Neck tails are a delicious meat that is often cooked on the grill. If you want to cook this dish, it’s easy!

The grilled neck tail valheim is a dish that is made by cooking the neck and tail of a fish.

You may have come across some of Valheim’s tiny reptile animals known as Necks, which have tasty tails that can be cooked.

To create Grilled Neck Tail, you must first kill these animals and then collect their tails for subsequent preparation.

Grilled Neck Tails, along with Cooked Meat and other starter meal items, are an excellent food source in Valheim.

Per item slot, a total of 20 Grilled Neck Tail may be piled, each weighing 0.5 in your inventory, for a total weight of 10.

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Effects of a Grilled Neck Tail

Although Grilled Neck Tail may not survive as long as other meat in Valheim, it does offer a significant boost to early-game stats.

  • 35 Well-being
  • 20 Willpower
  • 2 Ticks of Health Regeneration
  • 1000 second duration (16 Minutes)

Ingredients for Grilled Neck Tail

All you have to do to create Grilled Neck Tail is go about and gather the tails from Necks you kill, which are typically located around sources of water.

You may either boil a large number of Neck Tails for later use or preserve some of them to make Poison Resistance Mead, depending on what is most essential at the time.

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What Is The Best Way To Cook Grilled Neck Tail?

Neck Tails may be cooked by putting them on a Cooking Station and interacting with it; the Neck Tails will be cooked in 20 seconds per piece.

You should definitely utilize several Cooking stations to speed up the process of cooking numerous batches of Neck Tails since you may wind up with a lot of them after searching for them.


Neck Tails are simple to get and offer players with an early supply of flesh, allowing them to live in Valheim’s early phases.

Grilled Neck Tail and Cooked Meat, coupled with another meal item, is an excellent early-game combo.

During the early game, most players maintain a large supply of Neck Tail and use what’s left for poison resistance, particularly while facing Bonesmass, Valheim’s Third Boss.

The valheim neck tail not dropping is a problem that many players have encountered. The issue has been resolved in the latest patch for Valheim.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you take necks in Valheim?

No, you cannot take necks in Valheim.

Where can I find neck tail in Valheim?

The neck tail is a rare item in Valheim. You can find it in the treasure chest at the end of level 3, or you can purchase it from the shop for 50 gems.

What are neck trophies used for Valheim?

Neck trophies are used to show off your victories.

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