use to activate its Forsaken Power by placing it on its corresponding altar.

It’s also worth noting that the monsters produced by Bonemass will drop loot when slain, making farming things dropped by Skeletons and Blobs more easier.

Bonemass StrengthVALBBF077-7

After you’ve unlocked Bonemass’ Forsaken Power, you’ll be able to utilize it to boost your resistance to physical damage.

This covers blunt, pierce, and slash damage, making it ideal for entering fights to increase survival for five minutes.


Bonemass is a poison-based opponent, and if you try to battle it at close range, it will most certainly poison you.

Poison Resistance Mead must be prepared in order to decrease the harm that the poison inflicts on you.

While blunt weapons do the most damage to Bonemass, Frost Arrows are an excellent option and make soloing Bonemass a breeze.

Due to the poison damage, creatures that may attack you in the Swamp, and the continuous spawning of Skeletons and Blobs, the Bonemass battle is one of the most difficult in the game.

The bonemass power is a location, summoning and defeating guide for Valheim. It includes the locations of bonemasses, their spawn rates, how to defeat them and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find Bonemass in Valheim?

Bonemass is a fictional place in Valheim.

How do you spawn Bonemass in Valheim?

Bonemass can be spawned by using the Spawn Bonemass cheat in the game.

How do you kill Bonemass in Valheim?

You must use your sword and slash the Bonemass.

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