Valheim is a new game that has been released on the Steam platform. The game is based on a farming simulation and uses blockchain technology to create an ecosystem where players can trade, farm, and breed their own livestock.

Valheim is a game that has been around for a long time. It is a farming simulator, but it has been updated to include freeze gland use.

Once you reach the bigger Mountains biomes in the game, Freeze Gland is one of the latter things you’ll discover in Valheim.

These goods can only be acquired in the Mountain biomes by hunting Drakes, which are flying animals that roam the area.

Freeze Glands are required for creating weapons that inflict frost damage.

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Where Can You Find Freeze Gland?

Drakes drop Freeze Glands, which exclusively spawn in the Mountains biome and are rarely seen in smaller regions.

Drakes are difficult to locate if the Mountains biome you’re in is tiny, but they may still be found.

There’s a high probability you’ve discovered a Drake spawning location if there’s a runestone at the summit of a Mountains biome.

You may utilize Frost Resistant Mead to become resistant to the freezing effect if you are unable to live in the Mountains biome owing to the cold weather.

Check out our Valheim Potion Guide for instructions on how to create mead.

What Is The Best Way To Farm Freeze Gland?VALFGF083-2

To cultivate Freeze Gland, you’ll need to locate a big Mountain biome, but be aware that other monsters such as Wolves, Fenring, and Golems may attack you.

The larger the Mountain biome you’re in, the more Drakes you’ll see, particularly if you go to the highest point in each region.

It’s a good idea to build an outpost in the Mountains biome with a Portal so you can quickly go back and forth to harvest Freeze Glands.

Drakes may be discovered by wandering about, and when they notice you, they will make a schreeching sound before attacking you from afar.

You’ll have to battle them with ranged weapons if you want to kill them since they don’t land and will continue to attack you with three ranged frost strikes in a row.

If you deliver a sneak attack while undiscovered by a Drake, you may inflict additional damage and potentially kill it in one stroke.

Uses of the Freeze Gland

You’ll mostly be able to make things that enable you to deliver frost damage to opponents, but you’ll only be able to make two right now.



Frost arrows seem to be able to do greater damage to most other opponents in the game while also slowing them down for an easier kill, making late-game monsters like Fullings, Lox, Sea Serpents, and others simpler to farm.

Frostner is a useful blunt weapon that does both spirit and frost damage, making it effective against nearly any opponent, particularly undead.


When searching for Drakes, keep an eye out for Wolves in the vicinity, since they may easily catch you off surprise.

When hunting Drakes, you’ll need a decent bow since they don’t land and instead soar about spewing ice missiles.

It will be simpler to cultivate Freeze Gland in the region if you build an outpost with a good view of the area and a strong defensive.

Freeze Gland may come in in later on, particularly while fighting undead opponents like Bonemass (the third boss), who absorbs a lot of Frost Arrow damage.

Drakes may also drop a Drake Trophy, which can be used to construct a Drake Helmet, the Wolf Armour Set’s helmet component.

Valheim is a new Minecraft server, and it has been causing some issues with the server. The server is freezing for no apparent reason. This can be fixed by using the valheim farm obsidian command to place obsidian around the area that is freezing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get the freeze gland in Valheim?

You need to complete the Valheim story mission.

What does freeze gland do in Valheim?

The freeze gland is a system in Valheim that allows Valheimians to survive the harsh climate.

Can you farm in Valheim?

Yes, you can farm in Valheim.

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