In the near future, Warframe will be a fully functional game with a new build system. Grendel has outlined what to expect in 2021 and beyond.

The warframe excalibur build 2021 is a guide for the game Warframe. This guide contains builds, weapons, and other useful information to help players in their journey.

Grendel is a monster Warframe that eats his enemies and utilizes his hunger and gluttony to manipulate the outcome of battles to his advantage.

He is a long-lasting Warframe that can absorb and devour opponents in order to strengthen himself or friends and become an unstoppable force.




Grendel may be found by searching for his pieces after purchasing their locators from the Arbiters Of Hexis through the Arbitration Honors NPC for 25 vitus essence apiece.

Each locator will take you to one of Grendel’s pieces, thus if you’re hunting the parts alone, you’ll need 75 vitus essence in total to collect all of them.

For 35,000 credits, you may buy his blueprint from the market within the orbiter.

Grendel may also be bought for 325 platinum to acquire a Warframe that has already been constructed.

Other Popular Warframe Abilities may be found here.



(Abilities of Grendel)

Grendel can swallow opponents whole and spit them out, eat enemies in his stomach to buff himself and his allies, spit out an enemy drenched in his bile, and transform into a ball that can roll into adversaries and knock them out of his path.

His capacity to be passive When he is wounded, Glutton causes him to gain 50 armor per opponent within his gut, and all foes in his belly will be damaged as well.

1) Feast


Grendel’s belly expands and pulls opponents in front of him, trapping them within his belly, adding to his armor and causing them to suffer damage when Grendel takes damage.

Holding the ability will spit the opponents out in front of Grendel, causing damage and applying the poison status condition.

This is excellent for his passive since each opponent gives him 50 armor, increasing his durability, and the foes in his belly offer a stock for him to use his other skills.


(Grendel swallows an opponent while using the Feast ability)

Enemies will be drawn towards Grendel and begin to vanish, landing in his stomach unless additional action is taken.


(Grendel expels foes from his stomach)

When Grendel spits out the opponents in his belly, they are hurled with such power that they are knocked down, giving you more opportunity to fight them.

2) Provide nourishment


Grendel starts to devour an opponent in his gut, injuring or possibly killing them to give himself and his allies a boost.

Depending on which opponent was eaten, others around will get one of three buffs: an energy multiplier, enhanced poison damage, or extra armor.

This is an excellent method for him and his squad to improve their survival while also providing a significant amount of offensive.


(Grendel sends out a Nourish spell)

Grendel performs a stomp motion while using his aliment ability, which eats or hurts an opponent at the start of the stomp.

3) Do not regurgitate


Grendel coats an opponent in bile and spits it at you, propelling them forward and doing damage on a large area.

This is a powerful offensive skill that may inflict significant damage to the adversary as well as others in the region where the enemy is launched.


(Grendel employs the capacity to regurgitate)

The opponent will be spit out where your reticle is directed, and a missile will be fired from inside your belly.

4) Make a fine powder


Grendel turns into a ball and starts rolling in the direction you’re holding your movement keys, inflicting damage on any opponents he collides with in a radius surrounding the ball.

When he collides with an enemy, he knocks them back, while other foes within his belly suffer continuous poison damage.

Jumping and landing in a location where the ball is moving may inflict harm.

This ability is good for both damage and crowd control since it may knock opponents down and make them susceptible while also delivering a lot of damage to those within Grendel’s belly.


Grendel will jump first before changing, which will be a brief animation before reforming into a ball.


Rolling knocks opponents around, which may be done frequently to prevent attackers from attacking you or your squad.

Builds that Have Been Suggested

Build a Bruiser


The Bruiser Build is designed to enable you to survive longer in missions and do a lot of damage without having to use your skills right away.

While his buffs are utilized, he becomes more powerful, and he becomes more durable when battling opponents.

With the Gladiator modifications installed, his melee fighting has increased, which is ideal for people that engage in a lot of melee battle, particularly crucial builds.

Grendel’s ability duration, efficiency, and strength will all rise, which will enhance all of his skills.


(Grendel uses melee assaults against his foes.)

Build that is well-balanced


This build provides Grendel a significant boost to all of his ability stats, enabling him to utilize all of his skills with greater effects.

Grendel will be able to utilize his powers sparingly, and his boosts will offer him and his friends a welcome boost.

This is a fantastic starting build for people who want to try Grendel out or play in a more balanced way.


Build a Nuker


Due to the large quantity of energy and improved energy efficiency, the Nuker build enables Grendel to utilize his skills more often.

The boost in his ability strength enables him to inflict a lot of damage while also allowing him to utilize Feast on many opponents and Regurgitate to use them as missiles.

Grendel will be able to boost his friends from time to time as well, however this will last a bit less in terms of duration but may cover a wide area, making it ideal for casting when required.

Grendel can keep his Pulverize ability active for longer since it consumes less energy and he has a big energy reserve.


(Regurgitate is used by Grendel, and it hits many opponents.)

Build a Skill Caster/Buffer


Grendel may now cast his skills with a lot of ability power and duration, resulting in longer and greater effects.

When Nourish is utilized, it may stay longer and assist the team, while his other abilities can inflict a lot of damage because to the enhanced ability strength.

This build is ideal for individuals who want to utilize his abilities for boosting or dealing damage more often in certain circumstances.


(Grendel using his Nourish power)

Build a Crowd Control System


Grendel can use his skills with a significant boost in range and a small increase in his other ability stats with the Crowd Control build.

His skills will have a wider range, enabling him to utilize Feast to capture opponents from farther out.

When utilized in team play, Nourish will have a wide radius to reach teammates and provide a modest yet helpful boost.

Regurgitate will have a wide area effect, knocking opponents down in a broad area to help with crowd control, and his Pulverize ability will have a sphere surrounding it that symbolizes the vast area it will knock enemies down in.

This construct is designed to have a considerably wider range of effect on opponents using Grendel’s offensive abilities than normal.


(Grendel uses his Pulverize ability to knock opponents about.)

Build Your Strength


Grendel’s skills are strengthened by the Power Build, which increases the power of his buffs and increases the damage of his offensive abilities.

Grendel will be able to utilize his buff, which will have superiorly enhanced benefits and will last a shorter but still effective length of time.

Damage done by his abilities will be almost three times more than before, making it ideal for delivering huge quantities of damage in certain circumstances.

This build is good for battling opponents and maximizing Grendel’s damage output with his abilities.


(Grendel spits forth a number of foes, killing them all in the process.)



Grendel is very tough and can take a lot of punishment, making him an excellent asset to any squad.

Because he can use Feast to briefly hold, damage, and then release opponents, causing them to be afflicted by the poison status effect, the team may deal with other enemies while Grendel deals with the ones he’s holding.

He can be utilized as an all-around Warframe since he can tank, support, nuke, and do a lot of damage, depending on how you choose to use him.

Overall, he is one of the fattest Warframes around. He is not only physically fat, but he also has a lot of health, and along with his armor, he can take a lot of damage and shrug it off like it’s nothing.

The grendel warframe farm is a guide that will help players to get the best out of their time in Warframe. It contains tips and tricks for farming resources, leveling up, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Grendel good 2021?

Grendel is a fictional character from the graphic novel and short story collections of the same name by John Gardner.

How do you get Grendel in Warframe 2021?

Grendel is an Orokin-built Warframe that was added to the game in Update 20.

What is Grendel good for Warframe?

Grendel is a Warframe that specializes in dealing damage to enemies with its claws.

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