Valheim is a game where you summon and fight the Elder. The Elder has been summoned before, but it’s never defeated. You have one chance to defeat the Elder, so what are you waiting for?

The valheim how to summon eikthyr is an article that explains the process of summoning and defeating the Elder in Valheim.

The Elder is Valheim’s second boss, appearing as a huge monster in the form of a humanoid with bark-like skin.

After defeating The Elder, you’ll be able to go farther in the game, with your next adventure taking you to the Swamp biome.

You may confront The Elder after you’ve gathered its summoning materials and sacrificed them at the ancient bowl’s sacrificial altar.

Location of the Elder AltarVALTEB029-2

You won’t know the Elder Location for a boss battle until you encounter Vegvisir, who can be found in the Burial Grounds dungeons.

You may have to look for it in more than one dungeon since not all of them have it, so finding it on your first attempt is a fortunate break.

Simply interact with the Vegvisir after you’ve found it, and The Elder’s position will be noted on your map.

What is the best way to summon The Elder?VALTEB029-3

After you’ve engaged with its Vegvisir, go to the altar location indicated on your map to summon The Elder.

To summon The Elder, you’ll need to collect three Ancient Seeds, which you’ll utilize at the ancient bowl nearby.

To call the ancient bowl, the Elder sacrificial items, also known as The Elder offerings, may be put in it.

Put the Ancient Seeds in one of your item slots and utilize them when you’re in front of the ancient bowl.

Taking Down The ElderVALTEB029-4

When fighting The Elder alone, it may be difficult since you may find Greydwarfs nearby owing to natural spawning or a nearby Greydwarf Nest.

It’s a good idea to inspect and clean the area before beginning the battle to ensure that nothing will get in the way of you and The Elder.

The Elder can reach you even from a safe distance by spreading its roots from its arms to deal with numerous instances of harm, however this may be prevented by hiding behind things like pillars.

Make frequent transitions from one cover to the next, as The Elder may sprout numerous roots from the ground that attack you if you get within range.

When you get near to The Elder, it will try to stomp on the ground, which will do damage in the area surrounding it.

Weakness of the Elders

You may have already been exposed to Fire Arrows at this stage in the game, and they are an excellent option for ranged assaults.

The Elder may be easily taken down by maintaining your distance and using cover, since the fire damage will prevent healing and let you sustain DPS.

What Is the Best Way to Get Ancient Seed?VALTEB029-5

You’ll need Ancient Seeds before calling The Elder for a battle, which you may acquire by killing Greydwarfs or destroying a Greydwarf Nest.

You’ll need to go to the Black Forest to locate Greydwarf Nests, where you’ll uncover a weird magical building formed of roots that exudes a purple essence.

You may acquire an Ancient Seed by destroying the Greydwarf Nest, but beware of the Greydwarfs that spawn from it on a regular basis.

Drops of the Elder

When you kill the Elder, you’ll get The Elder Trophy as well as two Swamp Keys, which you may use to harvest Iron in Sunken Crypts (Swamp dungeons).

To unleash The Elder’s abandoned power, put The Elder Trophy in the shrines where you first began off.

The Greatest PowerVALTEB029-6

You may place The Elder’s trophy on its appropriate shrine and activate its Forsaken Power after it has been vanquished.

When cutting trees with an axe with the Elder Forsaken Power, you may inflict greater damage to them, making it simpler to harvest wood or kill trees.


If you are not prepared, the Elder may be very difficult, and given the poor armor rating of most of the beginning equipment you have, it can inflict a significant amount of damage to you.

When it produces roots to attack you, it’s better to maintain your distance and move out of the path, but seek shelter to escape its longer-ranged strikes.

Staying as far away as possible and kiting it while releasing Fire Arrows until its health is down is a smart strategy.

Valheim is a game that has been released in the past. The game allows you to summon and defeat various bosses in order to reach the final boss. Reference: valheim bosses wiki.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you summon bosses in Valheim?

To summon a boss, you must have the key to their prison. There are many keys in the game, but theyre all scattered throughout different levels. In order to find them, you will need to explore each level thoroughly and look for clues that point towards their location.

How do you summon the first boss in Valheim?

To summon the first boss, you must complete the game.

What do I need to summon the elder Valheim?

You need to have a certain level of strength and skill in order to summon the elder Valheim.

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