Valheim is a game where you can get entrails and farm them. The game has an in-game economy that allows players to trade their goods for other items, like the ability to buy more farms.

Valheim is a game that allows players to get entrails and other items. The valheim entrails recipe will show you how to farm these items, which can be used for crafting.

Entrails are perhaps one of the most revolting things you’ll discover in Valheim, and think how awful it would be to have them in your possession.

It gets stranger when you find out that Entrails are an ingredient in one of the game’s mid-to-late-game food items, ugh!

Anything goes in Valheim, and as a Viking, you must do whatever it takes to live, even if it includes eating your opponents’ corpses.

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Where Can I Find Entrails?VALENF059-2

Draugr and Elite Draugr, adversaries found wandering the Swamp and ancient Draugr Villages surrounding the biome, drop entrails.

When a Draugr is slain, it drops one Entrails, whereas Elite Draugrs drop two, and this number grows as levels are gained.

These foes can only be found in the Swamp biome, although they may stray off into other areas, so be cautious while approaching.

How Do You Grow Entrails?

While there are plenty of Draugr to farm in Valheim if you go into the Swamp biome, there are more effective methods to harvest Entrails.

Body Piles for Camping


Body Piles may be found in certain areas of the Swamp biome, and they will produce Draugr or Elite Draugr on a regular basis.

You may camp near them and kill them one by one when they spawn, but you better be prepared since the next one respawns in a short period of time.

When two Body Piles are found close one other, it’s simple to harvest Entrails from the foes that spawn.

When battling Draugr near Body Piles, be cautious since destroying them will force them to cease reproducing.

Outpost in the Swamp


For a suitable Entrails farm site that you can return to, you may build up a small outpost or perhaps a base within or near the Swamp.

It is preferable to construct your outpost as close as possible to the Swamp to avoid the sky darkening and obstructing your view.

Draugr may sometimes stroll around, and you can even entice them to your outpost for better shots or to farm them close to your outpost.

Sharp Stakes placed about your outpost or in strategic locations can slow down or possibly kill incoming attackers.

Also check out Valheim’s other farming tutorials.

How Do You Easily Kill Draugrs?

Silver is a weakness for Draugr because it causes Spirit Damage, which causes the undead to take more damage and burn with a blueish flame over time.

When you use a shield to deflect Draugr strikes, they will take twice as much damage, enabling you to quickly kill them.

It’s essential to maintain a safe distance from numerous Draugr, particularly the elite ones, since their damage and knockback may quickly overwhelm players.

Uses of Entrails

There is just one Entrails dish at the moment: Sausages, which is a little revolting, but the food buff is excellent enough to make you forget about the ingredient.

Sausages are a significant improvement over Cooked Meat and Grilled Neck Tails since they offer a meal buff that lasts 1600 seconds and grants 60 health, 40 stamina, and 3 health each tick.

Sausages may be made in a Cauldron using 2x Entrails, 1x Raw Meat, and 4 Thistle per craft, for a total of 4 Sausages.


Entrails aren’t difficult to come by, and if you have an outpost in or near the Swamp biome, you can acquire a lot of them.

Sausages are a wonderful source of extra health and stamina, and they may be crucial to your survival in Valheim’s mid to late game.

You can easily harvest the components for Sausages in the Black Forest (Thistle and Raw Meat), and it’s one of the simplest meals to create when combined with Entrail farming.

Valheim is a game that takes place in an ancient forest. Players must collect the bark of trees to create armor and weaponry for their character. The valheim ancient bark can be found by searching for it on the market board.

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