Valheim Wolf Taming is a game that allows players to tame and train wolves. It has been described as the “world’s first blockchain-based multiplayer online game,” and it will be released in Q2 of 2019.

Valheim is a game where you can tame wolves. The game has no time limit, so it is possible to tame the wolf for hours on end.

Wolves are among of Valheim’s most beautiful but dangerous animals, and possessing one would offer you with a number of advantages.

These adaptable animals move quickly, inflict lethal damage, and can take out even the most powerful foes.

Most players will find taming a wolf difficult, but with the proper technique and expertise, you can train these animals to be loyal and fight with you.

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What Can You Do If You Have Wolf?

The ability to fight against and kill other animals in Valheim is one of the numerous advantages of taming a wolf for players.

A Wolf has a strong bite and is fast enough to hunt down and kill every opponent it sees.

Players that have tamed a Wolf will be able to communicate with them, which will cause the Wolf to follow them around.

You may breed your Wolfs to expand their number in your house or stronghold if you have more than one.

When your house is attacked, wolves are an excellent defense since they can swarm and kill attackers in a matter of seconds.

You may also utilize wolves as livestock if you have at least two remaining after you kill them for their resources.

Also read Valheim’s other taming tutorials.

In Valheim, how can you tame Wolf?1631476837_280_Valheim-Wolf-Taming

To tame a Wolf, you must give it raw meat or sausages while remaining undiscovered so that the Wolf is not aggroed.

A Wolf that isn’t aware of your presence or has ceased being hostile towards you will try to consume any taming foods that are nearby.

To feed the Wolf, just toss the food item on the ground and wait for it to devour it.

The Wolf’s condition will shift from ravenous to acclimating after the first meal, and a Tameness % will be shown afterwards.

Your Wolf will be tamed after it has reached 100% tameness and will now be devoted to you and your friends.

Wolves will currently only feed during the day or night, depending on when they were produced or enticed, and the taming process will be put on hold until that time of day returns.

How Do You Build a Wolf Trap?

There are many methods for capturing and taming a Wolf, but these two are the most effective.

It will be necessary to maintain stealth, and you must avoid being discovered after it has been caught, otherwise the taming process will be halted, and it may even attack and destroy your trap.

Trap with Stakewalls


The Stakewall Trap is simple to construct; all you need is a 22 or 33-foot wall with one wall replaced with a door.

When the Wolf starts after you, go inside the Stakewall Trap and ready to deflect the Wolf’s attack.

When you parry the Wolf, it will be dazed for a brief time, allowing you to rush out and close the door.

It’s preferable to leave meat inside the trap before luring a Wolf inside, since if you toss it over the entrance, it may get hostile.

Once the Wolf has been imprisoned within, remain concealed behind the stake wall and creep if you are close to avoid the Wolf detecting you.

If the Wolf tries to demolish your Stakewalls, fix them with your hammer instead than rushing about, since this will alert the Wolf.

Pit Trap


The Pit Trap is designed to keep the Wolf from breaking out of the most of the sides, leaving just a door or gate for you to shut and open.

Dig two or three blocks down and create a square or rectangle (any other shape would do) with a passage for the Wolf to enter.

Place a door and open it before going out to locate a Wolf and entice it into the trap (leave meat behind so you don’t have to discard it afterwards).

Once the Wolf is caught in the trap, you may either parry its attack to paralyze it or just escape out and close the gate or door behind you.

From above, you can have an excellent view of the Wolf, but it may be essential to build at least a half-wall to keep it from seeing you.

Wolf Food

Wolves now only eat Raw Meat and Sausages, however since they both appear to have the same taming rate, Raw Meat is the best option.

You may toss several stacks of Raw Meat or Sausages at the Wolf and wait for him to devour them one by one until he is tamed.

Wolves may be fed the following:

Location of Wolf Spawn

Wolves spawn in the Mountains biome, typically deeper inside it or on the side of one of the biome’s mountains.

Earlier in the game, you may tame Wolves by rushing to the Mountains biome and luring a Wolf to a nearby trap.

Wolf Despawn occurs as the time of day changes, which implies that if you leave a Wolf in a trap, it may despawn after a period, necessitating your presence to tame it.

Drops of Wolf

A Wolf, like other Valheim animals, will drop things by chance and may also have guaranteed drops.

Wolves drop the following items:


Level 1 Level 2

Level 3

Raw Meat

1 (40%) 2 (80%) 4 (100%)
Wolf Fang 1 (40%) 2 (80%)

4 (100%)

Wolf Pelt

1 (100%) 2 (100%) 4 (100%)
Trophy for the Wolf 1 (10%) 1 (10%)

1 (10%)

Level of the WolfVALWOT053-5

The greater the Wolf’s level, the bigger it will be and the more crimson its fur will be, making it seem scarier than its lesser siblings.

Each of the Wolf’s levels provides a boost in both health and damage, resulting in the following stats:

Wolf Statistics

Level 1 Level 2

Level 3

Health of the Wolf

80 160 240
Damage caused by wolves a hundred (Slash) 105 words (Slash)

140 characters (Slash)

Although there seems to be no Wolf vulnerability in Valheim, they are readily slain after a parry since they take so long to recover.

What Is The Best Way To Breed Wolves?1631476840_268_Valheim-Wolf-Taming

When you have two or more domesticated Wolves, you may begin breeding them, and Wolves of various levels can mate with each other.

To breed Wolves, just feed both of them, and they will mate if they remain close enough together.

Making a pen and tossing a stack of Raw Meat or Sausages into it is an excellent method to get Wolves to reproduce while you’re gone.

If you want Wolves to breed, you can only have a specific amount in a certain space, and the bigger the pen, the more breeding will occur.

A Wolf Cub is born after two Wolves mate and begins to develop into a fully grown Wolf, maintaining the level of its parents.

When you breed Wolves of various levels, the Wolf Cub will inherit a random level from one of its parents.

Wolves will breed even if they are following you, and if you don’t have a breeding enclosure, you may use this to your advantage to keep them from straying.


Wolves inflict slash damage, which does additional damage to opponents that are vulnerable to it, and this damage increases with each level.

Simply Wolves will follow you at the moment, while the other tameable animals in the game will only roam about.

When you’re busy or away from the computer, wolves make excellent travel companions and can assist protect your base.

Because they will not feed at their opposite time of day, taming a Wolf takes approximately 3 in-game days.

Always breed your Wolves before releasing them, otherwise you’ll lose them forever, and while taming, don’t go too far or they’ll despawn.

There is no Wolf portal moving, and it will be left behind on the other side rather than accompanying you to your goal.

Wolf armor, including the Wolf Cape, may be made from materials gathered from wolves.

The valheim wolves weakness is a new game that has been released on the App Store. It’s a farming game where you must raise your own herd of valhems and feed them to make them stronger.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you tame wolves in Valheim?

You need to kill a lot of wolves.

How long does it take to tame wolf in Valheim?

It takes about 1 hour to tame a wolf in Valheim.

Do tamed wolves follow you Valheim?

Yes, they do.

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