The Valheim is a world in which the inhabitants have been driven mad by their exposure to magic. Players must survive and fight back against the madness, but will need to build up their own skills and use of magic if they want to succeed.

Valheim is a game that is still in early development. It is a base-building game with an emphasis on exploration and discovery. The valheim best base design has been built by the developers of Valheim.

The ability to construct buildings is one of the greatest things about Valheim and an essential element, but it may be difficult for those who are new to survival games.

Even if you’ve played previous games, Valheim’s construction system may be more complex than you’d anticipate.

Life in Valheim becomes simpler after you’ve built a decent house, and it gradually improves as you upgrade and expand.

You may use some of the ideas and information that we’ve given to make constructing a lot simpler.

Here’s where you can find all of our Valheim guides:

How do you construct in Valheim?

To begin building in Valheim, you’ll need to start from the ground up, and the first tool you’ll need is a hammer.

You can make a hammer after you’ve collected stone and wood, which you can find in your inventory.

After you’ve made a hammer, the first thing you’ll need to do is lay down a Workbench to begin your foundation.

Putting Together a WorkbenchVALBUG038-2

A Workbench is required to begin construction in a particular location, but you won’t be able to repair or create from it until you first house it.

Do not be concerned about the first location of your Workbench since it is inexpensive to construct and can be demolished later to recover the resources used.

You’ll need a roof over the Workbench and walls surrounding it to secure it; otherwise, you’ll receive a notice stating that the crafting station requires a roof.

Before you do anything else, secure your Workbench, and then begin constructing your house.

Even if you don’t cover the Workbench, you may still start constructing your house, but it will be vulnerable to enemy attacks and decay when it rains.

The Land Being FlattenedVALBUG038-3

When it comes to constructing your base, prepping the land on which you will lay the foundations is a smart idea.

You may start leveling the land where you will construct by making a hoe from the Workbench (which is why you should secure it first for crafting and maintenance).

It will be lot simpler to construct after the ground has been leveled, and it will also be more pleasant.

Building a HouseVALBUG038-4

The fun part begins once you’ve put up a Workbench and leveled the ground around the area where you’ll be building.

The flooring, walls, and roof of your house, base, or whatever you choose to name it, may all be built with your hammer.

Begin with the floor and work your way up to the walls, but keep in mind that the larger your house is, the more support the roof will need.

Because it is difficult to harvest a big amount of resources when you first start, it is better to start with a basic building and improve as you go.

Support for the Structure

When constructing, keep in mind that your house will need structural support, which will include the walls and floors if they are raised.

It is preferable to construct on level ground or to ensure that your floors are on top of the ground on all sides, since this will provide more support.

When you are constructing, you may observe that colors are accentuating a nearby section of your house, which symbolizes the support it has.

The color blue represents excellent support, green suggests acceptable support, yellow indicates medium support, and orange indicates poor support.

When the highlighted area is red, it indicates the component you’re putting in may collapse, and you’ll need to provide additional support to that region.

You may add pillars or construct your walls closer together to enhance support, but as long as there is an item that supports one block all the way up to that region, it will be supported.

Construct a Stable FoundationVALBUG038-5

It’s critical to concentrate on places where you can add support as needed while constructing a sturdy structure.

If you’re creating various parts of your base with rooms, it’s best to either construct walls going up or use pillars to sustain the weight wherever there’s a weak spot.

A two-story construction will need even more support, so it’s advisable to stick to a modest house until you can afford stronger buildings.

You may add additional support with poles or walls, but there are other constructions you can experiment with to improve the structural integrity of your house.

Rain-proof your belongingsVALBUG038-6

You’ll most likely start with a wood construction, and it’s critical to cover it with a roof as quickly as possible.

This is because the rain has the potential to destroy the bulk of the buildings, including your Workbench and other crafting stations.

You can easily fix things, but it is inconvenient when it continues to rain on your wooden buildings, therefore the first thing you should do is ensure that everything is securely covered.

As a result, you can shelter things from the rain while also ensuring that your house will not collapse owing to damaged components.

Repairing Your Structure

You may simply equip a hammer and choose repair if your structure is destroyed by opponents, the weather, or you inadvertently swinging your weapon about.

You may fix anything inside the area of a Workbench or other crafting station once your hammer is in repair mode.

Repairing is free in Valheim, and you may use it to keep your fortifications from collapsing while fending off attackers or taming wild animals.

Structures That Move

If you misplace a construction, you may relocate it by destroying it with your hammer and re-constructing it in your desired location.

When you demolish a building, its original resources are returned, allowing you to recreate whatever you destroyed elsewhere.

Decorating Your ResidenceVALBUG038-7

When your hammer is equipped, you may choose a variety of decorations from the furniture menu to brighten up your house.

Some of the things used for decorating add to your comfort, allowing you to sleep better for longer periods of time.

The various kinds of seats, mattresses, fireplaces, and other items that enhance comfort level, and you may later find that the rested can continue longer than just 8 minutes.

Creating an Enemy-Proof FoundationVALBUG038-8

Unless you’re in the mood to harvest for a lot of resources at a slower pace, an enemy-proof foundation is difficult to build at first.

One of the greatest ideas and methods to keep opponents out is to build a Stake Wall around your base, while putting Sharp Stakes will harm and knockback foes that come too near.

You may use the Hoe to raise ground and cut off specific routes from attackers when you wish to be defensive.

You can make your base impregnable by elevating a large piece of ground or digging around an unelevated area so that attackers can’t get near it.


Home is where the heart is, and in this case, home is where the treasure is, so make sure your houses are well-built and keep attackers away.

It’s better not to invite any opponents to your base, particularly trolls, since they may do a lot of harm and possibly destroy your whole stronghold.

Avoid staying away from your keyboard for long periods of time since opponents may attack during events, and if you are not there, they may punch a hole in your base and kill you.

When constructing, start modest until you can harvest a lot of resources later, and concentrate on advancing organically rather than creating an ultimate foundation on your first day.


Valheim is a game that is made to be played with friends. It is an online multiplayer game that requires the player to build bases and defend them from other players. Reference: valheim bases.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you build in Valheim?

The easiest way to build in Valheim is to buy a plot of land and then build your home on it.

How does building work in Valheim?

We are not entirely sure how building works in Valheim, but we can answer your question.

How do you get the Build menu in Valheim?

You can find the Build menu in Valheim by pressing the B button on your controller.

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