Warframe is a free-to-play third person shooter video game developed by Digital Extremes. It features cooperative gameplay, in which players can team up with three other players to complete missions and fight against the Sentients.

The warframe helminth charger is a guide to how to use the warframe cyst. It will help players get their hands on these rare items.

The infected are notorious for infecting Corpus and Grineer foes, producing mutations and severe alterations in their hosts, and turning them into abominations that you must defeat.

It has now been shown that the infection may affect not just the Grineer and Corpus, but also other organic and non-organic living forms.

The Warframe is susceptible to such a disease and is at risk of becoming a host for parasitic technocytes known as the infected.

You may not realize it at first, but there’s a possibility your Warframe has been infected, and you’ll notice certain alterations as a consequence of the infection later on.

This article will teach you what to do if you come into contact with the Helminth Virus and what to do thereafter.

The Virus’s Origin


Because of the Nidus Warframe’s link to the infestation, a region at the rear of your orbiter becomes accessible.

Nidus is a Warframe based on the infection and has been designed to take advantage of it. However, if Nidus is exposed to the Helminth and its infestation in a more serious way, something inside him may alter, perhaps causing a chain reaction.

You may have observed an infestation developing near a section of your orbiter; with Nidus as your current chosen Warframe, you may approach this and anticipate an outcome that other clean Warframes cannot.


As you approach the infected part of your ship, Nidus will begin to react, and his mutations will become visible, indicating a strong link to the illness, which makes it all the more tempting to investigate.

When Nidus enters the room, he may see a serious illness as well as a chair in the middle of the room that may be interacted with.


Nidus will get infected after interacting with the chair, and a cyst will develop on his neck after 24 hours, which will continue to grow for 7 days until completely grown.

During this period, anybody who comes into touch with Nidus, whether a friend, clan member, or a random individual on a quest, may get infected and develop a cyst.


Anyone who has been infected by Nidus and has developed the Helminth cyst will be able to transmit the virus to others in the same way that Nidus did, culminating in the development of a cyst on your Warframe and anyone else who has been affected.

Do not be alarmed; there is a cure for this illness, and the pink cyst may be removed in one of two methods.

Method 1

In the infested room, removing the Helminth Cyst


The manner the illness started in the first place, and where it originated from, is also the method to get rid of this viral infection.

When you approach the spot where Nidus first contracted the cyst, you’ll see that you can only enter after the cyst on your neck has completely grown.

You may then enter the infested room and approach the chair where the Helminth virus first appeared.


When you get close enough to the chair, you’ll be given the choice to “cure cyst,” which will remove the cyst off your Warframe’s neck.

You may either select this or walk away and come back whenever you want if you change your mind.


If you choose to sit in the chair, a brief scene will appear in which the infected section of the orbiter begins a process to remove the pink cyst on your neck.

Ordis will be taken aback and exclaim, “Operator?” No! “Have you gone insane?” This is simply him being shocked since he has no idea what the Helminth is doing, but the end effect is that the cyst gets removed.

When you remove a Warframe’s cyst, it renders them resistant to future infections and guarantees that they do not develop the cyst or get infected again.

This only pertains to one Warframe; any additional Warframes you have will be vulnerable to infection and development of the Helminth cyst, necessitating one of the two ways of removal.

Take notice that the cyst poses no actual dangers or disables your Warframe in any manner; rather, it entices other players to taunt you by saying things like “space aids” and other amusing remarks about the pink cyst on your neck (haha).

Method 2

The Cyst Is Extracted And Used To Breed Helminth Chargers


Many gamers are unaware that there is an infected version of the Kubrow called as the Helminth Charger.

This is a combo that may be achieved by breeding a Kubrow Egg and utilizing it in conjunction with the Helminth Cyst.

Before you can begin the process of removing and breeding the Helminth charger, you must have a fully developed cyst on your neck.

This is also the procedure for obtaining Helminth Charger.


Begin by engaging with your ship’s incubator in order to begin the process of Helminth Breeding.

To begin breeding the unique Kubrow, choose Kubrow breeding from the choices.


If you don’t have a Kubrow Egg, an Incubator Core, or a Stasis Slot, you won’t be able to breed.

Any existing pets will need to be placed on hold to make room for the new one, since you may only have one active pet and breeding one would result in a space conflict.

When you’ve completed all of the prerequisites for breeding the Kubrow, click Start Incubation.


Instead of choosing random incubation or imprints, you’ll find a drain option at the bottom.

To begin draining the pink cyst on your neck, which will be utilized to breed the new Kubrow or Helminth Charger you are going to produce, click here.

This phase will guide you through the process of obtaining the infected Kubrow.


When you’re ready, click yes when asked with the final sentence, and the procedure will continue as if it were a simple breeding process.

Wait until the right moment, just like you would with any other pet you’re planning to breed.


That concludes the discussion. Your cyst has been emptied, and you now have the Helminth Charger as a new infected friend.

The Helminth Charger looks like a Kubrow, yet it possesses attacks and powers that are comparable to Nidus and the Infested.

This, like Kubrows, may acquire affinity, level up, and be modified to become more powerful.


You have not only removed the bothersome cyst on your neck, but you have also successfully produced a strong companion who is identical to any other save for the fact that it is infected.



There you have it, the two methods for eliminating the pink cyst that develops on your neck: extracting it and fully eradicating it, or extracting it to breed the Helminth Charger.

If you had yours removed before, the infection will not harm you, therefore there is no need to be concerned about future infections.

Because most new Warframes are vulnerable to the virus, you may find yourself taking it to the rear area to have the cyst removed if it’s fresh and you’ve had it for a long.

Warframe is a popular third-person shooter game that has been around for quite some time. There are many different types of cysts in the game, but this guide will focus on how to get a cyst in warframe.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get a cyst in Warframe?

Warframe is an online game that requires constant internet connection. If you are playing the game for a long time, it can cause cysts to form on your skin due to prolonged exposure to radiation.

How do you get helminth cyst in Warframe?

Helminth cysts are a type of parasite that can be acquired by consuming the flesh of an infected creature.

How do you get infected in Warframe?

There are a variety of ways to get infected in Warframe. The most common way is through contact with an infected person, or by coming into contact with an infectious object. Once you have been infected, there are various ways to cure yourself.

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