Warframe is a free-to-play online cooperative third-person shooter video game developed by Digital Extremes. The game was released in March 2013 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

The umbra excalibur build 2021 is a guide that will help players with their Warframe builds for the Excalibur Build.

Excalibur is one of the most well-known Warframes in the game, a perfect mix of speed and strength that is suitable for both novice and expert players.

He is a well-known and iconic Warframe who is often seen and is an accessible beginning Warframe with a variety of play options and strong powers related to the use of his energy and sword prowess.

What is the best way to get Excalibur?



On the War mission on Mars, beat Lieutenant Lech Kril to acquire Excalibur components.

His blueprint may be bought with 35,000 credits on the orbiter’s in-game market.

Aside from farming for his components, Excalibur may be purchased for 75 Platinum on the in-game market.

Umbra Excalibur


When the owner is in operator mode, Excalibur Umbra is a unique version of Excalibur with greater armor and energy, as well as the Warframe’s ability to maneuver and battle on its own.


After completing “The Sacrifice,” a mission connected to the story of Excalibur Umbra, a blueprint to construct the fully completed Excalibur Umbra is given.

Also, take a look at some of the most popular Warframe builds.



(Abilities of Excalibur)

Excalibur can slice numerous opponents with a single dash, blind enemies with a powerful flash from his sword, conjure javelins to slay his foes, and unleash the real exalted blade’s might.

With swords, twin swords, nikanas, two-handed nikanas, and rapiers, his passive enables him to inflict more damage and strike quicker.

When in operator mode, Excalibur Umbra has the unusual ability to move and fight on its own, using any equipped weapons and resorting to melee if he gets too near to opponents.

1) Dash Slash


Excalibur rushes ahead and strikes any opponents he comes across, slashing them one by one as he goes.

Excalibur is resistant to damage during Slash Dash, making it useful for both striking and fleeing opponents.

Casting Slash Dash while Exalted Blade is active increases basic damage and throws forth waves of opponents in front of it.

This ability may be used to inflict damage, close in on opponents, or flee from danger, and it can even be performed in the air for fast mobility.


(Slash Dash is used by Excalibur.)


Attacks on opponents boost your combo meter when you utilize Surging Dash.

2) Radial Blind/Radial Howl


When cast, opponents are dazed and vulnerable to finishers, while sentients lose their resistances when cast by Excalibur Umbra.

This ability is excellent for crowd management and launching finishers, which may even be stealth attacks, and it can be used in a variety of circumstances, such as starting an assault or fleeing from danger.


(The Radial Howl stuns enemies.)


Radiant Finish is an augment mod that causes opponents to take more finisher damage.

3) Javelin Radial


Excalibur smashes his sword into the ground, launching javelins at his foes, inflicting damage across a wide area.

When many opponents are present, this ability stuns adversaries who do not die from the first hit and may be utilized to kill or crowd control them.

Excalibur’s ability to kill or stun opponents allows him to take advantage of the time that passes after they have been struck, as well as his friends.

On lower-level missions, this may be a fast and simple method to wipe out numerous opponents that are around an objective.


(Using Radial Javelin, Excalibur)


Furious Javelin is an augment mod that boosts Excalibur’s damage by a percentage for each opponent struck for a period of time.

4) Blade of the Exalted


Excalibur summons his exalted weapon, a sword with which he slashes against opponents and which also sends forth devastating waves when he strikes.

Exalted Blade enables Excalibur to attack with waves that pass through opponents and objects, and to spin attack with a fast Radial Blind/Radial Howl assault.

Excalibur will deal melee damage as well as damage to the waves he sends forth with his strikes.

This is a highly strong ability that can be modified to suit one’s needs. It may be utilized to deliver lethal levels of damage or to endure the duration of the operation.


(Excalibur uses the Exalted Blade to attack)


Builds that Have Been Suggested

Build Strength Over Time


With the decrease in range and no loss in efficiency, this design enables Excalibur’s abilities to do more damage and persist longer.

The majority of his powers will have a limited range, but he may utilize them to extend their duration and damage.

Slash Dash’s range will be reduced, but it will do more damage, and his Radial Howl/Radial Blind will last longer and have a narrower radius.

Radial Javelin has a smaller area but does more damage, making it ideal for melee contact. It also has a longer duration, which makes its stun linger longer.

When attacking, Exalted Blade’s range will be reduced, but damage will scale with the length of time, resulting in less energy use.


(Excalibur wields the Exalted Blade.)

Build a range of strength


This build prioritizes strength and range above duration and efficiency, resulting in a trade-off between the two attributes.

Excalibur’s abilities have a longer range and do considerably more damage with this build, but the energy requirements are greater.

This build works well for doing area damage and crowd control, and his other skills will also function well.

Slash Dash will cover more ground and inflict more damage, making it ideal for covering long distances and wiping out enemy lines.

The Radial Howl and Radial Javelin abilities will cost more, but they will cover a wider area and benefit from increased strength.


(Using Radial Javelin, Excalibur)

Build a Range


This build benefits from the increased range of the abilities, making it an excellent choice for crowd control.

Radial Howl and Radial Javelin will have a wide radius since a greater area is covered, making it simpler to impact opponents.

Slash Dash will enable you to go even farther, while your Exalted Blade strikes will be more powerful, and the Radial Blind spin attack’s effects will be enhanced.

This build is ideal for team play, semi-support, or just taking advantage of your opponents by utilizing crowd control.


(Using Radial Howl, Excalibur)

Enhance your efficiency


This build gives you a good amount of range while trading off duration and strength for efficiency.

This is useful for repeatedly utilizing his skills, such as Slash Dash, which may be utilized to chop down opponents or traverse long distances.

Radial Howl will be able to be thrown with less energy and for a shorter duration, but still have a respectable duration.

Radial Javelin may be utilized many times, making it simple for people who like melee combat and using such skills.


(Slash Dash is used by Excalibur.)



Excalibur is one of the first Warframes, and he is a famous character not just because of his popularity, but also because he is regarded an iconic Warframe.

He’s simple to learn and can be constructed in a variety of ways, depending on how the user wants to utilize him.

Excalibur has the ability to generate various scenarios in which it may gain an advantage by disabling opponents or killing others.

Excalibur’s Exalted Blade ability allows him to inflict massive quantities of damage from even safe distances.

Excalibur is a fantastic Warrior to pick if you want to deliver fast and consecutive damage, as well as graceful mobility and attacks designed for a 1 versus many battle.

excalibur build hades is a guide for the Warframe game. It includes information on how to unlock new weapons, armor and mods.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Excalibur good Warframe 2021?

Excalibur is a good Warframe in 2019.

What is the best build for Excalibur Warframe?

The best build for Excalibur Warframe is a Void Blast build.

How do you get Excalibur in Warframe 2021?

The only way to get Excalibur in Warframe 2021 is by completing the quest.

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