Valheim is a game set in the world of Norse mythology. The player assumes the role of Odin, tasked with rebuilding his kingdom after it was destroyed by giants. The game has many different types of adversaries and quests to complete, including farming turnips for food.

The valheim can’t find turnip seeds is a problem that has been present for a while. Valheim is a new game that was released on Steam, and it’s hard to get the turnip seeds in the game.

Turnips are a mid- to late-game vegetable that you may grow and cultivate in Valheim, and they’re essential for maintaining a balance of stamina and health.

By farming this food item, you’ll be able to supply yourself or your companions with the resources they need to survive.

Turnips may also be used to tame and feed wild boars as a replacement for other foods they consume.

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Where Can You Find Turnip Seeds?

The Turnip Seed location is only found in the Swamp biome, and it is the only area where you may collect their seeds.

Once you’ve obtained your first batch of Turnip Seeds from the Swamp biome, you may begin cultivating them to produce an endless supply of Turnips and Turnip Seeds.

Some players are unsure where to look for Turnip seeds since they may be difficult to locate at times.

Gathering Turnip Seeds


It may be difficult to find a Turnip seed plant in Valheim due to the Swamp’s darkness, but its yellowish hue will draw your attention, and it does stand out in the Swamp biome.

When you pick up a Turnip seed blossom (designated as Turnip Seeds), they will drop in numbers of three each time you pick them up.

It is recommended to start your Turnip farming with these to ensure an unending supply of Turnips for your daily requirements.

Even if Turnip Seeds aren’t found in Valheim, you should keep looking in bigger Swamp biomes.

Turnip Seed Planting


You should store your Turnip Seeds for Farming first after obtaining them from the Swamp, since it will be much simpler to replicate them and prepare some of them later.

You may start planting your Turnip Seeds and then wait for them to completely mature, producing one Turnip per plant.

After you’ve harvested all of the Turnips that have grown, start planting Seed-turnip plants (as shown in the game), which eat one Turnip but produce three seeds when harvested.

This farming method will enable you to produce more seeds over time, increasing your output by three times each time you plant a Seed-turnip plant.

Also check out Valheim’s other farming tutorials.

How Do You Grow Turnips?VALTUF058-4

Turnips are produced from Turnip Seeds, and you may start reproducing the food item as soon as you acquire a single batch of Turnip Seeds from one of the Swamp biome’s plants.

Wait for the Turnip Seeds to completely mature before planting them on cultivated soil (created by using the Cultivator on a piece of land).

Instead of cooking the Turnips you’ve harvested straight away, use them to make additional Turnip Seeds using the Cultivator.

You may grow additional Seed-turnip plants and boil the remainder after you have an abundance of Turnips and Turnip seeds.

Turnip growth period varies between 2 and 3 days, depending on spacing and other factors.

Uses for Turnips

Turnips are mostly used to create Turnip Stew, which is the only dish that calls for them and necessitates the use of a Cauldron.

Turnips and raw meat are required for Turnip Stew, which may be simply prepared in the Cauldron.

You may also give Turnips to Boars to tame them or to enable them to procreate once they’ve been tamed.


When used to create Turnip Stew, turnips are a great source of health and stamina, giving your character 50 health and stamina.

Boars may not consume all you have, so if you have a lot of Turnips on hand, you may use part of them to tame or keep your boars happy and nourished.

Your character won’t be able to consume raw turnips, so he’ll have to prepare Turnip Stew instead.

Valheim is a new Minecraft server with a twist. It’s set in the mythical land of Valheim, which is full of magic and adventure. On this server, you can find turnip seeds that allow you to grow your own crops! Reference: valheim wiki seeds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find turnips in Valheim?

I dont know what a turnip is.

Can turnips grow in Plains Valheim?


How do you get seeds in Valheim?

You have to be a member of Valheim.

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