As a new player in Valheim, you will need to find your way around the world and start building your own base. This is done by gathering resources and crafting them into buildings and defenses. The more powerful your base becomes, the more difficult it becomes to conquer.

The valheim surtling core cheat is a question that has been asked for years. Surtling Core is the name of the game and it’s where to find it in Valheim.

When it comes to advancement and convenience, there are certain resources in the game that you must harvest.

Surtling Cores are one of these resources, since you’ll need them to build a Smelter and a Coal Kiln to process metal ores, as well as a Portal to travel quicker.

As you travel through Valheim, you’ll need a steady supply of Surtling Cores for the aforementioned reasons, as well as others.

Here’s where you can find all of our Valheim guides:

What is the best way to farm Surtling Cores?

You may harvest Surtling Cores in a variety of ways, including looking for them in the Burial Chambers strewn around the Black Forest.

Another option is to fight Surtlings, which may be found in the Swamp or Ashlands biomes.

Surtling Cores may sometimes be discovered in random chests, depending on where you locate and open them.

What is the location of Surtling Core?

The dungeons in the Black Forest or the Surtling spawn sites in the Swamp biome are two of the finest areas to select from when it comes to finding the ideal Surtling Core Farm Location.

Chambers of Burial (Black Forest Dungeon)


Burial Chambers may be found throughout the Black Forest, and they are both guarded by skeletons on the outside and inhabited by skeletons on the inside.

Surtling Cores may be found on stone tables, torches, and various locations throughout the chambers.

Surtling Spawn is a character in the game Surtling Spawn (Swamp Biome)


Surtlings appear at certain locations and drop Surtling Cores when slain, but be cautious since they throw fireballs that may inflict damage over time.

Digging around with your pickaxe to submerge the Surtlings in the water is a simple method to convert them into Surtling Core farms.

Surtlings are primarily composed of fire and will die if they come into touch with any sort of water, making the Surtling Cores they drop simple to get.

Biome of the Ashlands


Surtlings may be found in great numbers in the Ashlands biome, which is usually to the south of your world.

Setting up a teleporter before going to the Ashlands is a smart idea so that when you get there, you can link to it with another one.

By connecting the two portals, you’ll have access to the Ashlands anytime you need it, and you’ll be able to set up a base or camp there to harvest Surtling Cores.

Also check out Valheim’s other farming tutorials.

Surtling Core Utilization

The Surtling Core is used to construct the following processing stations:

  • Furnace for blasting
  • Bonfire
  • a kiln for burning charcoal
  • Portal
  • Smelter
  • Ward

Place a Surtling Core in your item bar and use it on a Campfire or Bonfire to convert it into a firework.


Surtling Cores do not respawn in dungeons, so you’ll have to look for more elsewhere after you’ve collected them.

Surtling Cores are best obtained through farming Surtlings, and you should either set up a Portal in the Ashlands or put up a trap for them in the swamp.

The Swamp technique is considerably simpler since you just need to return to the spawn and pick up the Surtling Cores; unlike the Ashlands, you won’t have to chase them about.

The where to find burial chambers valheim is a quest in the game, where you need to find Surtling Core. It’s located in Valheim.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I farm Surtling cores?

There are currently no known locations to farm Surtling cores.

Do Surtling cores Respawn in Valheim?


How do you mine Surtling cores?

You must use a pickaxe.

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