Fulmin Build 2021 is a game about building and defending your own city, with the goal of becoming the most powerful faction in the world. It will feature multiplayer online battles (MOBA), but also be designed to be playable solo or co-op.

Fulmin Build 2021 is a guide for the best fulmin build 2020. It’s a good way to get started with fulmin, and it comes with some tips on how to optimize your game.

The Fulmin is a unique kind of rifle that may be used primarily as a shotgun but can also be used as a semi-automatic rifle.

It was first introduced with Wisp and is recognized as her trademark weapon, granting a 0.5 boost in mode switching time when wielded by her.

Despite the fact that it is both a shotgun and a rifle, it employs rifle modifications that alter the firing modes.

It is a silent semi-automatic shotgun in its first fire mode and a fully automatic rifle in its second fire mode, both with electrical effects shown when fired.


The Fulmin is a weapon that may be used as a shotgun or as an automatic rifle.


The Fulmin’s stats are as follows:



The Fulmin operates like a shotgun in semi-automatic mode and has a high critical chance.

When in shotgun mode, the Fulmin is really silent, allowing it to effortlessly dispatch opponents while staying unnoticed.

The Fulmin in this mode does a lot of electrical damage in a single shot with a good amount of impact.

Each shot uses 10 out of a total of 60 rounds, which, unlike most ammo, regenerates rather than reloading.

The Fulmin’s ammunition regenerates in a matter of seconds, implying that it has infinite ammo and just needs time to renew its bullets.

This is excellent for delivering a lot of damage to opponents and killing them with a single shot, with the possibility of killing several adversaries with a single shot.



The Fulmin becomes an automatic weapon when its firing mode is altered, delivering less damage each shot in return for shooting quickly and accurately.

Each shot inflicts a fair amount of electrical and piercing damage and consumes one round of ammunition.

The Fulmin maintains its high critical chance in this mode, although it is lowered by just 2% and gets a stronger critical multiplier.

While possessing an infinite quantity of ammunition that just needs to renew when exhausted, the magazine size remains the same and regenerates in a few seconds.


  • Automatic and semi-automatic modes are available.
  • High probability of a catastrophic event
  • Possibility of a moderate status
  • Possibility of a high status
  • Good fire rate
  • Has an elemental effect
  • The magazine is quite big in size.
  • Ammunition is unlimited.


  • Mastery rating 8 is required.
  • It is not possible to force a reload/recharge.
  • Reloading may be necessary on a regular basis.
  • Range isn’t that extensive.

Other Weapon Builds may be seen here.



For 20,000, the Fulmin’s blueprint may be bought via the orbiter’s in-game market.

Builds that Have Been Suggested

You can use either the shotgun or the automatic rifle mode on the Fulmin since it has two distinct firing modes.

Owing to the high critical chance, you may mod this weapon effectively for critical damage, ensuring you a lot of critical hits, particularly in rifle mode due to the number of rounds and the high critical chance.

Because this weapon already has an inherent elemental damage stat, you may use it in combination with an elemental mod to create a new element.

Here are some examples of builds:

Build is very important.


This build takes use of the basic electrical damage and adds Storm Bringer to boost it, as well as another elemental mod to combine it with.

We add Point Strike and Vital Sense to the weapon’s critical stats to give it more critical chance and a greater critical damage multiplier.

By using Vigilante Armaments and Split Chamber, we can add multishot to the design.

Serration and Heavy Caliber have been added to boost the weapon’s overall damage.


(Damage to the Critical Build)

Build status


The Serration, Heavy Caliber, Split Chamber, and Vigilante Armaments modifications are all retained in the Status Build for their respective functions.

Along with the build, we include the four elemental damage and status modifications, which enhance both damage and the construct’s status probability by combining up to two distinct elements.

This build attempts to utilize elemental damage as well as create status effects in order to weaken or harm opponents more effectively.


(Damage from Status Building)

Hybrid Construction


This build combines critical and status builds, increasing critical chance and multiplier while also providing a good status chance.

This enables you to utilize the weapon’s status effects to inflict damage and weaken opponents while also doing critical damage, effectively giving you several sources of damage.

This build is effective depending on the opponents you face and the aspect you choose to focus on.


(Damage from Hybrid Build)

Increase the rate of fire


This build keeps most of the previous modifications but adds Speed Trigger and Shred to increase the build’s firing rate.

These modifications not only improve the firing rate, but they also give you greater punch through, but the fire rate is still your primary concern.

This enables you to shoot quickly and is useful for wiping out opponents of low to medium levels.


(Fire Rate Increases Damage)

These aren’t the only Fulmin builds available, but they’re fairly helpful in a lot of scenarios.

There are a plethora of methods to modify this weapon, and it all depends on the user and their mod preferences.


The Fulmin is a lethal weapon in and of itself, dealing significant amounts of electrical damage as well as impact as a shotgun weapon.

It can be converted from a shotgun to a semi-automatic rifle, enabling it to provide strong suppressive fire against opponents.

Both shooting styles inflict electricity-based damage, with the rifle mode dealing puncture and the shotgun mode dealing impact.

The Fulmin may become even deadlier by adding or combining its elemental mod into a new combination, making it ideal for dealing with certain kinds of opponents.

The Fulmin has infinite ammunition and just has to be recharged when it runs out, which it does automatically.

You can easily alter the Fulmin for Radiation, Corrosive, and Magnetic Damage since it has a basic damage that includes electricity.

It is up to you to add any more components, and the kind of construct you choose is determined by your playstyle.

The Fulmin’s basic damage is deadly, and when properly modified, it may inflict massive amounts of damage.

This weapon is excellent for quick and quiet killing, as well as unstoppable Suppressive fire, since its modes allow any player to dominate any scenario.


The fulmin prime is a guide for the Fulmin Build 2021. It is a build for all players who want to play the game at its best possible conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Fulmin good 2021?


Is the Fulmin good Warframe 2020?

The Fulmin Warframe is not good.

Is Fulmin worth forma?

Fulmin is not worth forma.

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