Warframe is a free-to-play cooperative third-person shooter video game developed by Digital Extremes. It features a unique combination of co-operative and competitive gameplay, where players work together to complete missions.

Warframe is a popular game that has been around for quite some time. It’s also free to play, so it’s easy to get into. However, there are still ways to earn platinum in the game. Read more in detail here: how to get platinum in warframe 2021.

Have you ever spotted anything in the market that you wished you could purchase? or that there was a way to acquire an additional weapon or frame slot for whatever you just built but couldn’t afford it because “I don’t have enough platinum” and wished there was a way to get it for free instead?

You can, in fact, do just that! Warframe is not only free to play, but it also allows you to earn platinum in multiple ways so you can buy everything you need, including Warframes and Weapons to expand your lethal arsenal, Boosts to make your playtime more productive and speed things up, cosmetics and accessories to personalize your Warframe, and much more!


As most of us are aware, you can buy platinum with real-world money on their website, which you can then use in-game to make purchases from the market, which offers a broad range of options for the player to choose from. The more platinum you buy, the more bonuses you’ll get.

Prime Access Warframe Bundle

You may also buy Prime Access, which includes the most recent Prime Warframes as well as unique goods, reduced platinum, and more. You may get the product right now after purchasing prime access, without having to wait or create it.

Latest Prime Access Warframe Bundle

Obtaining Free Platinum


Every now and again, Warframe has competitions in which players may compete for rewards such as a special gift in addition to platinum for those who finish first, and a certain quantity of platinum for those who place second or third.

Moanimation Design Contest

These competitions may be seen in-game or on the internet. Contests may include anything from creating a design to uploading a photo to coming up with a fresh concept. The competitions are entertaining and inventive, and winners may be rewarded handsomely. 

Live Devstream Giveaways (Twitch)

Devstreams are live broadcasts created by Digital Extreme’s Warframe developers to introduce or demonstrate what’s coming up with future updates, where they speak about the improvements or new features that the game will have, as well as display some gameplay for players and fans to watch.

During the Devstream, the devs will start a drawing for the winner or winners of a certain reward, which may be anything from an item to platinum and more.

Devstream Live

To enter, all you have to do is watch the live broadcast on Twitch, and when your name is called out or shown on the screen, all you have to do is message them, which they will instruct you on how to do, and then confirm it with them.


When players are in a dojo or at a Maroo’s Bazar, they may exchange goods with each other in-game. Some players may exchange things they have for items the other player has, depending on what they are seeking for and what they deem a fair deal, although most players trade for platinum.

Warframe Trading Items

Players may decide how much they wish to trade an item for and can either bargain or keep to the amount they set. Many gamers figure out the pricing by looking up goods sold in-game for platinum on auction or market sites.

How to Trade for Platinum to Earn PlatinumHow to Earn Platinum by Trading

Players may basically acquire platinum by exchanging with other players. All you have to do is exchange an item you have for something they want to buy with platinum. If you’ve been playing for a long, you’ve probably amassed a collection of things that may be of interest to other gamers.

You will eventually come across many kinds of modifications, prime components, and much more after farming/grinding numerous times. Once you’ve used and created all you’ll need, remember to preserve the remainder to sell to other people later.

  Things That Are Worth Selling

Several things may be sold for platinum to other players, depending on what they need and what is popular or in demand. Here’s a list of items that may be sold for a decent chance for platinum. 

1) Prime Parts & Blueprints: These are the parts and blueprints that are utilized to make Prime versions of goods acquired from Void Fissures. 

Warframes, weaponry, companions, Archwings, and K-Drives may all be upgraded using Mods, which are also known as Modules. 

3) Syndicate Your Content: Items that may be redeemed from Syndicates after you’ve reached the appropriate Rank and affinity level.

4) Rivens: Special modifications with various stats that may be applied to a single weapon. 

5) Other (insert anything you want here): Fish, jewels, Ayatan sculptures, and other resources and plans.

Prime Parts and Blueprints: In addition to the standard equipment, players may get Prime variants. These goods are said to be created using Orokin technology, giving them somewhat superior stats and different appearances than their counterparts. The majority of gamers think they are excellent for endgame usage and will grind for them or purchase them from other players.

1) Blueprints and Prime Parts 

There are Prime variants in addition to the standard equipment that players may have. These goods are said to be created using Orokin technology, giving them somewhat superior stats and different appearances than their counterparts. The majority of gamers think they are excellent for endgame usage and will grind for them or purchase them from other players.

Prime Parts Inventory

Warframes, weaponry, sentinels, and Archwings are all examples of Prime gear. To make this, the player will need the gear’s blueprint as well as the components or blueprints for the pieces. Selling Prime components may be a fantastic way to make platinum, but selling whole sets can be very profitable, so it’s better to save up for the full set.

Obtaining High-Quality Parts and Blueprints

To get Prime components or blueprints, you must complete Void Fissures missions, which enable you to gain Relics that you must equip before beginning the task. Players must gather reactant before the quest finishes in order to unlock a Relic. When the task is completed, you will either get the item that was within the relic or you will be allowed to select one that a member of your team possesses.

Void Fissures Mission

As enemies at higher levels get corrupted, they will become stronger. Before you start high-level Void Fissures, be sure you’re ready to confront the adversaries. Playing with a squad is encouraged not just because it makes things simpler, but also because you may retain your prime item or duplicate one of theirs once the task is over, giving you a greater chance of getting rarer components.


Players may earn Relics as a reward for completing specific tasks, which may be utilized to obtain Prime blueprints or components. If you wish to farm Prime components or blueprints, you may repeat a mission to get the Relics you need, since each relic has its unique list of things it might contain.

Void Relic Refinement

Relics may be polished using Void Traces obtained from Void Fissures to improve the likelihood of the rarer item on their list dropping. This may make it simpler for the player to get a desired item.

Relics and Vaulted Gear

When particular Prime gear becomes vaulted, it means it can no longer be obtained, and the only way to get it after that is to buy it from another player who is willing to sell the ones they already have.

NEO R1 Relic

When vaulted goods are sold by players, they usually start to rise in price owing to supply and demand. It’s a good idea to farm an item before it’s vaulted to save money for when its price rises, since this may be a good investment later on when it’s in demand. 

Parts and blueprints from Prime

Once you have your Relics ready to open, look for fissures that are fast to complete so you can quickly repeat them and make the most of the Fissure before it vanishes. Exterminate, Rescue, or Excavation are suggested missions. It is preferable to play in a group to maximize your prize options at the conclusion of the mission.

Void Fissures

Void Fissures will form for a short period of time before dissipating. If you can’t find any tasks that you can do quickly, you may either wait for another or continue with any of the remaining assignments. To save time and enable you to do other things while waiting, it is suggested that you just complete the tasks that finish fast.

Choosing Prizes

After the task, you, and if you’re in a team, will have the option of keeping your prize or obtaining one of the awards that the other members of your squad have. Choose a prize that you need or that you can sell for a profit.

Choosing Rewards

The color of the item’s name determines its rarity, which is either bronze, silver, or gold, with gold being the rarest and having the lowest drop probability. Most of the time, gold is the better option since it is more difficult to get and sells for more than platinum.

It’s important to keep in mind that knowing the price of certain products may help you pick the best reward.

2) Mods

Some of the modifications you get while playing may be sold to other players, particularly the uncommon ones obtained via prizes, low drop chance opponents, Syndicates, or the Void Trader.

Modding Actions

Mods come in a variety of rarities: common, uncommon, rare, legendary, and Riven. Amalgam, a new rarity, was introduced, however it is not tradable.

The majority of modifications, from uncommon to rare, may be farmed on various missions based on the kind of opponents present, and the drops and drop rates of each can be checked online at numerous places. Certain modifications may be sold for more depending on their popularity and demand, so keeping an eye on them if you intend on selling them is a good idea.

Mods that have been tainted

These are modifications with two stats, one of which is good and the other is negative. One statistic shows an increase, whereas the other shows a decline. These are utilized for important builds later on in the game.

Corrupted Mods

Corrupted modifications may be acquired by completing abandoned missions and using Dragon Keys to unlock Orokin vaults. Players must first locate the vault and possess the appropriate key to unlock it, implying that a team of four with each member possessing a separate key would guarantee a successful vault run.

There are many corrupted modifications with various stats, and it is advisable to verify pricing before attempting to sell, since some are in greater demand than others.

Vault Run

Players who wish to get Corrupted modifications must perform a vault run, which entails going on a derelict mission (capturing recommended) and locating the Orokin vault within, which they must open using a key they obtained before beginning the task.

Vault Run

Because there are four distinct keys and the vault is constantly random, it is better to form a group of four with various keys.

Warframe Vault

Syndicate Mods is a collection of mods created by Syndicate

Only syndicates sell these modifications, and you may purchase them after you achieve the necessary rank. Because increasing affinity in one syndicate may decrease affinity in another, not all players can purchase from all syndicates, thus individuals must carefully arrange their syndicate-related activities.

Cephalon Suda-Offerings

It’s a good idea to build up your affinity with syndicates so that if someone needs a certain mod, you can purchase it and give it to them. You may also stockpile popular modifications and sell them on market/auction sites.

Increasing Syndicate Affinity

To increase your affinity towards syndicates, you must wear their Sigil, which can be found in the Regalia portion of your Warframe’s look while designing it. When you kill opponents while wearing the Sigil, a portion of your kills will be converted into affinity for the syndicate represented by the Sigil.

SigilYou will be able to unlock unique missions to perform for the syndicates that reward you large sums of affinity after you have earned enough affinity. Keep in mind that if you gain in one syndicate, you’ll lose affinity in other syndicates that you oppose. 

3) Syndicate ItemsSyndicate Items

There are things that you can buy from the syndicates that are signature versions created by the syndicated that have additional passive abilities and various stats, similar to the previously stated modifications. Players may be able to purchase them for platinum.

Arbiters of Hexis-Offerings

If you want to boost affinity in another syndicate, make sure you purchase what you need from it after it’s maxed out. Rather of attempting to do so, you may trade for goods with other players who have syndicates or sell your syndicate products for platinum. 

4) Rivens

These are one-of-a-kind modifications that may significantly improve the performance of your weapons. Rivens are unique to a certain weapon and have their own set of stats that may be rolled afterwards. Finding the basic Riven for your weapon may be difficult, thus gamers often purchase from other players.

Rivens Modding Actions

You may set the price for the Riven depending on whatever weapon it’s for and what attributes it possesses.

Rivens Mod Stats

To acquire Rivens, you must complete sorties with a low probability of yielding Rivens, making them even more difficult to obtain. If you sell your riven to other players, depending on what you have and its stats, you may make a lot of money.

Defeat General Sarags Ruk's Forces

Rivens for Sale

You may sell your Rivens by putting them on an auction/market site like RivenMarket(dot)com or selling them to others in the trade chat box. You may also examine pricing of Rivens comparable to yours on sites like these to get an idea of where you can set your price range.

Selling Rivens

5) Miscellaneous

Other things like as resources, weapon components and blueprints, Ayatan sculptures, and other odd objects may also be sold. These aren’t the greatest sources of platinum, but they may still be sold for a little amount.

Miscellaneous Inventory

Checking trade chat for individuals wanting to purchase a certain item may help you discover buyers for your items, or you can list them on auction/market sites.


If you want to sell anything, you must either find a buyer or allow a buyer to discover you. There are two possibilities. You may either write in Trade Talk or use a market/auction website like Warframe(dot)Market to list what you wish to sell.

 Trade Chat

All you have to do in the chat box is write that you want to sell, what you want to sell, and how much you want to sell it for. Usually, you can simply abbreviate the phrase and say something like, “WTS (item name) (price)” or anything along those lines. For example, “WTS Volt Prime Set = 300P” or something like.

Trade Chat

Because Trade Chat messaging has a cooldown, if you intend on selling several items, be sure to send them all in the same message. Players will be able to see your message after you’ve submitted it, and someone will ultimately contact you to purchase or negotiate. From there, it’s up to you.

Site for Trade/Auction

            We recommend Warframe Market for trading because of its user-friendly interface, popularity, and regular updates. You create an account and log in using Steam, and then you may proceed. This enables you to browse the community, submit buy and sell offers, and check for the most recent pricing.

Warframe Market Auction Site

When you first visit the site, you’ll see a list of individuals and the things they’re looking to sell or buy. You may also use the search function to seek for an item that you want to purchase or sell. This may be helpful for determining the most recent pricing in the neighborhood.

If you find a person you wish to trade with, you may contact them through OrinGame’s market site, either by private messaging or by copying their name off the site and putting it into your chat box. Proceed with the transaction after he replies and accepts.

Trading with a Player Through Message

Making an Offer

To make an offer, look for and choose the item you want to sell. You may then look at the prices others are asking for it and determine how much you want to sell yours for.

Posting Offers on Warframe Market

Price a product

Once you’ve seen the list of prices for each item, you can select how much you want to sell it for and submit your offer by choosing “place order.”

Price Determine on Warframe Market

Making an offer/placing an order

After you’ve entered your pricing and how many items/sets you’re willing to sell, click “Post.”

Posting-Placing Order on Warframe Market


Once you’ve spoken with your buyer and agreed on a price, you may invite them to a dojo or go to a trading relay to complete the transaction.

Communicating for Dealing

Starting a Business

Once you’re in the same place, you have the option of waiting for the other person to ask you to a trading session or inviting him yourself.Commencing Trading

Double-check everything.

Before accepting the transaction, be sure to double-check everything. Complete the transaction after everything is in order.

Double Check the trading


That’s pretty much all there is to it. After exchanging, you may either depart to find another buyer or continue with your tasks.Trading Completed in Warframe



If you want to sell prime parts/blueprints, save relics from missions and utilize them all when an easy fissure occurs. This way, you may open more in less time and sell them.


If you want to sell modifications, search for the uncommon ones that drop with a low probability of dropping and, if you can, offer to sell them from the vendor if someone is looking for one.


Some players are unable to get from a specific syndicate, allowing you to provide them with what they need. When you locate a buyer, keeping a supply of affinity in a syndicate may be helpful since all you have to do is grab the item from the syndicate and trade.


Always check prices on sites like Raven Market to get an idea of pricing and to decide the price based on the statistics.


When you have a lot of excess resources or goods and are ready to quit, sell what you don’t need since every platinum counts.

Except for Rivens, we recommend going to Warframe Market to purchase, sell, and check pricing for the goods you want to buy or sell.

Thank you for taking the time to read this! Good luck with earning those plats and spending them. Always remember to check for pricing and double-check your deals to ensure that you haven’t made any mistakes!

The warframe free platinum generator no human verification is a guide that will show you how to earn platinum in Warframe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get Platinum for free?

No, Platinum is not free.

What is the easiest way to get platinum in Warframe?

The easiest way to get platinum in Warframe is to do the daily missions.

How do you get platinum in Warframe 2020?

To obtain platinum in Warframe 2020, you need to complete every mission on the game.

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