Warframe is a third person shooter that has been around for nearly 10 years, and in the last few years it has evolved into a free-to-play game with microtransactions. This weapon guide will show you how to get the best dagger in 2021.

The warframe sheev any good is a question that has been asked for years. There are many different opinions on the matter, but in my opinion, the best dagger in Warframe is the Sheev.

Daggers hasn’t seen much combat in Warframe compared to other weapons. Due to their low basic damage and the availability of much more powerful weapons, users often overlook them.

I, for one, like using a dagger or two from time to time, not only for the assassin-like appearance, but also for the advantages that certain daggers may provide in missions.

Those that utilize daggers know what can be done with them, particularly with a well-thought-out build.

The daggers in Warframe, when utilized and modified properly, may surprise you in ways you never expected.

The following are the top ten daggers in Warframe:

Rakta Dark Dagger is the first in the series of Rakta Dark Daggers.

The Rakta Dark Dagger, a particular favorite of mine, is the Rakta Variant of the Dark Dagger, which can be bought from Red Veil for standing.

The Rakta Dark Dagger has the unique ability to make its wielder less visible to opponents by reducing their eyesight, allowing for a more stealthy approach when needed in-game.

Another one-of-a-kind feature of this amazing dagger is its capacity to give shields and overshield while hitting an opponent with the radiation status effect.

That means the more shields you have each hit and every opponent hit, the better!

Imagine being able to deliver extremely rapid blows while rushing opponents and instead of suffering damage, boosting your shields. That’s exactly what this dagger can accomplish.

The Rakta Dark Dagger specializes in dealing radiation damage and has a lightning-quick strike speed.


2) Karyst


The Karyst is a valuable weapon since it has toxin as an inherent elemental damage, allowing it to have greater elemental damage and a potential combo.

It has the same amount of damage as Rakta Dark Dagger, but its element is poison.

With a respectable critical and status chance, as well as its speed, this weapon should be very effective in the hands of anybody.


3) Dagger of the Dark


The Dark Dagger is a normal dagger with somewhat lower numbers than its cousin, but it still has some good stats.

Depending on the kind of opponent you’re facing, the radiation damage alone may be a significant advantage, plus the weapon’s basic attack speed allows for several strikes, which means more opportunities to inflict critical or status effects.

This weapon only delivers radiation damage, making it ideal for inflicting status effects on opponents while also allowing critical builds to be used.


4) Dagger of Heat


The heat dagger derives its name from its unique passive, which is that instead of a regular slam strike, its slam attack produces a burst of flames surrounding the user.

This causes opponents to burn and suffer damage over time by dealing heat damage.

The Heat Dagger delivers a fair amount of damage for a dagger, and when combined with its special strike, it may be extremely situational in certain missions.WBDR-8

5) Okina


This pair of daggers is ideal for people who like quick strikes, since it has a rapid attack speed and a good quantity of puncture and slash damage.

Despite its low critical chance, this weapon has excellent capabilities owing to its base attack speed, which almost ensures a significant amount of critical damage.

This weapon has a modest amount of status chance and, when modified with elemental damage, may be very helpful.


6) Prime Minister Fang


The Fang Prime is a more traditional-looking pair of daggers that delivers a lot of puncture damage and has a lot of spin attack damage.

This is the game’s sole Prime dagger type weapon at the moment.

Despite its low critical chance, the Fang Prime may quickly build up a combo meter and profit from critical modifications because to its high attack speed.


7) Daggers of Ether


The Ether Daggers are a set of daggers that mimic the Ether Sword and may be obtained either completing the Stolen Dreams quest or purchasing them from Nakak.

This pair of weapons features a high damage spin attack that may be used by many builds in addition to a good basic slash damage.

Ether Daggers primarily delivers slash damage with some impact and pierce damage thrown in for good measure.


8) Dagger in Ceramic


Many gamers desired to get their hands on this dagger because of its fast attack speed, but few people realize that when this weapon is worn, it has an additional function.

A fourth blow from the Ceramic Dagger during lunging attacks causes the user to rush forward, dealing bleed damage to opponents.

The user starts a stealth kill if the dash lands against an unalarmed opponent.


9) Sheev


One of the most difficult daggers to acquire, presumably owing to scarcity more than difficulty of acquisition.

Before you can even see this weapon in your conversation links, you must first construct it using all of its many components.

Despite its sluggish attack speed, the Sheev has a high status chance that may be extremely useful when modified properly.

Sheev’s slam attacks, like the Heat Dagger’s, result in a fire explosion.


10) Fang


The Fang, while being one of the less often utilized weapons due to its weaker version from Fang Prime and lack of unique abilities, may still be used when modified.

Fang may be an excellent starting weapon for individuals with few options, since it has a good attack speed and moderate damage.


Take a look at all of the weapon builds here.


Now, I realize that many people would disagree that daggers may be helpful, but that is wrong.

First and foremost, we have several daggers with unique modifications, one of which is the Covert Lethality modification, which allows any finisher strike to immediately kill an opponent.

This works with both unalarmed opponents and those you shock, burn, or put to sleep, among other things.

There’s more to it than just one easy mod, and it’ll be worth your time to try them all out.

The warframe best zaw dagger is a blade that has been in the game for a long time. It has a high damage and status chance, as well as an ability to heal you when you kill enemies with it.

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