A new mission has been released for Fomorian Sabotage. This mission is a little different than the others, as you must walk through a maze of rooms to find the keycards and escape from the level.

The balor fomorian is a boss that appears in the Fomorian Sabotage Mission. This walkthrough will cover how to defeat the Balor Fomorian.

The Fomorian Sabotage is a task available during the Balor Fomorian event in which you may attack the Balor Fomorian alone or with a team in an effort to destroy it.

Failure to do so will result in the permanent and irreversible destruction of a targeted relay, making it critical for players to participate.

During the mission, you will battle your way past adversaries using your Archwing until you reach the core and try to harm it.

Walkthrough for Fomorian Sabotage


The first step is to construct a Fomorian Disruptor, which is used to disable a barrier that protects the core, allowing you to harm it later.

A Fomorian Disruptor takes one minute to make, and everyone in the team will require one before the operation can begin.


Omega Isotopes, a resource needed for the construction of a Fomorian Disruptor, may be obtained by performing normal missions on the planets where the event is taking place.


Once you’ve obtained a Fomorian Disruptor, be sure to keep it in your gear so you may use it later. It must be manually triggered once the core has been reached.

The expedition will not begin until everyone has a Fomorian Disruptor in their kit, and those who have not prepared one will be named.


Choose a mission from the star chart, and it will transport you and your squad, if you have one, to the mission’s start point, where you must fly towards the Fomorian.

Enemies will be present in the region, so be prepared to battle and avoid being killed on your journey to the Fomorian.


Some of the regions will have obstacles blocking your route, which you must remove before continuing on your journey to the Fomorian.


Aim for the circular floating machine called a Zeplen and destroy it to eliminate the barrier. Repeat this process until you reach the Fomorian.


Fight your way past the obstacles and groups of opponents to get closer to the Fomorian, where you’ll need to destroy its shield on the left and right sides.


In order to reveal the Fomorian Shield Generator, you must fire a designated section of the Fomorian called Fomorian Shield Generator Cover.


Once the Fomorian Shield Generator has been revealed, destroy it and then repeat the process on the opposite side.


After you’ve taken down the shield, return to the center and search for small passageways that will lead you to the Fomorian Core.


The Fomorian Core will be covered by a shield, requiring you to use your Fomorian Disruptor, which you can only do after the whole squad has arrived at the core.


Use the Fomorian Disruptor from your gear menu to eat it and send off a pulse that disables the shield.


Begin firing as many Fomorian Core Nodes as you can to inflict damage on the Fomorian Core while you still have time, since the Fomorian Disruptor will only disable it for a brief period.


Once the Fomorian Core has been damaged and the countdown has expired, leave the location immediately or the task will finish shortly.

Rewards for Fomorian Sabotage


Following the completion of the task, you will get whatever resources you may have collected as well as a prize from the mission’s drop table.

After completing the Fomorian Sabotage, you will earn one of the following rewards:

Chance of 40 percent:

10% Chance of Success:

  • Blueprint of Imperator Vandal
  • Vandal Barrel, Imperator
  • Vandal Imperator Imperator Vandal Imperator Vandal Imperator Vandal Imp

5 percent probability:

  • Bullets that have been charged
  • Casing for Contamination
  • Using Cryo Coating
  • Shell that is hypothermic
  • Injection of a Virus
  • Infusion of ions



  • Before each run of the Fomorian Sabotage, build a Fomorian Disruptor so that you have one ready for the next.
  • Some modes are very important later on, so aim to acquire at least one of them and keep the rest to sell for platinum later.
  • It’s preferable to join a group to speed up the task completion, since there are a number of factors that slow down most single gamers.
  • To complete quicker, you may disregard the rest of the opponents and head directly to the goals.

The warframe balor fomorian location is a mission that can be found in the Fomorian Sabotage. It is located on the second floor of the Temple of Sacrifice, and requires players to defeat Balor, who is an Fomorian.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I defeat Balor Fomorian?

The best way to defeat Balor Fomorian is by using the sword and shield.

Where is Fomorian sabotage?

Fomorians are a race of creatures that live on the planet Earth. They have been known to sabotage things, but they do not appear in any other game.

Does Fomorian destroy relays?

Yes, Fomorian destroys all relays in the game.

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