The 25.6.0 update for Warframe brings a new way to customize your character with the addition of Augment Mods. These powerful mods are unlocked by completing missions or trading in Platinum, and can be equipped on any Warframe once they have been purchased.

Another update has arrived, with DE adding a new function and making a few tweaks to the augments.

Augments, for those who are unfamiliar, are unique modifications that were initially bought from Syndicates for the purpose of standing.

These modifications change the way some abilities work and let you use them differently based on your build and playstyle.

Additions Right Now When you have all of the information you need, show it.


Above is a picture of Frost Prime with no Snow Globe augment; this is normal and how it should be.

Previously, if we added an augment, it would just stay the same and display this information, but DE has altered this and made everything more informative and user pleasant.


The picture above is what the Chilling Globe augment appears like once it has been placed, including the extra effects as well as the stats.

Previously, when we needed to equip an augment, we had to depend on knowledge from others or what we learned by trying them out.

In the modding screen, DE has made it possible for us to see the impacts of augments to abilities right away, making it simpler for us to create our builds and comprehend the effects of the augment mods.

 Rework Enhancement

Some augments have been reworked and may vary from how they were before in an effort to balance things out.

These are mainly excellent upgrades, and they may be able to help you go back to that build you’ve always wanted but have been putting off owing to its lack of utility.

The reworks discussed in this update are as follows:

Saryn Contagion Cloud – Toxic Lash Augment


  • When an opponent is slain by damage over time effects, allow the boost to activate.
  • Increased range and damage in general

Sleight of Hand Augment – Mirage – Explosive Legerdemain


  • When activated, increase the damage and status probability.

Excalibur – Furious Javelin – Radial Javelin Augment


  • Increase the buff’s duration and damage.

Oberon – Hallowed Eruption – Oberon – Oberon – Oberon – Oberon – Oberon – Oberon – Oberon –


  • Additional passive ability that increases the duration of Hallowed Ground by 100%.
  • When detonating, always apply the radiation status.

Valkyr’s Hysterical Assault – Hysteria Augment


  • When attempting to avoid being downed, let invulnerability linger for half a second.
  • in high-damage regions as soon as possible
  • Range Expansion

Mag – Magnetized Discharge – Mag – Mag – Mag – Mag – Mag – Mag – Mag – Mag –


  • Include a passive bonus that boosts this Ability’s power range alone.

Mesa – Muzzle Flash – Shooting Gallery Augment


  • When the threshold is reached for kills made by a player (self or ally) with Shooting Gallery enabled, create a blinding AoE.

Ivara – Navigator Augment – Piercing Navigator 


  • Projectile now has a 3m punch through.

Roar Augment – Piercing Roar – Rhino


  • When Roar is equipped, allow it to be recast.
  • Increase the length of the debuff depending on the mods you have equipped.
  • When the Roar strikes, give opponents a stagger effect.

– Ash – Rising Storm – Blade Storm Augment


  • The combo counter will be raised by clone attacks.
  • Include a passive bonus that increases the length of the combo counter.

Volt – Shock Trooper – Shock Augment 


  • Holding down the casting button will send forth a wave (akin to comparable, expanding Warframe Abilities) that will provide the elemental benefit to any player it comes into contact with, including the caster.

Smoke Screen Augment – Ash – Smoke Shadow


Banshee – Sonic Fracture – Sonic Boom Augment 


  • Even if Ragdoll fails, Armor Reduction is performed.

Zephyr – Target Fixation – Tail Wind Augment


  • Instead of instantly removing the buff, it will be removed after 2 seconds of being on the ground.
  • Increased damage per target hit

Hydroid Impunity – Tidal Surge – Tidal Impunity


  • Increase the immunity buff’s duration.

Rumblers Augment – Atlas Titanic Rumbler


  • Damage and speed are both increased.
  • The taunt will be activated as well as a knockout effect if you re-trigger the power.

Eclipse Augment – Mirage – Total Eclipse


  • Increase the buff’s range to other players.

Volt Volt Volt Volt Volt Volt Volt Volt Volt Volt Volt Volt Volt Volt Volt Volt Volt Volt Volt Vol


  • When a shield is picked up by another player, there is no extra energy loss.
  • Increase the percentage of damage conversion.

Other augments have been mentioned, but these are the only ones that have been detailed thus far.



The new Loadout Screens, which are now much better looking and more configurable, are another nice addition to the update.

Those who do not utilize them should be aware of this, since you can simply create loadouts for Warframes and the equipment they contain, saving you a lot of time rather than constantly changing your equipment.

They also enable you to create unique icons by choosing from any of your existing glyphs, which is a nice touch.

DE is definitely outdoing themselves in terms of making everything more user-friendly and attractive.

Fixes not listed above

Furthermore, regardless matter how large or little the update is, additional repairs have been made to the game, making it considerably better.

[DE] has provided a list of the fixes that have been made in the update. Rebecca


  • If the player is in the middle of a Slide and then launches the Archwing while still holding Slide, the player will no longer be able to run.
  • Nyx’s Hecaton Shotgun skin now has no collision problems.
  • Issues with Ephemeras not vanishing after the wearer is gone have been resolved (i.e in and out of Operator).
  • On the Spore Ephemera, an FX leak was fixed.
  • Grineer Shipyards Defense had a bug where Ancients might become trapped.
  • Fixed Lega and Klamora Prisms display Ammo in an ineffective manner. Build a bug test.
  • Captura camera would play even when it wasn’t in free-cam mode, creating strange blur problems.
  • When Hallowed Eruption is detonated, there is now a sound effect.

Micro Adjustments 

  • Several scripts in the game have been improved.

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