The Gara Build Guide is a comprehensive look at Warframe’s best weapons, armor, weapon mods, and other items. It’s the ultimate resource for beginners looking to build their first Warframe or seasoned veterans who are looking for new builds.

The gara nuke build 2021 is a guide for Warframe that includes information on how to use the Nuke Gara Build.

Gara is a crystalline and glass Warframe that uses her abilities to inflict harm and defend herself and her friends.

She is a somewhat difficult Warframe to operate, capable of many tasks and well-known for her defensive and protection skills, which may also be used to kill her opponents.

What is the best way to get Gara?



Her components may be obtained as a result of several bounties that can be started through radio tents in either Cetus or the Plains of Eidolons.


Gara’s blueprint may be obtained by completing the Say’s Vigil quest, which can be begun at Cetus.

Gara may be purchased for 225 Platinum in the Ingame market, in addition to farming for her components.

Other Popular Warframe Builds may be seen here.



(Abilities of Gara)

With her crystalline abilities, Gara may fire a projectile or lash out a horizontal strike, build a shard barrier to shield herself and harm opponents, trap enemies into fighting amongst themselves, and create a massive barrier to defend herself and her team or kill her enemies.

When she is in a bright environment, her passive ability causes surrounding opponents to become blinded, enabling them to be easily dispatched or opened up for finishers.

1) Lash Shattered


When Gara uses her ability, she either fires a projectile of glass in front of her to harm opponents in a line.

Instead of launching a projectile, she will lash out a horizontal slash with a crystalline sword if she is held.

This ability is ideal for eliminating opponents that are in a line or spread out across a broad area, since Gara may easily strike them and do a significant amount of damage.

The barrier will shatter when Mass Vitrify is activated, and the shards will harm any foes outside of the barrier.


(Gara casts Shattered Lash by pressing but not holding an ability.)


(With the ability held, Gara casts Shattered Lash.)

Splinter Storm (No. 2)


Gara sends shards flying around her, damaging and pushing opponents away while also shielding her and her friends from harm.

This ability is useful for both decreasing incoming damage and delivering extra damage to opponents, and it may be used to defend and attack enemies at close range.

When Spectrorage is performed, each mirror that is destroyed inside Splinter Storm’s radius gains 50% of the mirror damage for the duration of the talent.

When Mass Vitrify is used, the duration of Splinter Storm is renewed, including allies who are impacted by the ability.


(Mass Vitrify with Gara)


Mending Splinters is an augment mod that allows Splinter Storm to restore the health of teammates who are active every second.

3) Aspects of Spectrorage


Gara casts crystal mirrors across an area, forcing opponents to shoot at the mirrors and suffer damage in return.

When the ability ends and the mirrors shatter, the mirrors will inflict damage to opponents as well.

This ability may be used to crowd control and harm opponents by diverting their fire away from you and your friends and causing them to hurt themselves.

If a Spectrorage mirror shatters inside Splinter Storm’s radius, 50 percent of the mirror’s damage is added to Splinter Storm until the ability expires.


(While Spectrorage is on, Gara should be near foes.)


Spectrosiphon adds a possibility for opponents to drop energy orbs if they die inside the ability’s range.

4) Vitrify in large numbers


Gara summons a barrier that extends outwards, transforming opponents into crystalline forms and immobilizing them.

Outside opponents will be unable to cross through the expanding ring, and the barrier will include sections that will be resilient for a period of time until destroyed by enemies.

When you use Shattered Lash on the barrier, it will shatter, inflicting damage on any foes outside of the ring.

The barrier’s strength and damage grow in proportion to the health and shields of the opponents.

Because it can inflict large levels of damage and shield regions or friends, this ability is excellent for both crowd management and harming foes.

When Splinter Storm is active and Splintered Lash is used to destroy Mass Vitrify, Splinter Storm takes 50% more damage until the ability ends.


(Gara casts Mass Vitrify, which creates a barrier and crystallizes opponents)


(With Shattered Lash, Gara destroys the barrier.)

Builds that Have Been Suggested

Build that is well-balanced


The Balanced Build aims to boost the majority of Gara’s skills’ stats so that they can perform well when utilized.

With a small decrease in time, the range, strength, and efficiency of this construct have been improved.

This is for extending Gara’s abilities to the point where they have a fair amount of range and do a reasonable amount of damage while still saving energy.

Shattered Lash will have a longer range and inflict more damage, enabling it to strike opponents from a greater distance and easily break the Mass Vitrify barrier.

Splinter Storm has a wider radius, does more damage, and provides more protection, but it lasts somewhat shorter time. This is acceptable since it may be reset or recast whenever the player wants.

Mass Vitrify will spread out further but only for a short period of time, enabling it to span a reasonable range while also allowing it to be broken later to impact a large radius and inflict a lot of damage.


(With Shattered Lash, Gara kills opponents by shattering the Mass Vitrify Barrier.)

Build a Range


The Range Build is a variation of the preceding build that focuses more on range and has a little longer duration.

While this may decrease total damage, the increase of range allows Mass Vitrify to span a wider area, allowing users to build up more damage based on the opponents impacted.

It gets simpler to strike opponents with Shattered Lash as the range increases, and the range of Shattered Lash and Spectrorage increases dramatically.

This design is ideal for covering vast regions and dealing with opponents that may approach too closely or in open places.


(Gara uses Mass Vitrify to cover a wide region.)

Enhance your efficiency


While the other stats are somewhat decreased, the Efficiency Build has a lower energy cost while performing abilities.

Because of the lower energy cost, the user can cast most of Gara’s powers several times.

Being able to utilize Gara’s abilities will allow you to perform a lot of crowd control with Mass Vitrify, as well as constantly resetting Splinter Storm and increasing its damage.

This build is ideal for people who often utilize Gara’s skills in a variety of circumstances, as it gives the benefit of being able to cast them several times or all of her powers at any moment.


(Gara employs a variety of skills)



Gara may be fantastic in the hands of both novice and experienced players, but the synchronization of some of her skills might make it a little difficult for some at first.

Her Mass Vitrify is a popular power that can be utilized in a variety of ways, making it a one-of-a-kind ability capable of destroying vast regions, shielding targets, crowd control in a wide radius, and route blockage.

Her Spectrorage is excellent for dominating an area and keeping opponents occupied, while Shattered Lash does a lot of damage and may occasionally wipe a whole region clean.

Splinter Storm is one of her valuable skills that may take some time to grasp, but once grasped, the player may utilize her other powers to enhance the damage and keep it active.

Gara is an excellent offensive and defensive Warframe, capable of protecting vast regions and preventing opponents from achieving their objective or totally annihilating them with broad damage powers.

This delicate-looking Warframe is everything but fragile, and any who dare to cross her become the fragile ones, immediately succumbing to her lethal assaults.

Gara is a Warframe that uses the gara stat stick to deal damage. It has an attack range of 8 meters and deals 100% Status Chance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Gara good 2021?


How do I get Gara Prime 2021?

The Gara Prime 2021 is a cosmetic item that you unlock by completing the questline The Collector.

How good is Gara prime?

Gara Prime is a great rifle. It has good accuracy, range, and damage.

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