The Akstiletto Prime Build 2021 Guide is a comprehensive guide for building your own PC that will be able to run the game of your dreams.

The aklex prime build 2021 is a guide for the Akstiletto Prime Build. This guide includes information on how to use the weapon, as well as tips and tricks.

The Akstiletto Prime is a secondary weapon that consists of a pair of machine guns and the Prime version of the Akstiletto, which was created by the Tenno.


The Akstiletto Prime is a Prime version of the Akstiletto that retains most of the Akstiletto’s stats while changing a handful.


The Akstiletto Prime’s basic stats are as follows:


  • Accuracy: Has a 23.5 percent accuracy.
  • Critical Chance: Each shot has a 15% chance of dealing critical hits. Akstiletto receives 18% of the vote.
  • Critical Multiplier: Critical strikes result in a 2x increase in damage. (Akstiletto gets a 1.8)
  • Fires about 7.08 projectiles per second. (10 points for Akstiletto)
  • Each magazine has a capacity of 40 rounds. (for Akstiletto, 28)
  • Shots make a lot of noise and will warn opponents when they are fired.
  • Reload: A fresh magazine takes 1.1 seconds to reload.
  • Status: Each shot has a 30% chance of causing status problems. Akstiletto receives 18% of the vote.
  • When the trigger is kept down, the weapon shoots and continues to fire.
  • Damage: 21.6 Impact, 3.6 Puncture, and 10.8 Slash Damage (16.8 Impact, 2.8 Puncture and 8.4 Slash Damage for Akstiletto)

Before players can utilize the Akstiletto Prime and build it with its blueprints and Prime components, they must have a Mastery Rank of 10.


  • All three kinds of physical injury are included.
  • Base damage is moderate.
  • High social standing
  • Critical chance is moderate.
  • a high rate of firing
  • High precision
  • There is no time for the missile to travel.
  • a large selection
  • 2 Contrasts
  • Quick reloading
  • A mastery rank of ten is required.


  • There is no elemental harm.
  • Magazine capacity is limited.
  • Maximum ammunition capacity is limited.


The blueprint for the Akstiletto Prime may be acquired by opening relics or trading with other players, while the components can be obtained by opening relics or dealing with other players.


The blueprint and components needed to make the Akstiletto Prime are included in this package.

  • Lith A1, Lith A2, Neo A1 are the blueprints.
  • Lith H1, Meso K1, Axi A1, Axi A2 (barrel)
  • Meso O1, Neo N5, Axi N1 are all linked together.
  • Axi H1, Axi K1, Axi O1, Axi T1 are the receivers.

Although all of the relics have been vaulted, those that players already have may still be accessed.

Examples of Structures

The Akstiletto Prime features an excellent balance of stats and just a few flaws, such as magazine capacity.

Because it is a fully automatic weapon. Its magazine rapidly depletes, however modifying it to improve its damage output will need you to deal fewer bullets.

Its limited ammunition capacity may be compensated for by using status effects or critical hits, which need fewer bullets to kill opponents.

Here are some examples of builds:

Build Critical Damage


Hornet Strike and Magnum Force are used in this build to enhance its total damage.

Primed Pistol Gambit/Pistol Gambit and Primed Target Cracker/Target Cracker are added for Critical Damage and Multiplier.

With the inclusion of Lethal Torrent and Barrel Diffusion, Multishot is introduced to the build.

Elemental Damage is added to the construct by combining two elemental damage modifications of your choosing into a custom combination.

This build focuses on inflicting a good amount of critical damage while also benefiting from the elemental combination you choose.

Depending on their resistances and the elemental combination you’ve selected, some opponents will suffer more damage.


Build status


This build prioritizes elemental damage and status effects above critical characteristics.

You receive a significant increase in status chance as well as a combination of two secondary elements with the four elemental damage and status modifications.

Hornet Strike and Auger Pact will increase your weapon’s basic damage.

Multishot and a faster rate of fire will be added to the build with Barrel Diffusion and Lethal Torrent.

This build focuses on delivering elemental damage while also having a high probability of status effects providing extra damage and weakening opponents.


Hybrid Construction


The Hybrid version incorporates the features of both of the preceding releases.

Using both the weapon’s status and critical chance, as well as adding modifications, the Akstiletto Prime can do a lot of damage in a variety of ways.


These aren’t the only Akstiletto Prime builds available, but they’re very helpful in a lot of circumstances.

There are a plethora of methods to modify this weapon, and it all depends on the user and their mod preferences.


The Akstiletto Prime compensates for its lack of magazine capacity with precision and a fast rate of fire thanks to its excellent status chance and modest critical chance.

It maintains a high chance to deliver status effects regardless of what build it has, and when modified properly, it may be appropriate for a variety of opponents.

Because of its modding options and excellent base stats, the Akstiletto Prime is a popular choice among many players.


The akstiletto build is a guide that was released by the developers for the game Akstiletto Prime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Akstiletto Prime good 2021?


Is Akstiletto Prime still good?

Yes, Akstiletto Prime is still a good product.

How do you use Corinth prime?

Corinth prime is a weapon in the game, Halo 5. It is an energy sword that can be used to slice enemies and objects with ease.

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