The Gauss Build is a Warframe build that focuses on maximizing damage output while maintaining mobility. With the changes to the game’s meta, this build has become even more viable in recent weeks.

The best gauss build 2021 is a guide that was released in the year 2021. It has been updated and revised multiple times since then, and is still relevant today.

Gauss is a kinetic, speed-based Warframe that dashes about at breakneck rates, shattering opponent formations and wreaking havoc on those who are too slow to oppose him.

Due to his incredible speed, his powers depend on his speed as he charges up to utilize them and to be kinetically strong in terms of hurting and repelling his opponents’ assaults.

What Is Gauss and How Do I Get It?



Gauss’ blueprint can be purchased for 30,000 credits on the market, but you’ll need to farm for his components to complete him.

Gauss components may be farmed and dropped only on Kelpie, a Sedna-based disruption mission.

It is also possible to buy Gauss already constructed for 325 platinum on the orbiter’s market.

Other Popular Warframe Abilities may be found here.



(Abilities of Gauss)

Gauss can sprint at places at high speeds while pushing opponents back, build a personal barrier with kinetic energy, unleash cold, heat, and blast in a region around him, and overload himself with kinetic energy to take on his adversaries.

Gauss’ passive ability, Never Stop Moving, allows him to charge his Speed Gauge while in motion, increasing the pace of his shields’ recharge and reducing the recharge delay by 80%.

His powers may be impacted or consumed by the quantity of battery he possesses.

Mach Rush (#1)


Gauss rushes ahead for a short distance or constantly, charging his batteries and knocking down opponents in his path.

When Gauss collides with an immovable item, a shockwave is produced, inflicting damage and knocking opponents back.

Mach Rush assists Gauss in charging his battery, enabling him to expand it fast. Using this ability often will keep Gauss’ battery charged or help him refill it to full capacity.

This ability is useful for getting from one location to another and for knocking opponents out of your way, giving you an edge when you arrive.

It may be utilized to start battles, escape hazardous situations, and even speed through missions if required.


(With Mach Rush, Gauss flies past his foes.)

When the ability is held, Gauss will sprint ahead rapidly or continue to run forward until the ability ends or he collides with a solid obstacle.


(After employing Mach Rush, enemies are knocked down.)

Gauss uses Mach Rush to sprint past opponents so quickly that they are knocked down.


(From colliding with a solid item, a shockwave is produced.)

A shockwave is produced when a solid item collides with it, and opponents nearby are pushed back by the force of the explosion.


(Gauss in the air, utilizing Mach Rush)

When Gauss uses Mach Rush while in the air, he will sprint ahead in the air for a short distance before falling.

2) Kinetic Plating is a kind of plating that is done in a


Gauss constructs a Kinetic energy armor to defend him against physical, heat, cold, and blast damage, as well as from being thrown down or staggered by opponent assaults.

Kinetic Plating’s protection is proportional to Gauss’ battery level, with higher levels providing greater resistance to harm.

When Gauss is struck while Kinetic Plating is active, a portion of the damage received is used to replenish his energy.

Gauss will get additional protection and become unbeatable if he uses this, particularly during tough battles.

Kinetic Plating increases Gauss’s survivability while also providing him with a steady source of energy.


(With Kinetic Plating, Gauss is able to absorb damage.)

3) Sunder Thermal


Gauss utilizes his kinetic energy to blast an area around him with cold, heat, or a mix of blast damage.

Gauss will deal cold damage and apply the cold status effect when activated, while holding the ability will deal heat damage and apply the heat state effect.

By toggling each one in any sequence, you may produce blast damage in the region surrounding Gauss, which will send opponents flying from the explosion’s strength.

The ability will last for a certain amount of time, and opponents in the region will gradually suffer damage.

This ability is useful for crowd control, slowing and knocking opponents back, and delivering damage to adversaries in an area, with the added benefit of a high damage per second output.


(Gauss does cold damage with Thermal Sunder)

When you press the ability, Thermal Sunder, a cold-type attack that delivers cold damage and slows opponents, is activated.


(Gauss does heat damage with Thermal Sunder)

Holding the ability unleashes Thermal Sunder, a heat-based ability that delivers heat damage and sets opponents ablaze.


(Gauss does blast damage with Thermal Sunder)

When you utilize heat or cold damage in any sequence and cast each kind, they will combine to create blast damage and send opponents flying back.

4) The red line


Gauss’ firing rate, attack speed, reload speed, and holster speed will all be increased while Redline is activated.

When Redline is active, the battery will be able to charge beyond its maximum capacity, enhancing the impacts of his skills as well as the Redline buff.

Having a battery capacity that is greater than its maximum during Redline will not only enhance the impacts of abilities, but it will also send forth arcing bolts of lightning that will harm surrounding opponents in an uncontrolled manner.

Being able to strengthen Gauss’ Redline has become a highly important ability, as it allows him to push all of his skills and performance to new heights, providing him a significant advantage in battle.


(Gauss turns on Redline)

Gauss will get a boost from the ability and will be able to start charging his battery beyond its capacity once it is activated.


(Arcing bolts emitted by an overcharged battery during Redline)

When the battery gets overcharged, arcing bolts will be fired forth to harm opponents on a regular basis.


(With Redline activated, Gauss kills opponents)

Gauss is a formidable fighter, thanks to the incredible speed granted by Redline, making him even more lethal to any foe.

Builds that Have Been Suggested

Build that is well-balanced


Gauss’s balanced build enables him to use all of his abilities more effectively, giving him a significant boost in power, range, efficiency, and duration.

This enables him to utilize all of his abilities at a lower energy cost while increasing damage and effects somewhat.

His range has been doubled, allowing him to cover greater regions with his powers, and his duration has been raised to almost twice that of his abilities.

This is an excellent starting build for people who are learning about Gauss’ skills or who wish to utilize a construct that is adaptable to different circumstances.


(While battling opponents, Gauss uses the bulk of his powers.)

Build a Redline


The Redline build, which is also a duration build, focuses on increasing the overall benefits of Redline’s buffs.

Redline’s buffs and time are enhanced and extended to 3x their regular time and effects with the 306 percent duration.

This enables Gauss to stay boosted with Redline for longer, resulting in greater benefits on all of the ability’s impacted stats.


(With Redline activated, Gauss fights opponents.)

DPS Thermal Sunder Build (Damage Per Second)


With a focus on range, this build includes additional stats geared toward range to enhance the radius of the Thermal Sunder ability, as well as a small increase in duration to extend the duration.

Gauss will be able to utilize this ability to deal immediate damage as well as damage over time, as well as provide crowd control effects to opponents utilizing the cold and blast kinds.

The efficiency of the process has also been improved, allowing it to be cast with less energy.

The boost in range will have a significant impact on Gauss’ other skills, enabling him to influence vast regions while dealing with opponents.


(The heat variant of Thermal Sunder is cast by Gauss.)

Build a Thermal Sunder Nuker (Heavy Area Damage)


This build, like the prior one, focuses a little more on range and strength while reducing duration.

This enables Gauss to do greater damage immediately while also dealing a small amount of damage over time, enabling him to nuke an area or deliver quick damage to it.

The powers will be impacted by having greater strength, and the enhanced impacts of the abilities will compensate for the loss of duration.


(Gauss performs a blast version of Thermal Sunder.)

Build a Bruiser (Melee Critical Damage and Survivability)


This build provides a significant advantage to individuals who prefer a closer range approach and like hacking and slashing at opponents, especially with crucial melee weapons.

This build increases Gauss’ durability while also increasing his critical probability, which works nicely with critical builds.

His other talents will continue to help him, since he will be able to utilize them when necessary and profit from their consequences.


(While under the influence of Redline, Gauss kills opponents.)



Gauss is a revolution in kinetic devastation, as he is the epitome of speed and strength, annihilating his foes with devastating force.

His skills allow him to easily maneuver about the battlefield, rushing from opponent to enemy and dispatching them.

His Mach Dash ability allows him to move as quickly as light, making it simple to rush into and out of combat.

He is quite powerful with his basic stats, but with Kinetic Plating, he becomes much more durable and has a greater supply of energy.

When dealing with numerous opponents, his Thermal Sunder ability allows him to attain a decent balance of crowd control and damage per second.

With Redline, he transforms into the ultimate embodiment of lethal speed, enhanced well beyond his previous limitations.

Gauss is a highly powerful Warframe, and few can match his speed. With his powers, he is unquestionably one of the strongest and quickest Warframes accessible.

In combat, this speed demon is very effective, and in the hands of someone with excellent skill, plan, and the ability to regulate the speed, he is unbeatable.

The gauss build reddit is a guide that gives an overview of the Warframe game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Garuda good Warframe 2021?

Garuda is a Warframe that can be unlocked in the game and used for free.

How do I farm Gauss Parts 2021?

You need to buy a Gauss Rifle and then you can use it to farm parts.

Is Gauss a good Warframe?

Gauss is an excellent Warframe, with a great deal of versatility.

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