With the release of Valheim, a new fantasy game coming out soon, we have put together an inventory management guide.

The valheim inventory editor is a guide that provides an overview of the Valheim Inventory Management System.

In Valheim, your inventory is crucial, and you must ensure that everything is in its proper location so that you do not have to scrounge about searching for items.

Managing your inventory may be simplified if you understand how to transfer, divide, and store goods for later use.

When it comes to inventory management, there are a few pointers to keep in mind, and the majority of them will make your life much simpler.

Stacks of Inventory

Objects stack differently depending on the kind of item; for example, some items stack 20 times while others stack 50 times.

You may utilize this to conserve inventory space by putting the item on a similar item type to fill the stack instead of simply storing it in your inventory.

When you pick up things, it’s possible that you’ll wind up with two distinct stacks in your inventory, which is why, if you’re running short on space, you should always double-check.

What Is The Best Way To Split Item Stacks?VALIMG021-2

Let’s suppose you want to make something, but you don’t want to bring the whole stack because you need to go out or you can’t handle the weight.

By holding the SHIFT key and clicking on the object you wish to break a stack from, you can simply separate stacks.

A slider will display, allowing you to choose how much of that item type you wish and then click okay to keep it in your inventory, chest, or another slot.

Putting Storage Chests to Use

Chests are essential, and given the amount of things in the game, you’ll need a lot of them, so it’s a good idea to start collecting them once you’ve finished constructing your house.

You can keep chests at a place that you can return to later if you’re on the move, but it’s still a good idea to maintain a primary base for crafting and advancing in the game.

You may construct a variety of chests to keep your goods. These are the chests you can make:

  • sternum (10 slots)
  • Chest Reinforcement (18 slots)
  • Personal Safe Deposit Box (6 slots and only accessible by owner)

What Is The Best Way To Transfer Items Quickly?

Instead of clicking and dragging an item to a different slot or chest, you may just hold CTRL and click on the object you wish to move.

When you use this technique to transfer things, the item will be moved from your inventory to the storage of the other object, or vice versa.

Holding CTRL and clicking on an item while not accessing any storage object will cause the thing to be thrown away quickly.

Weight Limit for Inventory

Your character may only carry 350 pounds of weight at a time, which can be increased later by purchasing and wearing the Meginjord, a magical belt.

This will enable you to carry up to 450 pounds, however even with this, you will sometimes find yourself carrying a lot of weight.

If you’re farming, it’s critical to keep an eye on your inventory weight since you may not be able to get all you need owing to the restriction.

By calculating the weight of your inventory, you may choose which things to throw or put aside so that you can collect the more essential objects on the ground.


Size of Inventory

Your character may carry a total of 32 items, including eight on equipment slots and twenty-four in inventory spaces.

You may carry several things in your inventory, and there is presently no way to expand your inventory via goods or improvements.

You may, however, raise your character’s weight limit by purchasing the Meginjord belt from Merchant Haldor.


You may manage your inventory in a variety of ways, and you can store your goods in a variety of ways.

A cart is also useful for transporting things and hauling resources from one location to another.

Stacking chests saves room in your base, plus it makes it much easier to retrieve things when they are all lined up, clean, and tidy.

Valheim is a new, open-source game that has been created by the team at GameDev. The game has a unique inventory management system and it’s your job to make sure you’re not running out of resources. Reference: valheim hotkeys.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use inventory items in Valheim?

The inventory is a menu that allows players to equip and use items. You can also sell and buy items in the game.

How do you pull up inventory in Valheim?

To pull up the inventory in Valheim, you should press the L button on your controller.

Can you increase inventory in Valheim?

Yes, you can increase your inventory in Valheim.

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