This article will introduce you to the basics of Warframe Chat Commands. These are commands that can be used in-game, and they allow players to interact with each other through text chat.

Warframe is a third-person shooter game that allows users to build their own character. The warframe commands are the commands that players use in order to control their characters.

Communication is crucial in most games, whether you’re speaking with your team, searching for something to trade, or just asking questions.

The in-game chat window enables you to accomplish all of the above, although it may be annoying at times to have to scroll around to find out where to write and who can read your messages.

Here’s a short rundown of Warframe’s chat commands to help you figure out what they do and how you may utilize them.

Commands in the Chat Room

The chat commands are simple to use; here are some quick explanations. Remember that the words within the parenthesis ( and ) are what you put in.

Commands in the Chat Room Functions
(g) (optional message) This will switch to the global chat, and adding an optional message will send it there as well.
/a (optional message) Typing /c will switch you to clan change mode, and typing a message after it will send it immediately.
ss (optional message) This switches to squad chat, and all further messages will be sent to the squad immediately.
/r/ (optional message) Using this will convert you to relay chat, and adding a message after /r will immediately transmit the message, making it visible to everyone in that relay or instance.
/e (optional message) This switches the conversation to council mode, and any messages typed following /d will be transmitted automatically.
(User) /w (optional message) To send a message to a specific player, enter /w followed by their username to enable whispering, and if you input a message after the name, it will send a message straight away.
/i (user) If you use this, the user will be ignored and will be unable to contact or invite you.
/t When you type /t in the chat box and click send message, you’ll be sent to the next tab in the conversation box.
/friend “(message)” (user) Using this command allows you to rapidly add a buddy by just entering the above, filling in their username, and optionally adding a message.
/removefriend (user) Use this to delete undesirable people from your friend list invisibly.
/modd/ (message) This chat command may be used by those who have authorization or a high rank in their clan to establish the message of the day.
/invitation (user) You may use this command to rapidly invite someone to your session instead of right-clicking on their name or looking for them in your clan or friends list.
/resume (user) This enables you to see the player’s profile whose name has been entered.
/getto (letter) This enables you to search for certain players in the chat box by entering the initial letters that spell out their name that you can recall.
/unstuck When you’re stuck or glitched in the game, use this command to reposition yourself.
/join in (user) If you type this followed by the user’s name, an attempt will be made to join their session.
/dnd This will put you in do not disturb mode, which means you won’t get any private messages or session invitations.
/normal The /dnd mode will be disabled, enabling you to receive invitations and private messages once again.
[(item)] When talking with others, this is used to connect things by entering the opening bracket, inputting the initial letters of the item until they appear, and then clicking the name of the object.
@(user) When you type a @ before a person’s username, they will be tagged in a certain chat tab and get a notice.

Warframe is a free-to-play third person shooter video game. It was created by Digital Extremes, and it is available on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. The how to chat in warframe ps4 is a list of all the different chat commands that are available in the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use chat commands in Warframe?

The chat commands are used to interact with other players in Warframe. They are also used for various other things, such as reporting bugs and interacting with the developers.

How do I enable chat in Warframe?

To enable chat in Warframe, you must first go to the main menu and then click on Options. From there, you will be able to find the option for chat.

What are the chat commands?

/help, /rules, /ooc

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