In a world where the currency is called “black metal,” players use their skills and knowledge to create weapons and armor that can be used in combat against other players. The game has been described as a mix of Minecraft and Diablo with a heavy focus on crafting.

Valheim is a new gaming world that was released on May 24, 2018. It has many different ways to farm black metal weapons and armor. Read more in detail here: black metal weapons valheim.

Black Metal is a late-game metal that may be found by exploring the Plains biome or defeating opponents that have strayed from it.

Most players would think that since Black Metal is a kind of metal, it would be mined, however it is instead a drop from opponents.

Black Metal Scrap may be obtained by killing several kinds of Fulings (little green goblin-like monsters) in the Plains biome, mostly in Fuling villages.

Smelting Black Metal Scrap yields Black Metal, which may subsequently be utilized to create various Black Metal Equipment. 

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What is the best way to farm black metal?

Black Metal Scrap is presently harvested in the Plains biome and drops when you kill Fulings located in villages or roaming the environment.

Fulings Hunting


If you have begun to roam or establish a base in the Plains biome, you will often face Fuling raiding groups.

Fulings have a proclivity for wandering about looking for opponents to kill, including you, and they will almost always find you, therefore it’s wise to have an outpost ready.

Fulings may be effectively dealt with by using a ranged weapon, primarily a stronger bow with an appropriate arrow type.

The Fulings you kill will mostly drop Coins and Black Metal, and a large group of them may offer a significant quantity of both.

Settlements are being raided to see whether they can be filled.


Rather of waiting for the Fulings to find you, you may assault their villages and kill a few of them for a lot of Black Metal.

Fuling Berserkers may sometimes be found with 3-4 Black Metal, however they are more difficult to kill and should not be engaged in combat with other Fulings.

Fuling Shamans are known for casting fireballs and shielding their teammates from assaults, making them ideal support types for other Fulings.

Shooting Fulings from afar or parrying and delivering additional damage while they are staggered is a great method to combat them. 

The Most Effective Method of Harvesting Black Metal Scrap

Raiding Fuling villages is the greatest method to farm Fulings since there are a lot of them there, and you can even place traps around or near them.

It will be simpler to take them out if you set up a Fuling trap that you can use to simply mislead them into going in.

To set up a Fuling trap, just dig a trail for them to follow and make sure you have a walkable area where you can keep an eye on them as they run about.

This enables you to quickly fire at the Fulings in your pit, causing them to go around in circles.

Raid settlements seems to be the greatest method to harvest Black Metal Scraps, and to make matters even better, some settlements have Fuling respawns, enabling you to return and farm later.

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Uses of Black Metal

Apart from the shield, Black Metal currently only contains weapon and tool recipes, and is mostly utilized to manufacture and improve such equipment.

The following are some of Valheim’s current Black Metal applications:


  • Shield of Black Metal
  • Tower Shield in Black Metal


  • Atgeir is a black metal band from Iceland.
  • Axe of Blackmetal
  • Knife of Blackmetal
  • Sword of Blackmetal

Some goods are spelt Blackmetal rather than the phrase Black Metal, as they are in the game.

Black Metal gear offers some of the strongest numbers in the game, making it a fantastic option for gamers looking to improve their stats.


Black Metal is one of the end-game metals available in Valheim, and it is simpler to get than other metals.

Depending on your choices, you’ll find yourself holding Black Metal and Silver equipment in the late game.

While many people believe that Black Metal is only required for Padded Armor, this is not the case; rather, Black Metal is required for a variety of weapons and equipment.

It’s conceivable that additional recipes may need Black Metal in the future, but for now, it’s best utilized for weapons and other equipment.

Valheim Plains is a location in Final Fantasy XIV. It is a zone that players can farm Black Metal, which they need to craft the best weapons and armor. Reference: valheim plains guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get black metal in Valheim?

Black metal is a genre of heavy metal music that was created in the early 1980s by Norwegian black metal musicians. It typically employs fast tempos, low-tuned guitars, shrieked vocals, tremolo picking and heavily distorted distortion.

How do you spawn black metal scrap in Valheim?

There is a secret room in Valheim that can spawn black metal scrap. This room is located on the right hand side of the map, just before the entrance to the next area.

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