Warframe is a free-to-play cooperative third-person shooter video game developed by Digital Extremes. The game features three factions, the Tenno, Grineer, and Corpus. Players use melee weapons and firearms to battle enemies in fast-paced combat.

Warframe Nightwave is a weekly event that allows players to get in-game items, weapons, and more. The warframe nightwave intermission 3 was the last one for this year.

Nightwave is a radio station that debuted as an event in conjunction with the release of “The Wolf of Saturn Six,” in which players were required to complete a series of tasks in order to earn points while progressing through a mini-story line involving “The Wolf,” which rewarded them handsomely for their efforts.

Nora, who appears on the radio throughout the events of Nigthwave, will often talk about you and your accomplishments as you complete tasks and collect points.

This incident has become a part of the narrative, and Nora would sometimes discuss other topics such as Warframe history and the Tenno’s actions in connection to the missions provided.

Following the conclusion of The Wolf of Saturn Six, all ranks were reset, and players were to begin a new act called “Intermission,” in which they would do identical activities in order to gain points for prizes.

The Nighwave actions are only active for a short period of time, typically a few weeks.

The Nightwave Intermission started on June 12, 2019 and will conclude on July 5, 2019, resulting in the termination of standing acquisition and the resetting of player rankings once a new Nightwave act starts.

Players that engage in Nightwave will not only earn standing and rank, but they will also receive Nora Credits, which can be used to buy unique goods from the Nightwave offers.

Ranking of Nightwaves


Your Nightwave ranking, also known as your rewards tier, allows you to see the prizes you’ve earned and how much standing you’ll need to earn in order to get more throughout the Nightwave performances.

You may also see the daily and weekly actions you can do to gain standing, which will advance you to higher levels and give you greater prizes.

Daily and weekly actions, as their names suggest, refresh daily and weekly at a particular time linked to Warframe, which players may watch and utilize to effectively schedule their activities in order to accomplish the objectives.


Nightwave Intermission concludes on tier 15, which may be obtained by earning standing and going through many acts, all of which are easily accomplished by the players.

The higher the prizes, the further you go into the actions, and it’s a good idea to take on the challenges since they’re usually limited offerings that won’t come around again.

The majority of these things can be acquired, but completing the acts makes it much simpler to do so, and reaching the ultimate levels awards gifts that are either difficult to get or may not be accessible afterwards.

Offerings for the Nightwave

The following are the Nightwave Intermission prizes.


Standing Item



10,000 x100 Nora Credits It’s used to buy Nightwave’s wares.
2 20,000 Endo 2,000

Upgrade mods using this item.


30,000 2x Robotic Slot Machines Increases the number of slots available for your robotic friends by two.
4 40,000 x3 Orokin Cell

It’s a resource that’s utilized to make goods and more.


50,000 Gamma is a kind of gamma that (Color Set) Colors may be customized on equipment.
6 60,000 x50 Nora Credits

It’s used to buy Nightwave’s wares.


70,000 x10,000 Kuva Riven stats are rolled using this resource.
8 80,000 Sigil of the Rift

Warframes have a cosmetic item.


90,000 x3 Forma Bundle When adding polarities to equipment, this is what it’s called a polarizer.
10 100,000 Reactor Orokin

Warframes’ mod capacity is doubled.


110,000 x50 Nora Credits It’s used to buy Nightwave’s wares.
12 120,000 x10,000 Kuva

Riven stats are rolled using this resource.


130,000 Catalyst Orokin Weapons’ mod capacity is doubled.
14 140,000 Forma Aura

Aura polarity may be changed or added using this technique.


150,000 Ephemera of Eidolon

Warframes cosmetic item for visual effects

How Do I Stand Up During A Nightwave?


You just need to complete the daily and weekly tasks found in the Nightwave menu to get Nightwave standing.

Hover your mouse over a job to see what you’ll be doing and be ready to take on the challenge.

Depending on what they are and what you need to accomplish, you may be able to perform several of these activities at the same time.

Some jobs may be spread over several missions, so double-checking for particular aspects will let you accomplish as many as possible as quickly as possible.

The Arsonist challenge asks you to “Kill 37/150 opponents with Heat Damage,” which you may accomplish by using a weapon with heat modifications or a Warframe with Heat powers.


Simply go through a mission while completing the challenge’s goal, and you’ll be updated as you progress through the assignment or missions if the task requires more than one run to complete.

Every time a critical count or portion of the job is accomplished, you’ll be able to see your progress.


Upon completion of the job, you will get an update stating that the challenge has been accomplished, indicating that the work is complete and that you have already earned the standing.

Simply complete the task or leave, then check your standing later to see how much money you have and what challenges you may take on to improve your standing.

There will be many tasks for you to accomplish, and it is recommended that you complete as many as you can in a single day, aiming to complete both the weekly and daily challenges to advance further and get the Nightwave prizes as quickly as possible.

The quicker you accomplish these activities, the faster you advance and earn additional prizes, as well as Nora Credits, which you can spend to purchase items from the offers menus.

Offerings for Purchase


When you enter the offers menu, you’ll see a long list of things you may buy, including upgrades for your equipment, uncommon resources, Warframe cosmetics, and much more.

These may be bought with certain Credits earned by completing specified levels or rankings in the Nightwave events.

These goods vary every seven days, giving you a broad range of things to choose from with the Credits you’ve earned.

Following platinum, the total number of Credits you have for the current Nightwave may be displayed in the top right corner of your screen.


To buy an item, just left-click on it to be sent to the purchase page, where you must confirm your purchase to finish it.


It’s gotten to the point that some players are perplexed since it takes them to a screen with platinum purchasing choices.

Simply mouse over to buy blueprint or whatever option does not mention a price for platinum to be able to purchase it with your Nightwave credits.


You’ll get a confirmation page where you can check the price and how many credits you have for the transaction.

To purchase the current item you’ve chosen, click the purchase button.


After you’ve completed your purchase, you’ll be sent back to the offers page, where you’ll receive a notification verifying your purchase.

Depending on what you purchased and what you want to do with it, you’ll locate the item in your inventory or in the foundry.



Nightwave is a pleasant and entertaining method for players to spend the time while collecting prizes for completing activities.

The new Nightwave acts make it simple to buy and acquire numerous things that were previously difficult to get in the games.

The quickest method to achieve Nightwave standing is to do as many actions as possible in one day while also completing the weekly challenge to decrease the number of tasks to only the daily ones for the rest of the week.

It’s OK to save Nora credits, but be sure to use them before the event finishes to prevent losing them, as occurred with “The Wolf Of Saturn Six.”

The warframe nightwave intermission 4 start date is when the Intermission event in Warframe will begin. It is unknown when it will end.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is Nightwave intermission?

Nightwave intermission is around 10 minutes.

What is Nightwave intermission?

Nightwave is the term used to describe the time between levels that is spent in-game.

How do I access Nightwave intermission?

The Nightwave intermission is a feature that allows you to listen to the radio. To access it, go into the options menu and select Nightwave.

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