In this article, we will discuss how to build a fire inside your home. This can be done using just three tools and a little bit of patience.

The valheim fire indoors rain is a game that requires players to build a fire inside their house. It was created by Valheim and released on the Google Play Store in July 2018.

In Valheim, your character will need light and warmth to be comfortable, so make sure to build campfires or other flames to supply them with these requirements.

Fire gives heat, the capacity to cook, the ability to dry off when wet, and the ability to sleep in a bed, but you’ll need the proper chimney guide to keep your character safe.

One of the most serious problems with fire is that the smoke may cause your character to suffocate if it fills your house.

To construct a good interior fire, you’ll need to provide enough ventilation or build a chimney for the smoke to escape.

In-House Smoking (Smoke Indoors)VALIFB031-2

Valheim features a special smoke physics system that causes smoke to rise and follow the form of your house until it reaches the top.

If the smoke cannot leave the building, your character is likely to be affected by the Smoked status effect, which depletes your health the longer you breath the smoke.

What Is the Best Way to Build a Chimney?VALIFB031-3

The answer is to build a chimney roof or ventilation in your house, which will enable the smoke to escape.

A problem with chimney rain may be aggravating since your fire might go out if you don’t use appropriate chimney building methods.

While there are many chimney designs to choose from, you must have an open area for the smoke to pass through and a route for it to leave.

You may build walls above your fire to direct the smoke from your chimney into a certain form that it will flow through.

Begin by locating your fire and constructing a passageway for it with walls going to an entrance on the side or top of your structure.

Create the conclusion by leaving free space and customizing it as you like once you’ve directed the smoke.

You should constantly have some kind of roof on top of your fire so that rain does not snuff it out, or else it will impair its effects and functions later.

What Is the Best Way to Make a Smoke Vent?VALIFB031-4

A smoke vent is similar to a chimney in that it may be built on the side of your structure instead of the top, but the physics stay the same.

You may utilize walls to create a side route or just block the smoke’s pathing with walls so that it seeks the closest escape.

Leave an entrance where you want the smoke to escape, and the smoke will eventually follow, otherwise you will see instances where the fire continues to burn.

How Do You Make A Campfire In Your Home?VALIFB031-5

If you wish to create a fire inside, you must either do it on the ground where one of the floors has been removed or on a Stone Floor.

Campfires cannot be built on wood, therefore you’ll have to use this method. However, you may always elevate the ground to hide any gaps and then build the campfire.

Indoors HearthVALIFB031-6

The physics of a Hearth are unique, and you may use it on either wood or stone buildings, making it a superior option.

A hearth chimney will need two blocks of ventilation, which means you’ll need to carve out the appropriate form to cover it from above.

The location of the hearth is also essential since it may be used for cooking and will keep you warm, enabling you to sleep in your bed.

If your hearth continues burning out, it may require greater protection and your chimney may need to be adjusted, but all you have to do to keep it lighted is cover it from above with a roof.

To ignite it, you’ll need hearth wood, which is extremely easy since the hearth is just around two blocks in size.


There are many chimney designs to select from, and you may experiment with utilizing walls, poles, and various roofs.

What matters is that you give the proper route for the smoke to follow and that you provide an open area for it to depart your house.

This not only ensures your character’s safety, but it also makes your house seem cozier and enables you to cook indoors.

Valheim is a game of strategy and survival. It’s up to you to survive the night by building fires, gathering resources, hunting animals, and defending your territory from other players. Reference: valheim smoke.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you ventilate fire in Valheim?

The best way to ventilate a fire is to use a wet towel or blanket.

How do I place a fire on wood Valheim?

You need to place wood on fire.

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