Valheim is a game that takes place in the world of Norse mythology. Players must battle their way through hordes of enemies, collect weapons and armor to survive, and fight for glory.

Valheim is a new company that has been making furniture for the past few years. They have made their name by creating high-quality, handcrafted wood products. Read more in detail here: valheim wood.

You’ll note that various types of trees grow in different biomes in Valheim; some of these trees are the Birch Tree and the Oak Tree.

When you chop down basic trees, you get wood, but when you cut down Birch and Oak trees, you get Fine Wood, which is a distinct, sturdier kind of wood.

When it comes to obtaining Fine Wood, you’ll either have to advance through the game or resort to utilizing specific game techniques.

Fine Wood is required for the construction of various buildings, particularly the Portal, which enables you to warp to other locations by connecting to another Portal. 

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How Do You Grow Fine Wood?

There are many methods to get Fine Wood, including chopping down either Birch or Oak trees, while others may use Valheim’s Collision to obtain Fine Wood sooner.

Later in the game, you may easily find a Fine Wood site for farming on the Plains, but in the early levels, you should stick to the Meadows.

Birch Trees are being chopped down.


Cutting down Birch Trees is difficult in the early game when you first arrive in Valheim, but there is a solution that we will discuss later.

To inflict damage to Brich Trees before chopping them down, you’ll need a Bronze Axe or an axe of a higher grade than Bronze.

After a Birch Tree has been felled, its logs may be broken into Wood and Fine Wood.

If you assault the Birch Tree with a weapon of a lower grade than Bronze, you will get a warning that it is too difficult.

Early in the game, you’ll mostly encounter Birch Trees in Meadows, but as you progress through the game and discover the Plains biome, you’ll find an abundance of them.

Birch Trees are distinguished by their white hue, which stands out among the other trees in the game.

Cutting Down Oak Trees


Oak Trees, like Birch Trees, produce Fine Wood, but they can only be felled with a Bronze Axe or a higher grade axe.

Oak trees provide a greater output of wood and fine wood, but they are somewhat more difficult to cut down, as shown by their look, which is tall and broad.

Oak trees may be found in both the Meadows and Plains, and their enormous size makes them easy to spot.

Collison is destroying birch and oak trees.

When a log or tree collides with a Birch Tree or Oak Tree, it causes damage to the tree, which may be used to shatter it.

You may down a Beech tree with any kind of axe, crash it with Birch or Oak trees, and even continuously push it till it breaks.

You may manufacture Fine Wood goods and buildings, such as the Portal, by using other trees to kill trees that produce Fine Wood.

Also check out Valheim’s other farming tutorials.

Skill in Wood Cutting

Because cutting down Birch or Oak trees is more difficult, it’s a good idea to brush up on your Wood Cutting skills from time to time.

When you require Fine Wood in Valheim, this will make it easier to kill the tougher kinds of trees and speed up your farming progress.

The collision technique does not provide experience, but it is an excellent way to get Fine Wood early in the game.

Uses for Fine Wood

Fine Wood recipes may be used in a variety of ways, and there are a lot of them, so it’s essential to stock up now.


  • Harpoon of the Abyss
  • Razor of the Abyss
  • BlackmetalAtgeir
  • BlackmetalAxe
  • BlackmetalKnife
  • BlackmetalSword
  • Dyrnwyn is a character in the game Dyrnwyn (Not Yet Craftable)
  • FinewoodBow
  • Bow of the Huntsman
  • Porcupine


  • Shield with Bands
  • Shield of Black Metal
  • Tower Shield in Black Metal
  • Shield of the Iron Tower
  • Shield of Serpent Scales
  • Shield of Silver


  • Odin’s Mead Horn (For Early Supporters)
  • Tankard

Stations for Crafting

Upgrades for Crafting

  • Adze
  • Cooler for the Forge
  • Shelf for Tools

Processing of Items


  • Bench
  • The Star-Spangled Banner
  • The Blue Banner is a symbol of peace.
  • Bonfire
  • Chair
  • Bed of the Dragon
  • Banner of the Green
  • Item Display (horizontal)
  • Item Display (vertical)
  • Personal Safe Deposit Box
  • Portal
  • Throne of Ravens
  • The Star Spangled Banner
  • Chest Reinforcement
  • Stool
  • Table
  • Ward
  • Striped White and Red Banner
  • Adornment for a Wood Dragon


Tree Planting

Unfortunately, there are no seeds for Birch and Oak trees right now, so you’ll have to make due with what you have.

To acquire the resource, you’ll eventually need to travel further and discover more Fine Wood trees, but the areas are vast and there’s enough to get, which is made simple using Portals.

Trees are supposed to grow back if you leave their stumps after a long period in game, but this takes too much time, and it’s preferable to go outside in quest of Fine Wood.


Fine Wood is a valuable resource in Valheim, with many applications, particularly in the creation of weapons and armor.

Fine Wood is required for portals and other buildings, thus having a large supply when you need to build is critical.

While Fine Wood may be used to make Coal from Charcoal Kilns, it is preferable to preserve it and use regular wood instead to save money for other things.

Another method to obtain Fine Wood is to attract a Troll near a Birch or Oak Tree and have it attack you while you evade, allowing the Troll to demolish the tree and logs and drop wood.

Valheim is a company that specializes in providing high quality birch seeds. Their seeds are used to make furniture and other things. Reference: valheim birch seeds.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get fine wood Valheim without a bronze AXE?

You need to use the bronze AXE to cut down trees, then you can collect the wood.

How do you get fine wood in the Black Forest?

The Black Forest is a forest in Germany. Its home to a variety of trees, including the European Beech and the European Spruce.

How do you get fine wood and core wood?

Fine wood is obtained by cutting down trees, while core wood can be found in some logs.

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