Valheim is a fantasy world where players can explore, battle, and mine for resources. With its innovative blockchain-powered economy, this game has the potential to change gaming forever.

Valheim is a game that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where you must mine and craft materials to survive. The how to use valheim kiln will help you get coal, one of the most important materials needed for crafting. Read more in detail here: valheim kiln how to use.

In order to progress in Valheim, you must ultimately get various types of metals, and in order to process them, you will need Coal.

There is presently no coal mine in the game, but you may get a significant quantity of it in a variety of methods.

Since you go out in search of new metals, your demand for coal will increase, as many of the things you may make need metal.

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What Is The Best Way To Get Coal?

Kiln for Charcoal


The most common method to get coal is to construct a Charcoal Kiln and put wood inside to produce a large amount of coal in a short amount of time.

When one piece of wood is put inside a Charcoal Kiln, it takes approximately 16 seconds for it to convert into coal, and you may store 25 pieces of wood for 400 seconds of coal.

Your metal and coal smelting operations need a steady supply of coal, and you can create an effective coal farm using Charcoal Kiln.

Surtlings are being murdered.


Surtlings may give you with a significant quantity of Charcoal later on, and there are many Surtling locations throughout the game.

A few Surtling spawn sites may be found in the Swamp, but traveling to the far south of the map will lead you to the Ashlands biome, which is home to many Surtlings.

Killing Surtlings will result in their dropping Coal and Surtling Cores, both of which are very important later in the game and for smelting.

Surtling Cores are required by Smelters and Charcoal Kilns, thus killing Surtlings for both Coal and Surtling Cores is a smart idea.

Coal is looted from the chest.

Throughout the game, you may come across chests that contain various types of treasure, including a certain quantity of Coal.

Coal in chests may offer a large quantity of coal that you may utilize later, but it is not always worth carrying if you are cultivating other things.

Food that has been overcooked

While this isn’t the greatest method to acquire Coal, you can get it if you prepare food and then forget to grab it when it’s done.

When you pick up the meal, it will make a sound that indicates it is ready to be taken up, but if you leave it for too long, it will get burned and drop Coal when recovered.

Also check out Valheim’s other farming tutorials.

How Do You Build a Charcoal Kiln?

You’ll need 20 Stone and 5 Surtling Cores to build a Charcoal Kiln, which may be rather expensive when you initially start off.

It is possible to switch between Charcoal Kilns and Smelters by destroying one and constructing the other, although not all resources are restored on rare instances.

Farming Surtling Cores and crafting the required buildings for melting is preferable, especially if you have a large number of them.

You may build a coal farm by constructing a storage space for all of your Charcoal Kilns and even constructing a coal slide by excavating or putting the appropriate structures to collect all of the coal in one location.

What Is The Best Way To Unlock A Charcoal Kiln?

To get the Charcoal Kiln, you’ll need to get a Surtling Core, which will give you the formula to make it.

The Charcoal Kiln may be put on land and does not need to be on a building, but it must be near a Workbench.

Surprising Places

Biome of the Swamp

When it comes to hunting Surtlings, the Swamp biome is your first stop, and you can simply farm them by killing them in huge quantities.

Digging around their spawn site in the Swamp biome, which causes them to die immediately as they come into touch with water, is a simple method to take out Surtlings.

Using their spawn position and the natural characteristics of the water in the Swamp biome, you may use their vulnerability to water to create an automated Coal mining site.

Biome of the Ashlands

The Ashlands biome will take some time to reach, and it is best explored with a Longboat, which will make sailing much simpler.

Once you’ve arrived in the Ashlands biome, you’ll be able to set up a Portal (be sure to do so before leaving) and travel large distances with ease.

The Most Effective Method of Obtaining Coal

Farming the Surtlings or hunting them in the Swamp or Ashland biomes is the best way to acquire coal or manufacture it.

Setting up Surtling traps is simple; all you need is a pickaxe to dig around and establish a place on damp ground where they will spawn, preferably one block above or below.

Coal Uses

Coal is mostly used to smelt copper, tin, iron, silver, black metal, and flametal, although more metals may be smelted in the future.

Coal may be used for a variety of things, including a few structures, smelting, making the Poison Resistance mead, and certain clothes.

Here are some recipes that you can make using coal:


Station for Crafting


  • Poison Resistance Mead base


  • Banner in black
  • Brazier that hangs
  • Sign

To keep the Hanging Brazier burning, you’ll need Coal, and you may fill it up to a maximum of 6 pieces.


Coal burns for 15 seconds whereas metal takes 31 seconds to burn, thus the coal to ore ratio is somewhat wrong.

This implies that 3 coal is required for a single piece of metal and 5 coal is required for two, thus it is better to store up on coal to just fill the Smelter.

It’s a fantastic idea to invest in a coal-farming region so you can quickly produce a big amount of coal while doing other things.

When it comes to advancement, coal is crucial since without it, you won’t be able to process the metal you’ll need to create better goods.

Valheim is a game where you have to get coal from the ground. There are many different ways to make charcoal and this article will show you how to make a charcoal kiln. Reference: how to make charcoal kiln.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find coal in Valheim?

If youre looking for coal in Valheim, I dont know where you would find it.

How do you farm coal in Valheim?

Coal can be found in the mines of Valheim. You must have a pickaxe to mine coal.

How do you get coal without a kiln Valheim?

You cant.

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