Valheim is a location in the game “The Elder Scrolls Online”. As part of the Ebonheart Pact, it has been invaded by Daedra and this guide will help you defeat them.

The valheim yagluth weakness is a guide that contains information on how to defeat valheim yagluth.

After Moder, Yagluth is the sixth monster you’ll encounter in Valheim as you advance. The Yagluth battle takes place in the Plains biome.

As soon as you discover the Plains biome and go to Fuling encampments to collect Fuling Totems, you may begin preparing for a battle with Yagluth.

To effectively prepare up for the battle, it is suggested that you face Yagluth as the fifth boss after defeating the preceding monsters.

Yagluth may be more difficult than the previous bosses, but you can battle him alone, and it’s lot easier when you’re in a group.

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Location of the Yagluth AltarVALYBG094-2

Yagluth’s location runestone may be discovered in an open field, unlike other Vegvisirs, which are found in dungeons or abandoned structures.

All you have to do is search the Plains for a burial tomb that resembles a viking grave surrounded by rocks creating a circle.

As you walk by, you’ll notice the Vegvisir since it’s right next to the grave, in plain sight. You’ll discover the location of the Yagluth boss after dealing with the Vegvisir.

What is the best way to summon Yagluth?VALYBG094-3

Gather five Fuling Totems and bring them to the Mystical Altar, which is revealed by the Yagluth Vegvisir, or discover it randomly in the Plains biome to summon Yagluth.

A circular altar in the middle of huge pillars that seem to be bending towards the center, like a gigantic hand, distinguishes the Mystical Altar.

After you’ve located the Mystical Altar, interact with the five spaces to install the Fuling Totems, then activate the altar to summon Yagluth.

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How to Acquire Fulfilling TotemsVALYBG094-4

In the Plains biome, Fuling Totems may be found in Fuling buildings or their bigger villages spread throughout the region.

There will be occasions when there are no totems in a place, in which case you must explore other Plains biomes.

You’ll need five totals in total, and you should be wary of any nearby opponents, since Fulings may be lethal.

Taking down YagluthVALYBG094-5

It’s almost difficult to avoid being burnt by this monster, who will burn you if you approach too close or strike it with melee weapons.

Because all of its powers inflict burning, the only way to prevent it is to use a bow and maintain a safe distance, which may take a long time.

As he smashes his fist into the ground, Yagluth’s fist glows red, causing meteors to fall from the sky, inflicting damage on contact and burning you over time.

Yagluth also has a breath of fire attack, which blasts a torrent of fire in one direction that you may avoid by running.

Both of these assaults may be avoided by fleeing in the opposite direction from your previous location.

When you approach too near to Yagluth, he will lift his fist, which will glow with a blue aura, and smash the ground, injuring you and setting you on fire.

With high health and a Fire Resistance Barley Wine buff, you can easily absorb this, or you may flee as soon as he begins attacking.

Weakness of Yagluth

Yagluth is undead and will suffer damage over time if Silver weapons are employed against it; nevertheless, sticking to Blackmetal may inflict greater harm in the long run.

With a Draugr Fang equipped with Frost Arrows, you can inflict a lot of damage, but you won’t be able to slow Yagluth down much.

To deal the greatest damage, stay with Silver or Black Metal weapons, and wear at least a Wolf Armor Set or the Padded Armor Set for greater durability.

Yagluth SuggestionsVALYBG094-6

Yagluth is sluggish, but its strikes may be deadly, and they all inflict burn damage, thus gaining resistance to it is crucial.

To acquire fire resistance, you’ll need to brew Fire Resistance Barley Wine, which will protect you from most fire damage.

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Yagluth is a big guy that has a hard time moving around, so you can easily outmaneuver him and take advantage of the space surrounding you.

Medium Healing Mead, Fire Resistance Barley Wine, max-leveled gear, and high health buff meals are an excellent strategy.

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Either you put on your best gear and confront Yagluth head-on, or you maintain your distance and use Frost Arrows to take it out.

Drops of Yagluth

After beating Yagluth, it drops the Yagluth Trophy and 3x Yagluth Thing, both of which are presently useless.

Although the Yagluth Thing may be required in future upgrades, the Yagluth Trophy may be placed on its appropriate altar from the start.

Yagluth StrengthVALYBG094-7

Yagluth’s Forsaken Power grants resistance to several kinds of magical (elemental) damage to your character.

This has a cooldown of 20 minutes and lowers the amount of damage you receive from fire, lightning, and ice attacks for 5 minutes.


Because of its long-range assaults and devastating close-range burning powers, Yagluth is one of the most difficult bosses to fight.

However, you may easily outwit this monster by using the pillars to shield yourself from the meteors and kite the Yagluth.

A barrage of Frost Arrows and a Draugr Fang may be devastating, but melee strikes can quickly dispatch this monster.

To fight Yagluth, you must first prepare, and you must also be aware of your surroundings, since there may be Fulings and Deathsquitos around.

The yagluth’s mystical altar. is a location in Valheim. It has been the site of many fierce battles and is said to be the resting place of a powerful being.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you summon the last boss in Valheim?

The last boss is not summoned anywhere in Valheim.

How do you summon and defeat Yagluth?

You need to find the four keys that are hidden in each of the worlds. Once you have found all four, you can go to Yagluths lair and defeat him.

Where can I find Yagluth in Valheim?

Yagluth is a boss in Valheim, the final level of the game.

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